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"Of course you can!" As soon as the words left his mouth, Zheng Qing began to regret. He glanced at Wu Weidao, then rolled his eyes twice before asking: "Why do you ask so much, Master Wu?"

"It's like this, our Yellow Faction used some competitive means to buy and sell all of Li Chunfu's stores. They originally planned to hand them over on a different day, but they never thought that the Li Residence would be set on fire overnight. What a bolt from the blue!" Wu Weidao couldn't help but sigh. "The moment I received the news, I wanted to send someone to deliver it, but I was afraid that someone would connect this matter with the Li Residence case, so I hesitated!"

When Zheng Qing heard this, he pondered for a moment, then couldn't help but laugh coldly. "Hall Master Wu, hearing you say this, I feel that this matter is out of the ordinary! "Recalling that you told me to protect Old Liu's life just now, may I boldly ask, wasn't the Li Residence's tragedy done intentionally by your Ru Yi Hall?"

"Lord Zheng, it's an injustice!" Wu Weidao feigned panic as he said.

"Unjustly accused?" Zheng Qing sneered. "The ones who are truly wronged are those innocent people who died tragically in the Li Residence, right?"

"Lord, why do you say that?" Wu Weidao asked in surprise.

Just based on the information you provided just now, I can determine that there is a conspiracy in this case. If you are honest with me, I can give face to the Duke of the County and help you deal with it. However, if you want to take advantage of this situation and force yourself into my eyes, I'm afraid that you will get worse with each passing moment! Zheng Qing said coldly.

Wu Weidao was surprised for a moment, and then he said with a faint smile: "Indeed, nothing can be hidden from the Chief Magistrate. Since that is the case, I can only tell him the truth!"

"I am all ears!" Zheng Qing said with interest.

"This is what happened!" Wu Weidao sighed, "My disciple, Zhu Ergou, wanted to personally make a marriage for the sake of admiring Li Chunfu's daughter, Li Meiyu's beauty. But Li Chunfu thought that the rich and poor not only refused to budge, he even ordered the servant to attack Zhu Ergou and severely insult his dignity! Afterwards, when Zhu Ergou was drunk and unintentionally mentioned this to his subordinates, he angered the Liu brothers. They clamored to help Elder Brother vent his anger, so they set a plan to take revenge on Li Chunfu! "

"Is this revenge for murder and arson?" Zheng Qing laughed coldly. "Pavilion Master Wu, aren't you making too much of a fuss over nothing?"

"That's not the case!" Wu Weidao let out a sigh, "The plan set by Brother Liu was to seize the Liu family, they planned to force Li Chunfu to agree to the engagement, otherwise they would kill him to silence him. They originally wanted to scare him a little, but they didn't expect Li Chunfu to be so stubborn.

"So you're saying, the Liu brothers' murder and arson was due to helplessness?" Zheng Qing asked.

"Lord, you have a clear understanding!" Wu Weidao sighed.

"Hahahaha!" Zheng Qing laughed mockingly. "Pavilion Master Wu, your lies are full of holes, but you don't know it yourself. Could it be that you also think of me as a fool?"

"Why do you ask, my lord? "I am truly confused, please enlighten me, my lord!" Wu Weidao frowned and said.

"Firstly, since the Liu brothers call Zhu Ergou big brother, then how can Zhu Ergou not be stronger than them? Even they were able to massacre the entire Li Residence, can't Zhu Ergou do the same? Why did you get beaten up like that? " Zheng Qing asked with a stern expression.

"My lord, you do not know!" The disciples of our Hall do not use martial arts to determine their duties, they only use their ability to speak! Although that Zhu Ergou's martial arts is not high, he is extremely capable in handling matters. On the contrary, the Liu brothers are simple-minded, even though their martial arts are strong, they don't have much ability to handle matters. Otherwise, they wouldn't have caused such a disaster! " Wu Weidao explained.

"Even if what you say makes sense! Then, since Zhu Ergou had a crush on Li Meiyu, then why didn't the Liu brothers kidnap Li Meiyu for their own good, and why did they kill her as well? Aren't they afraid that Zhu Ergou will be unhappy with their actions? " Zheng Qing asked with a smile.

"What you say is reasonable, but it is not the truth!" Wu Weidao smiled indifferently, "The situation at that time was that Brother Liu had never seen Li Meiyu. Because he didn't know her appearance, he only treated her like a normal maidservant and thus accidentally killed her!"

