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When the lights were on, Meng Chunlou put on the Daoist robe again. He looked at the mirror and dabbed his false beard before taking a closer look. After confirming that there were no changes from before, he took the map that Qiu Wuxia drew and jumped out of the window.

Following the instructions on the map, Meng Chunlou walked through the streets until he reached Little Peach Blossom's house. He looked around and saw that the lantern above the door was not lit, but the courtyard was brightly lit.

Meng Chun Lou walked up and heavily knocked on the door. She called out, "Is anyone at home?"

"Who is it?" Little Peach Red asked irritably.

"It's me, the fortune-teller!" Meng Chun Lou replied with a calm voice.

"You've already missed your chance, and you won't have a chance today!" Little Peach's voice was ice-cold.

"I have something to discuss with my lady!" Meng Chun Lou replied.

"Wait a moment!"

Once she said that, the sound of a beauty coming out of the bath came from inside the room. Meng Chunlou could not help but think, "Looks like she's already used to bathing at this time!"

After a while, the door opened. Little Peach Blossom blocked the entrance and whispered, "I heard that you are already a good person. You should leave!"

"I didn't come to find you for these …" Meng Chunlou said with a flushed face.

Little Peach Blossom sized up Meng Chun Lou for a bit, then she turned to the side and said, "Come in!"

Meng Chun Lou looked around and found no one else present. He then walked into the main entrance.

Little Peach Red brought him into the room and somewhat anxiously put away the clothes on the table. Then she asked, "What are you looking for me for?"

Meng Chunlou smiled indifferently. She extended her hand to pull off the false beard and then asked with a smile, "Do you still remember me?"

Little Peach Red took a closer look and could not help but be shocked. She asked, "Benefactor, why is it you?"

Meng Chun Lou gave a slight smile and said, "I didn't mean to deceive you. It was forced by the circumstances!"

"Oh?" Little Tao Hong sized up Meng Chunlou once again, "What is your purpose in concealing your identity?"

"I want to save him!" Meng Chun said.

"Save who?" Little Peach Red asked.

"Save those people who were deceived by Zhao Dexing!" Meng Chun said.

"So, you're a hero now?" Little Peach smiled.

"I don't dare to call myself a hero, I just have a kind heart!" Meng Chun said.

"What is the use of you coming to find me in such a big matter?" "I can't afford to offend Zhao Daxing!" Little Peach retracted her smile and said.

"Lady, I can see that you are a kind-hearted person. As long as you are willing to help me, I will surely succeed in my plan!" Meng Chunlou said very sincerely.

"Tch!" "You really can do anything you want!" Little Peach Red sneered.

"Miss, Zhao Dexing borrowed the floods in Jiangxi and Hunan to recruit refugees and forced them to work in the stone mill. These people don't eat well, sleep well, and have no money to pay for their work. Many of them have died from exhaustion at the construction site. Are you really indifferent to what happened to them?" Meng Chun Lou asked.

Little Peach Red sneered and said, "What does that have to do with me? I don't owe them anything! "

"You don't owe them anything, but if you can help them, they will definitely remember your great kindness!" Meng Chun said.

"How can I help? I am powerless, and even less so, how can I put in the effort even if I have the heart? " Little Peach Red asked.

"Miss, if you really want to, then I'll tell you what our plan is!" Meng Chunlou said with a sincere expression.

Little Tao Hong pondered for a moment, then tidied up her hair, and said: "Okay, I agree! However, I also want you to know that I didn't help them because of my kindness, but because you once helped me! "

"I understand!" Meng Chun said.

"What's the plan?" Little Peach Red asked.

Meng Chun Lou immediately lowered her voice and whispered, "You only need to do this …" Then... "That's enough!"

After Little Tao Hong heard Meng Chun Lou's plan, she immediately started laughing from head to toe, and said, "Alright! This matter can't be more suitable for me, I promise you! "

"Thank you for your righteousness, I thank you on behalf of the suffering citizens!" Meng Chun Lou clasped her fists.

"You're welcome! I'll just treat it as repaying you with a favor! " Little Peach smiled.

"Since that's the case, then the lady should prepare quickly. I'll be taking my leave now!" After Meng Chun Lou finished speaking, she turned around and walked out the door. Little Peach Blossom said, "What's your name? Can you tell me?"

"My name is Meng Chun Lou!" Meng Chun Lou replied.

"Good!" I will remember this name forever! " Little Peach smiled sincerely.

Meng Chun Lou looked at her again before leaving the Little Peach Blossom's home with a sense of relief.

Once he was out of the alleyway, he took off his Daoist robe and rolled it up into a ball. Then, he carried it in his hand and used his body to rush to the Chen Prefecture Palace to wait.

