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Meng Chun Lou regretted so much that her hatred couldn't be quelled. She only heard the order from Prefect Chen, "Take him away!"

The servants immediately escorted Meng and Du to the yamen.

When Zhao Dexian saw this, he clapped his hands and said, "This is called being smart instead of being smart. A capable person has a capable person backing them!"

Chief Steward Chen also had a face full of pride. He said with a smile: "I suddenly thought of an absolute. It's called 'Laughing Spring Restaurant'. Who can come up with the right answer?"

With a fawning expression, Zhao Dexian praised, "My lord, you're right!"

"Boss Zhao, you might be right?" Prefect Chen asked with a smile.

Zhao Dexian thought for a moment and then laughed, "What do you think about me having a cup of tea and having a cup of tea?"

"Tasting Taste is a famous teahouse in Yangzhou. Boss Zhao opposes it by opposing Spring Pavilion. It is indeed a wonderful match!" Chief Steward Chen glanced at Zhao Dexian with a cold expression and yawned, saying, "It's getting late, I'll take my leave now!"

"Why are you so anxious, Chief Chen? The girls are still waiting for you to give them rewards!" Zhao Dexian said with a smile.

Prefect Chen forced a smile and said: "This official has always been merciful. Where did the silver come from to reward me?" Boss Zhao, are you making fun of me? "

Zhao Dexing took out a stack of silver notes from his sleeve and said with a smile, "Master, you don't need to stand on ceremony! My money is the money of the lord, did the lord forget? "

Zhao Dexing had thought that he would be beaming with joy at Prefect Chen's words, but unexpectedly, his face was frosty as he clasped his hands together and turned to leave. This caused Zhao Dexian to freeze on the spot!

He waited for the magistrate to leave in a hurry, but before Zhao Dexing could think of the meaning behind his words, he heard Zhao Fu speak with a solemn face, "Master, you said the wrong thing this time!"

"What's wrong?" Zhao Dexian asked.

"Even if Prefect Chen said it was absolute, how could you match it? This mistake! Prefect Chen had already declared that he would cut a clear line between them. Why did you take out the silver to show off? Wasn't this slapping him in the face? The second mistake! With these two mistakes, does the lord still dare to say that he did not say the wrong thing? " Zhao Fu asked.

"Aiya!" Zhao Dexian smacked his forehead and said, "This is truly a grand occasion. What a lucky moment!"

"Boss Zhao, you don't have to worry. As long as your back is against the Fulfillment Hall, why would you care about the scheming and scheming of those officials?" Li Zhi comforted.

"Warrior Li's words are not wrong, but the county magistrate is not as good as the current one. He is always above me in the clear sky, so I have to be cautious!" Zhao Dexing sighed.

"Boss Zhao, you're overthinking it!" We are able to reach the heavens and roam the seas as per our wishes. We will treat local officials like Prefecture Lord Chen as nothing more than trash! " Li Zhi said.

When Zhao Dexian heard this, he felt comforted. He smiled and said, "With the words of warrior Li, I can rest easy!" Come, come, come! We won't leave until we're drunk tonight! "

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhao Dexian saw the madame, Yu Jinzhi, walking over with a group of powdered brothels. Zhao Dexian pointed at them and said with a smile, "Warrior Li, pick whatever you want!"

Li Zhi narrowed his eyes and glanced at the girls. He immediately smiled and said, "Then I won't be polite!"

He left as he was told, and in the blink of an eye, he had entered the group of flowers. He hugged them from left to right, like a king among flowers!

Upon seeing this, Zhao Dexian also shook his head. Twisting his fat butt to meet the incoming attack, he grinned and said, "Ladies, there's a wave!"

These words were both an order and a signal. The ladies immediately went out of their way to fawn on him, and drew a picture of a man in a battle on the second floor!

As for Prefect Chen, he left the Spring Pavilion feeling extremely depressed. For a long time, he didn't say a word. The sedan moved up and down, just like his restless heart!

