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After a few seconds of silence, there was finally no more movement. Only then did everyone dare to open their eyes to look at the tragic scene in front of them. They saw Meng Chun Lou tightly grabbing onto the sabre-wielding woman's wrist, her eyes shooting out icy glints.

"Why are you stopping me? You actually helped a lowly prostitute, did she sleep with you? " The sabre-wielding girl stared intently at Meng Chunlou's face. Her eyes radiated viciousness and her teeth chattered. She just didn't have the ability to kill Meng Chunlou. Otherwise, she would never have hesitated!

"She was a prostitute, but first of all she was human. Besides, she doesn't do it anymore, and you have even less reason to despise her! Everyone has the right and the opportunity to live again from the beginning. You look down on her only because you are not noble enough. " Meng Chunlou replied indifferently.

When the words left his mouth, it immediately attracted quite a bit of discussion. The woman on the ground stared at Meng Chunlou's face with widened eyes. She didn't think that there was actually someone in this world who could understand him so well.

The sabre wielding girl's mouth was already bleeding. She stared at Meng Chunlou coldly and hissed, "You said I'm not noble enough? Am I not better than a prostitute? Do you know who the woman you saved is? Any kind of person could do it with him. It didn't matter if he had money or not, as long as he was a man! She's not even as good as a mad bitch! "

"That can only represent her past, not the present!" Meng Chunlou said indifferently.

"Now?" The sabre-wielding woman laughed bitterly, "Today, this bitch suddenly announced that she would not be with my man. My man actually died in front of her door because of her words. Do you know how ironic that is?"

"It's not like that! I just said I won't do it anymore and told him not to come back, but he couldn't think straight, so he crashed into the wall in front of my house! I didn't know it would turn out like this! " The woman on the ground had 30% regret and 70% fear on her face.

"So that's how it is! "Then how can you blame her?" Meng Chun Lou turned to the sabre-wielding girl.

"Who can we blame her for? If it wasn't for her, how could my man have died? How could my family be ruined? " The woman with the sabre could no longer suppress the anger in her heart as she spoke to this point. She swung her arm and was about to use the sabre to chop down Meng Chun Lou, but he gently pulled her back and broke her sabre!

"I don't think you should blame anyone but yourself. You should think about why your man betrayed you so crazily, and why he would give up his life for an unrelated woman. Are you not as good as a prostitute?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

It was as if someone had stabbed a knife into her heart. She looked at Meng Chunlou dumbly with a stiff smile on her face. After a long time, she said, "Are you saying that I didn't manage my man well, and that's why today's ending occurred?"

"It's up to you to think about it! Whenever you think about it, you will understand why! " At this point, Meng Chun Lou released her wrist and picked up the long skirt that had long been torn and covered the woman's body. She looked at Meng Chun Lou with gratitude. Through her messy hair, Meng Chun Lou finally realized that this woman was Little Peach Blossom!

"Thank you!" Little Peach Red said with a sincere face, and then her tears began to flow.

"You're welcome!" Since you have already chosen your own path, you should walk on it properly and never look back. Otherwise, you will only feel more miserable! " Meng Chun said.

Little Tao Hong slowly stood up from the ground and didn't say anything else. She only deeply bowed towards Meng Chun Lou before pushing the crowd aside and walking forward in loneliness.

Everyone was staring at her. There were those who supported her, those who opposed her, and even more who despised her. However, no matter what they looked at, it was very difficult to change her direction, because she had already decided on the path ahead!

The woman on the ground did not get up again, because she did not even have the courage to leave. She suddenly felt like an undressed prostitute, naked but unable to remain calm!

"Disperse!" Meng Chun Lou said coldly and everyone left tactfully. Meng Chun Lou looked at the woman on the ground and said gently, "You can live like her again. Maybe you will be happier than before!"

The woman slowly raised her head, her eyes so empty they could not contain anything, and she said coldly, "I hate you!"

Meng Chunlou smiled bitterly and didn't say anything else. He took Du Jiangsheng's hand and slowly left.

After walking down two long streets, Meng Chun Lou could not help but ask, "Am I wrong?"

"You saved two people's lives, yet you've only offended one person. What's wrong with you?" Du Jiangsheng asked with a smile.

"Although I saved her life, I have destroyed her heart. She will never forgive me for the rest of her life!" Meng Chun Lou sighed.

"There are always people in this world who can only see the dark but not the light. Why must you care about someone like him?" Du Jiangsheng asked.

"What you said makes a lot of sense!" But in the end, it's hard for me to get over it! " Meng Chun Lou sighed.

Du Jiangsheng didn't say anything else and just silently accompanied him forward. Just like that, they arrived at the auspicious cloud inn.