Not long after he left, Little Peach Blossom also followed him out of the room. She wore a rather seductive pink dress that was thin and transparent, revealing her figure. She wore a layer of thick red makeup, adding to her charm and stunning beauty!

At this moment, she only had one goal, and that was the Spring Pavilion!

Under the night sky, the Spring Pavilion was always glorious and gorgeous. At the very least, the dreary night scenery and beautiful dancing music were enough to make one's heart and soul intoxicate!

There were few who were not lustful of guests, they all seemed to have a pair of eyes that could not be filled with lust, and when they saw a beauty, they could not help but light up, especially a seductive woman like Little Peach Blossom.

Her slim and slim waist was swaying like a water snake before the door of the Spring Pavilion. Sometimes she was winking and sometimes she was wagging her head, making the men's hearts tremble. Some of them were already walking towards her, but she was pretending she didn't know anything!

Very soon, there were quite a few men surrounding her. They were all staring at her with lecherous eyes, but she didn't seem to care. Instead, she was lightly scratching her back with her hand while pouting coquettishly, "Aiya, it's so itchy, so annoying!"

The moment those words left his mouth, a person came out from the crowd. He smiled and said, "Miss, since you can't scratch it, how about I help you?"

Little Tao Hong rolled his eyes at that person, then said with a smile: "Which one's for you to help? Even if I have to help, I have to find a rich person! "

"I'll pay fifty silver taels, is that okay?" The man laughed.

"Fifty silver taels?" Little Peach Blossom sneered. She gently rubbed her back against the pillar by the door, but her face had an expression of enjoyment. "So comfortable!"

The smile on the person's face froze as he shouted, "How about 80 taels of silver? I don't believe it! "

Little Peach Red sneered again and said: "I don't care!"

That person's face turned red, immediately becoming a bit angrier, and shouted loudly: "Five hundred liang! I don't believe that I can't touch you! "

Little Red giggled and slowly walked towards one of the men. She leaned on his shoulder and lightly blew on his face. Then, she smiled and said, "He offered five hundred silver taels, how much are you offering?"

The man immediately became spirited and shouted, "I bid 600 taels!"

Little Peach Blossom immediately turned towards the man from before, and smiled: "Did you hear that? Someone is willing to pay six hundred silver! "

"I, I, I'll pay a thousand gold!" Damn it, I don't believe it! Is there anyone else who wants to compete with me? " The man seemed to be angry and his expression changed!

"I bid 1500 taels!" someone shouted from the crowd.

"I bid 1600 taels!" Another person shouted.

At this moment, everyone's eyes were opened. They never would have thought that Little Peach Blossom was worth so much silver.

Little Tao Hong stretched lazily, then stuck out her chest high up and laughed: "How boring! "It's not exciting!"

As he said this, the crowd burst into an exclamation. One of them shouted loudly, "Can two thousand taels of silver have a Spring Festival Gala with the lady?"

"Yes!" Little Peach Blossom called out.

"I bid 2,200 taels!" One of them shouted.

"I bid 2,500 taels!"

It was unknown who shouted that, but it caused everyone to be stunned!

This was because the voice was clearly not that of a man, but that of an upright woman!

Everyone looked up to see Yu Jin Zhi's face covered in a layer of frost. He stared coldly at Little Peach Blossom and walked over. He shouted: "You b * tch! How dare you come here and start a business!"

"Where did this fat woman come from? Why are your words so unpleasant?" Aren't you jealous of my beauty? " Little Peach Blossom asked calmly, not even sparing Yu Jin Branch a glance.

"How dare you call me a fat woman? "How dare you!" Yu Jin branch said in anger.

"If you look like that, then I'm flattering you. If it were anyone else, I would have even thought that she was worse than a dog!" Little Peach Red sneered.

"You sharp-tongued bitch, are you trying to make life difficult for me?" "You didn't ask around, in this Yangzhou city, how many people would dare to talk to me like this?" Yu Jin branch said in anger.

"Then you should go out and ask around. In Yangzhou City, how many people are there that I cannot scold? Let me tell you, with just one word, this Spring Pavilion will immediately close for good. Are you convinced? " Little Peach said angrily.

"Pfft!" The toad yawned. What a boastful tone! I don't want to waste my breath on you anymore, come! Throw this slut out for me! " Yu Jin branch said in anger.

As soon as she finished speaking, a few turtle dukes immediately appeared. Without a second word, they lifted Peach Blossom and threw her out onto the street. She fell with her limbs spread out, her face red and her heart pounding, almost breaking her bones!

Little Peach Red got up from the ground and pointed at the branch and scolded, "You're a damn pig granny who deserves to be cooked with oil. You actually dare to make a move on me. When my helper arrives, I'll definitely show you!"