When he returned to the Chen residence, it was already very late. Chief Chen took off his official uniform and slowly walked to the courtyard. He looked up at the sky and saw clouds half obscuring the full moon.

"Old master, are you still awake?" Chen Lu walked over with a lantern in his hand.

"Didn't you sleep too?" Prefect Chen sighed.

"It's about time I fell asleep after my inspection!" Chen Lu said.

"The thief has been caught. I expect there will be no more dangers. You can go to sleep early!" Chief Steward Chen said.

"Yes, old master!" Chen Lu glanced at Prefect Chen, blew out the lamp, and hesitated for a moment. Then, he asked, "Is Old Master worrying about Zhao Dexing?"

Prefect Chen turned to look at Chen Lu, only to see his eyes glimmering in the darkness, filled with cunning and calmness. He asked, "You also saw it?"

"This Zhao Dexing, with the support of the Wishui Hall, has become more and more arrogant. After a long time, he will inevitably look down on the old master, and in my humble opinion, I should make him suffer a little. Otherwise, he would think that he is the lord of Yangzhou!" Chen Lu lightly said.

"It isn't that serious, is it?" Chen Prefecture asked.

"Master, without our permission, he dares to post a notice in the city for the relief of the victims, in order to restrain the hearts of the people. He clearly wants to be on equal footing with Master! Furthermore, he didn't give the old master any face tonight, and even used a silver note to humiliate the old master. This is truly hateful! " Chen Lu raged.

"Then, in your opinion, can I still control this Zhao Dexian?" Chen Prefecture asked.

"Difficult! After all, it was easy for a tiger to be tamed, but difficult for a tiger to be tamed! At present, Zhao Dexing is already a character that enjoys the limelight in Yangzhou City. The lord has already been disregarded by him! " Chen Lu said.

When Prefect Chen heard this, his eyes could not help but emit a strong killing intent. He clenched his teeth and said with hatred: "In Yangzhou City, it is not his turn to call the wind and summon the rain!"

"This little one has a plan, except for Zhao Daxing!" Chen Lu laughed.

"Oh? Tell me about it! " Chief Steward Chen said.

"Old master, why don't we borrow a knife to kill someone?" Chen Lu asked with a smile.

"Are you saying that you want to borrow the blade of Meng Quan?" Prefect Chen squinted his eyes and asked.

"Master is enlightened! "Meng Chunlou is a fierce tiger. Back then, he killed seventy-nine people just because he offended Ye Hong Ling. Now that he has been set up by Zhao Dexing, will he be able to endure it?" Chen Lu asked with a smile.

"But this Meng Quan was not as brave as he used to be. Look at him being kicked to the ground by Li Zhi in two rounds. Can he do it?" Chen Prefecture asked.

"Master, did you forget what Li Zhi said at the end? The reason Meng Chunlou wasn't his opponent was actually because he was hit by the Dispersion Technique! "In my opinion, if it wasn't for the poison in Meng Chunlou's body, even if there were ten Li Zhi's, they wouldn't be able to do anything to Meng Chunlou!" Chen Lu said.

"Is he really that powerful?" Prefect Chen asked in surprise.

"The martial arts world has produced many capable people. Meng Chun House is the best in the world!" Chen Lu said.

"But, if he were to let Meng Quan go, if he were to turn around and deal with me, who would be able to control him?" Chen Prefecture asked.

"Old master, do not worry! This little one has the confidence to suppress Meng Chun Lou. I'll make him obediently listen to my orders! " Chen Lu said.

"Oh, are you sure?" Chief Steward Chen asked doubtfully.

"Master, isn't that child Du Jiangsheng the lair of Meng Chun House?" Chen Lu asked with a smile.

Listening up to here, Chief Chen could not help but pat Chen Lu on the shoulder and said with a smile: "You really are something! "As long as Meng Chunlou can get rid of Zhao Daxing, the Ru Yi Hall won't let this go easily. At that time, even without Du Jiangsheng, there will be someone who will discipline Meng Chunlou for us!"