Wang San was still as cordial as when they first met, but there was a hint of doubt in the corner of his eyes. "Esteemed guests, you've returned?"

"Is our room still there?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"He's here! This little one has always kept it for you! " Wang San smiled as he moved to the side.

"Then prepare a pot of tea and bring it to our room!" Meng Chun said.

"There is already tea in the room, and there is a customer waiting for you two!" Wang San said with a smile.

"Oh? "Who is he?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"He said he's your friend. You'll know when you see him!" Wang San said with a smile.

Meng Chun looked down at Du Jiangsheng and the two of them hurriedly went up the stairs. Not long after, they arrived at their house.

Meng Chun Lou pushed Du Jiangsheng behind her before she used the hilt of her sword to knock on the door. Someone in the room called out, "Is this second brother?"

Meng Chunlou frowned and coughed softly. Then, she said, "Open the door!"

The door indeed opened, and then Meng Chunlou saw Qiu Wuchang's smiling face. He couldn't help but panic as he held the sword in his right hand and asked, "Who exactly are you?"

Qiu Wuchang smiled in surprise. "What do you mean?"

"Are you for real or fake?" Du Jiangsheng asked.

"Of course I'm serious! What? Do you think that I, Qiu Wuchang, am an impostor? " Qiu Wuchang asked.

"Give me your face and let me have a good look!" Du Jiangsheng said.

Qiu Wuchang laughed bitterly and truly placed his face right in front of Du Jiangsheng. He immediately extended his hand and ripped and tore at Qiu Wuhen's face, causing him to hurriedly beg for mercy in pain, "What are you doing? "It hurts!"

After Du Jiangsheng finished his inspection, he said with certainty, "Uncle, it's true!"

When Meng Chunlou heard this, he couldn't help but be overjoyed. He reached out his hand to poke Qiu Wuyin with a punch and said, "You've caused me so much trouble!"

He pulled his face down and said, "Alright you Meng Chunlou, once you see that I'm not suspecting you and you even hit me, you even complain about it. I'd like to ask, just what kind of crazy person are you?"

Meng and Du immediately entered the house, first closing the door behind them. They then explained Li Zhi's act of impersonating Qiu Wuchang, making him jump three feet into the air in anger. He said angrily, "This bastard Sun, he's simply despicable! Although my reputation in the martial arts world has spread far and wide, I still can't help but to splash dirty water on my body like this! Where is the boy? I will settle this score with him right now! "

"Big Brother Qiu, don't be impatient!" Now that we are in trouble, if you continue to mess around, we won't be able to get away from you! " Meng Chun said.

"What's the big deal? Isn't it just killing? " Qiu Wuchang laughed.

"What kill?" Why can't I understand? " Meng Chun Lou asked.

"Chief Chen told you to kill Li Zhi's group, and that group wanted to use Chief Chen to kill you, yet you wanted to kill them all. Isn't that just killing them?" Qiu Wuchang laughed.

"So Big Brother Qiu knows everything. I thought you didn't know anything!" Meng Chun Lou smiled bitterly.

"I am the cause of the theft of the pearl, how could I not know about it?" Qiu Wuchang laughed.

"Ah?" You stole the pearl? " Meng Chun Lou was shocked. "So it was really you who did it!"

"That's only natural. Who else in this world can steal the beads that are perfectly concealed in the heavily guarded Residence of Chen other than me, Qiu Wuchang?" Furthermore, not only did I steal his pearl, I also stole his maidservant and his wife's hairpin. Qiu Wuchang laughed.

"Why did you steal his beads?" Meng Chun Lou complained.

"For doing good!" Qiu Wuchang answered truthfully.

"Doing good deeds?" Meng Chun Lou asked with a puzzled expression.

"A merchant from Nan Yang wanted to buy a Night Pearl at a high price and then gift it to Prince Zhao as a gift. After I received the news, I wanted to make this deal and send the money I earned to the victims in Jiangxi, Hunan, and other places. Isn't that doing good deeds?" Qiu Wuchang laughed.

"Then why did you steal his maidservants and jewelry?" Meng Chun Lou smiled bitterly.

"I originally thought that stealing the orb would be the end, but there are two fortune-tellers that became the killers. I couldn't bear to let others take the blame for me, so I took the risk of stealing their maidservants and hairpins to get rid of those two!" Qiu Wuchang said.

"Ai!" Du Jiangsheng couldn't help but sigh, "It's already troublesome enough for you to steal things, why would you steal a living person?"

Qiu Wuchang smiled wryly and said, "That maidservant is an idiot. When she saw me, if I didn't take her away, wouldn't she be able to draw my image? At that time, wouldn't the authorities want to arrest me?"