"Pfft!" Aren't you afraid of the wind blowing your tongue off!? Why are you still mentioning helpers? I want to see if someone can speak up for you because it's your fortune! " Yu Jin Branch sneered.

"How dare you look down on me, I will fight it out with you!" Little Peach Red suddenly lowered her head and bent down to smash into the branch. Who would have thought that someone would dare to use violence against her? Stunned for a moment, she was actually nudged by Little Peach Red's head against her stomach, causing her to lose her balance. She fell back with a thud, causing her eyes to shine like stars.

This roar was no different from a royal decree. The servants, princes and thugs of the Spring Pavilion all stared at Little Peach Blossom with wide eyes. Just as they were about to make a move to capture her, she grinned and shouted, "If you want to capture aunt, then come!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly ran towards the street like a madman. Everyone followed closely behind, only to see that right after she reached the street, she suddenly ran into a small alley and shouted, "You bunch of idiots, hurry up and come over here!"

When the people of the Spring Pavilion heard her ridicule, they were immediately angered, and rushed even more fiercely than before. When they saw that she was about to catch up to her, they saw a group of people running towards them in a flurry, and the ones leading them were Du Jiangsheng and the steward of the Chen Prefecture, Chen Lu. When Little Tao Hong saw Du Jiangsheng, she immediately shouted, "Stinky brat, you really did bring someone here.

When Du Jiangsheng heard this, he immediately turned to Chen Lu and said, "Butler Chen, did you hear that? She was too arrogant. Wasn't she just relying on a little more people? This is too bullying! "

Hearing that, Chen Lu could not help but widen his eyes, and shouted to the people behind him: "Little ones, listen carefully! The group of people in front are too unreasonable. We have to fight with them and not let them bully us! "

Before he finished speaking, Little Peach Blush had already arrived in front of him. She stretched out her hand and slapped Du Jiangsheng in the face. She angrily said, "I hit you, what's wrong?"

Du Jiangsheng immediately turned to Chen Lu in tears and said, "Butler Chen, she hit me!"

With a wave of his arm, the people behind him rushed towards the people from the Spring Pavilion. The two groups of people immediately clashed, and at first, there were some who wanted to explain in front of them, but they couldn't resist the cold punches from the people around them. In the end, no one was in the mood to explain the truth, they only wanted to hit them, afraid that they would suffer a loss!

The more they fought, the more brave they became, until the people from the Spring Pavilion began to cry and beg for mercy. Some of them knew Chen Lu, so they immediately covered their heads and advised, "Housekeeper Chen, please ask them to stop, this must be a misunderstanding!"

"Misunderstanding my ass!" None of you people who are messing with the Spring Pavilion are good! " Chen Lu raged.

"Butler Chen, where did you start?" I think there must be a misunderstanding! " The man covered his face.

"Mistake your grandpa!" What right do you have to extort money from people? Why are you bullying children? "You beasts!" Chen Lu scolded.

"Housekeeper Chen, this is a misunderstanding!" "This …"

That person's words had long been knocked out by Du Jiangsheng. He then scolded, "If you don't give me the medicine, I'll kill you!"

Hearing this, Chen Lu immediately asked, "Child, is the medicine with him?"

"That's right!" He's the one who refused to give the medicine no matter what! " Du Jiangsheng said angrily.

"Alright!" When Chen Lu heard this, he immediately rushed forward, punching and kicking that person. The workers he brought with him saw that the butler had gone all out, and even more so had lost their lives to call out to him. Seeing that they were not his match, some of the employees of the Spring Pavilion immediately went to call for reinforcements, but Du Jiangsheng did not stop them, secretly thinking, "I hope everything goes well!"

However, how could Chen Lu and his men have come here without any problems? How could they have started a fight with the people from the Spring Pavilion for no reason at all? So there was an episode in this!

On the other hand, after Meng Chun Lou had persuaded Little Peach Blossom to go and provoke the Spring Pavilion, Qiu Wuchang, disguised as a miner, jumped out of the window. In order to achieve a realistic effect, he spilled quite a bit of chicken blood on his clothes and even smeared some on his forehead.

Wang San, who had sharp eyes, walked over and shouted, "Esteemed customer, what's wrong? Who beat you up like this? "

"Ol 'Two, I'm a worker from the rich stone factory. Tonight, the waiters drank too much, and after a moment of incompatibility, they attacked me. Now that more than a dozen people have died, I came to report to the government, but unfortunately I'm severely injured, so I'm afraid I can't make it to the yamen. Can you go to the government to inform them that it won't be too late if we delay any longer?"

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