"Adults are better at it!" I will go and make the arrangements! " Chen Lu smiled and was about to step forward, but was stopped by the Chen Prefect. He then asked, "Master, do you have any other instructions?"

"It's already very late. Let Meng Quan think about it!" Chief Eunuch Chen said with a smile.

Chen Lu rolled his eyes and immediately said with a smile, "Old master is indeed thoughtful and thoughtful. If he thinks too much, it will naturally deepen his hatred towards Zhao Dexian. At that time, I will definitely be able to reap all the rewards!"

Chief Steward Chen smiled and nodded, "It was not in vain for you to have fought with me. You truly understand my intentions."

"It's all thanks to the old master's nurturing! This lowly one will take his leave! " After saying this, Chen Lu raised his head to look at Prefect Chen one more time, then slowly backed away with a smile on his face.

When he left the courtyard, Prefect Chen sighed, "Meng Chun Lou, I hope you are aware of current affairs!"

The damp prison was dark as soybeans. Countless fleas and lice, like tigers that had not eaten meat for a long time, crazily bit at Meng and Du. This made their already numb hearts even more clear-headed!

Meng Chunlou's hands trembled as he caressed Du Jiangsheng's bloodied face. Tears rolled down his face as he sighed, "Uncle is useless. I have caused you so much pain!"

"Uncle, don't say that. If they didn't fall into their trap, they wouldn't have gotten away with it!" Du Jiangsheng softly comforted her.

"These beasts! How can they hit a child so hard? " Meng Chunlou gritted her teeth in hatred as the image of Zhao Daxing and his men laughing gleefully with their ugly faces surfaced in her mind!

"Uncle, they thought they could make me surrender just by scaring me a little. They were wrong!" Du Jiangsheng's eyes were filled with tears, but he was still stubbornly smiling. "Even if I die, I won't lower my head to them. They won't be able to get a single word from me!"

"You're too stupid! Child! "Why do you have to go through all this trouble?" Meng Chunlou's heart felt as if it was being wrenched in pain.

"Of course I know that the result is the same whether you say it or not, but I don't want them to be proud of me. Even if I die, I can't lose face for you!" Du Jiangsheng said with a resolute expression.

"Well said! "He really is a heroic youth!"

These words startled Meng and Dean. They looked over and saw that an old man with a disheveled face came out from the opposite cell. Although the door was narrow, it was not as narrow as his body.

After the old man walked out of the prison, he walked straight to the door of Meng Spring Pavilion.

Meng Chun Lou couldn't help but be shocked and said, "You are such a great martial art! You are truly an unparalleled martial art!"

The old man grinned. He used both hands to push away the spread on his face and asked, "Great Hero Meng, do you still recognize this old man?"

Meng Chunlou examined it carefully and could not help but be shocked. He asked, "Aren't you the Pingyang swordsman, Master Peng?"

"That's right, this old man is Pingyang Swordsman, Peng Gao!" A trace of pain flitted across the old man's face, "Being able to meet with hero Meng is really unexpected!"

"Old swordsman Peng, why are you here? Could it be that you have also violated the royal law? " Meng Chun Lou asked.

Peng Gao smiled wryly before saying, "If I were to say that I voluntarily chose to stay here, would you believe me?"

Meng Chunlou was confused. She frowned and asked, "Old swordsman Peng, where did this come from?"

"To be honest, I'm already homeless, and I still have to avoid being hunted down by my enemies. I had no choice but to bow down and live in order to protect my own life!" Peng Gao sighed helplessly.

"Old Man Peng's swordsman is famous in the martial arts world, and he has a kind heart. How did he end up like this?" Meng Chun Lou asked with suspicion.

"Isn't it all because of the Fulfillment Hall?" Peng Gao gritted his teeth in hatred, "These people are simply a group of carnivorous animals. I've finally experienced it!"

"Why is it the Ru Yi Hall again?" Meng Chunlou forced out a smile. "What kind of background does this' Ru Yi Hall 'have?"