"What about the maidservants?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"I sent him back to his hometown!" Qiu Wuchang scratched the back of his head, "Is there anything wrong with that?"

"You did the right thing. You ruined our plans!" Du Jiangsheng said with a bitter face.

"Where did this come from? Could it be that you guys want to steal that pearl as well? " Qiu Wuchang asked.

"That's right!" "Originally, we planned to steal the pearl and blame it on Zhao Dexian. That way, the dog official won't have to go against his conscience and embezzle food for disaster relief, and we could have gotten rid of this cancer in Yangzhou, but who would have thought that you would have done something so early that we were almost treated as murderers by Chen Zhifu. That's why we agreed to help him find the pearl, and even were later exposed by Li Zhi. Du Jiangsheng smiled bitterly.

When Qiu Wuyin heard this, he could not help but have an awkward expression, and he said with a smile, "So that fortune-telling pair of Master and disciple was really the two of you pretending!"

"You don't know until now, do you?" Meng Chun Lou smiled bitterly.

"I only found out about it last night, but I can't believe that you, Meng Chunlou, would appear again. I must come and find out. I didn't expect that this would be the case!" Qiu Wuchang said.

"How did you find this place?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

"Little Taohong told me!" "I went to look for her last night, but she actually said that from now on, she will never do it again. I asked her why, she said she was a fortune-teller and advised her to find a man to marry. It was very true and she could only believe it. Then I asked her where the fortune-teller was, and she told me where you were staying, and I found out we were staying at the same inn! " Qiu Wuchang said.

"Oh?" Meng Chun Lou seemed to have understood something. "You said you were going to find her again, could it be …"

"That's right!" Yesterday I let her come to my room once, but this is the last time! " Qiu Impermanence sighed regretfully.

"If that's the case, then that person with a mole on the left buttock in Little Peach Blossom's mouth is referring to you!" Meng Chun Lou laughed.

"Nonsense!" I am not that person! " Qiu Wuchang rolled his eyes, then suddenly exclaimed, "Oh no, this woman must have found another man behind my back yesterday, she really pissed me off!" If I had known she was such a slut, I would have done it! To think that I thought of her in such a pure manner! "

"What is it? Big Brother Qiu didn't touch her yesterday? " Meng Chun Lou asked.

"Of course not!" "I originally wanted to vent my anger on her, but I didn't expect that she was too beautiful. I didn't dare to have any disrespect towards her, so I thought to myself, I'll wait until it's dark before I go again. I didn't expect that she would already have turned from evil to good!"

"Can you stop talking about her? Now that we are all in trouble, let's think of a way to escape! " Du Jiangsheng said impatiently.

"You're right!" I forgot there was a child here! " Qiu Wuchang giggled as he poured a cup of tea, then looked at Meng Chunlou's face, "Do you have any ideas? I want to hear what you think! "

"I've already thought about it. When it really comes down to it, I'll fight them to the death and settle this debt with my blood!" Meng Chun said.

"You mean to say that we should kill Li Zhi's group, then kill Chief Steward Chen?" Qiu Wuchang asked.

"Which one of them shouldn't be killed?" Meng Chunlou said seriously.

"But have you thought about it? If you kill these people, you will run for your life in the future!" Qiu Impermanence reminded.

"What are you afraid of? Back then in Cloud Restaurant's Villa, didn't I kill seventy-nine people consecutively? What happened next? "Haven't I lived to this day?" Meng Chun Lou smiled bitterly.

"How can this be compared? In the past, those you killed were all people of the martial arts world. They would listen to whoever's fist was stronger. To them, dying under your sword would only be a matter of honor, but today is different! If you kill Li Zhi, the Ru Yi Hall people won't let you off lightly. If you kill the Chen Prefect, the officials won't let you off either! This is even worse than when we were at Cloud Restaurant back then! " Qiu Wuchang said.

"If worst comes to worst, I'll just die. To be able to get rid of the harm on behalf of the common people, I'll admit it!" Meng Chun Lou said with a resolute expression.

"Foolish!" Qiu Wuchang heavily knocked on the table, "Is your Meng Spring House's life so worthless? "If you say you want to die, then die. This martial arts world is not suitable for you!"

Meng Chunlou was tongue-tied. He didn't know what to say in response, but he heard Du Jiangsheng say with a laugh, "Since Uncle Qiu has said so, wouldn't he have already made up his mind?"

Qiu Wuchang immediately revealed a smile, and said, "Those who know me, are children as well! "If you want to escape unscathed, this is what you have to do …"

Meng and Du heard the plan in his mind and couldn't help but laugh. They praised in unison: "It really is a good plan! "Awesome!"

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