"When you talk about this Ru Yi Hall, you make people love and hate you! In the past few years, the Ru Yi Hall has been practicing the art of chivalry and doing good deeds in all directions, which has gained the approval of the martial arts people. But in recent years, they have suddenly changed their purpose, spreading out their influence and trying their best to rope in the scum of the martial arts world as their wings. Those who follow these rules can gain glory and wealth, and those who do not follow them can be killed lightly, or even their sect will be destroyed, which is simply lawless! " Peng Gao said angrily.

"Ah?" "There's actually such a thing?" Meng Quan was shocked.

"To tell you the truth, this old man's family of more than thirty was annihilated by the Fulfillment Hall! If I had not wholeheartedly wanted to take revenge, I would not have endured the humiliation and hid here! " Peng Gao's words brought tears to his eyes as he spoke. His heartache was palpable!

"If he is a scum of the martial world, would the warriors of justice turn a blind eye to him?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"What's the use? The martial arts world is shaking now, who has the ability to fight against the Wishing Peak? " Peng Gao sighed.

"What about Alliance Head Wu Lin? It can't be that he doesn't step forward to uphold justice, right? " Meng Chun Lou asked.

Peng Gao shook his head and sighed, "Today's Alliance Head Jia Jiu Lin once gathered the righteous warriors of the martial arts world to exterminate the Ru Yi Hall, but he fell into their scheme. Not only did he lose many elite warriors, but Alliance Head Jia himself almost lost his life as well, and from then on, everyone in the martial arts world will fear the sound of the wind, how could they dare to clash with the Ru Yi Hall head on?"

"What about the different sects in the martial arts world? For example, Shaolin and the Beggar Clan, won't they come out to uphold justice? " Meng Chun Lou asked.

"Don't mention it! These sects only wanted to protect themselves, who would dare to challenge the Fulfillment Hall? Furthermore, many sects are trying to curry favor with the Ru Yi Hall for their own interests, hoping to expand their territory with the help of their power. Tell me, how can the martial arts world stand to be righteous when the orthodox sects and evil sects are on such good terms? " Peng Gao sighed.

Hearing this, Meng Chunlou felt a lump in his chest. He couldn't help but sigh bitterly, "I didn't expect that the martial arts world would be so turbulent!"

"Hero Meng, please forgive this old man for his insolence. You really shouldn't have left the martial arts world. If you were here, how could the Wishful Temple be so rampant?" Peng Gao said with a sincere expression.

Meng Chun Lou gave a wry smile and then sighed, "What's the use of having me around? Have I not been schemed against by the Ru Yi Hall? "

"Huh?" Peng Gao was taken aback. "Just what happened?"

Meng Chunlou saw his suspicion and told him how he planned to swindle Prefect Chen, how he pretended to be an attendant to swindle Zhao Dexian, and then told him how Li Zhi had pretended that Qiu Wuchang had seen through the mystery and was escorted him here. Peng Gao sighed and said, "I never thought that it would turn out like this! "It is a pity that a swordsman of the first generation has not yet dominated the martial arts world, but he is going to die here. It is truly deplorable!"

Meng Chun Lou gave a wry smile and said, "It's not that easy for them to kill me! As long as my power is restored, I will break all ropes and charge out of this place to settle the score with Li Zhi and the others! "

"Hero Meng, if you have that intention, then I'll naturally join forces to help you!" Even if I have to risk my life, I will still escort you all out of here! " Peng Gao said.

"Old swordsman, didn't I implicate you? If you help us out here, our identities will be exposed by others. When that happens, the people of the Ru Yi Hall will definitely come looking for you. Meng Chun Lou asked.

"But I can't watch a swordsman die here! Hero Meng, there's no need for you to say anything more. Peng Gao said with a resolute expression.

"Good!" Since Old Swordsman Peng is willing to die to fulfill the righteousness, then I, Meng Chun Lou, will give it my all! "I, Meng Chun Lou, swear that I will fight to the bloody end with the Wishing Hall. I would like to see if my evil ability surpasses the heavens, or if my evil is righteous?" Meng Chun Lou said angrily.

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