"What a joke!" Since Li Meiyu was beautiful, how could she not be a bit different from other maidservants? Moreover, since the Liu brothers had left for Li Meiyu, how could they not inquire about her whereabouts from the servants? "You are simply quibbling!" Zheng Qing said angrily.

"My lord, there were three people who were in a daze and three people who were in a hurry. Back then, the situation was very complicated. The Liu brothers faced the Li Residence's servants and were preoccupied with their own matters. I think it's not that they don't want to take Li Meiyu away, it's just that the situation doesn't allow it! " Wu Weidao explained patiently.

"Hmph, forcing logic!" Zheng Qinglei rolled her eyes at Wu Weidao, "Let me ask you again. Li Chunfu has always been stingy, but the servants at home can save time. How could he bear to spend money to hire a guard?" "The reason why Pavilion Master Wu spoke with conviction must be because he believes that this official is unfamiliar with all the reputable people in Yangzhou since he has just arrived here. That's why he dares to make up such nonsense, no?"

Cold sweat quietly trickled down Wu Xiangdao's back, bringing with it a cool feeling. He couldn't help but think: "Looks like this Zheng Qing isn't muddle-headed. Compared to ordinary officials, he's much more difficult to deal with. I'll have to find another method!"

At this point, Wu Xiangdao gave a slight smile and said, "Master Zheng is indeed meticulous. I'm afraid that even Duke Zhen would not be able to do so!" "However, I have an ugly remark to make, that is, do not give face without taking it!"

"How dare you!" Zheng Qing slammed his hand on the table. "Pavilion Master Wu, do you dare to threaten me?"

"That's right!" Wu Weidao smiled coldly, "Do you know why I sent Old Liu to your residence?"

"Didn't you tell him to turn himself in?" Zheng Qing asked.

"How could it be so cheap?" Wu Weidao smiled slyly, "He went to deliver the gift to my lord's wife. He probably came back with the receipt from the mansion already."

"You, you dare to scheme against me?" Zheng Qing said angrily.

"I know that you are a noble man, and you value your reputation more than those repulsive scholars. Therefore, it is easier said than done to give you a present. However, my wife is not the same!" "After all, women are much more greedy than men in this world!" Wu Weidao said with a sly smile.

"Wu Weidao, I have really underestimated you!" Zheng Qing was so angry that his expression changed drastically. His eyes shot out furious rays of light, yet he seemed so powerless!

"Since the lord is so angry, I believe he is well aware of Madam's character. In that case, can I be sure that Old Liu's trip was not in vain?" Wu Weidao said with a complacent smile.

"Wu Xiangdao, you are despicable!" Zheng Qing said in hatred.

"Actually, my lord hasn't even received the transfer order, and I already know everything about him. For example, what kind of tea my lord likes to drink, what dishes he likes to eat, any weaknesses, and so on. If not, how could I calmly negotiate conditions with you here?" Wu Weidao laughed coldly, "In any case, your excellency doesn't want to hear it. The reason why you could become an official in Yangzhou is because of a single sentence from me." "Hahahaha!"

"Wu Wei, who exactly is your backer? How can you have such an incredible ability? " Zheng Qing asked in shock and anger.

"I'm sorry, but it's hard to tell!" Wu Weidao laughed happily, "Because you don't deserve to know his name!"

"Is it the Duke of the County?" Zheng Qing tried asking.

"Don't ask anymore, you'll never be able to guess!" Wu Weidao smiled coldly, "I only ask you, are you going to help or not?"

"So what if I help?" Zheng Qing cautiously asked.

In the future, we will give you all our benefits. If you don't help us, you will be transferred out of here very soon, and then, on the way to other villages, you will suddenly encounter a group of bandits with unknown origins. They will be the terminators of the family! Wu Weidao said calmly.

"Wu Weidao, you're too insidious!" Zheng Qing was so angry that his face was as white as paper. He wished that he could slap him a few times. However, his body could not exert even the slightest bit of strength!

"Master, we have seen a lot of people who are more difficult to deal with than you, but in the end, they all chose to be our friends. "Of course, you have the right to choose as well. However, I have the duty to remind you that our Hall of Ruyi has never shown mercy to its enemies!" Wu Weidao smiled as he spoke. "Now, can you tell me if you want to be our friend or our enemy?"

"I …" Cold sweat flowed down Zheng Qing's forehead as his body began to tremble. He swallowed hard and finally replied with a trembling voice, "I choose to be your friend!"

"That's right!" Wu Weidao reached into his sleeves, took out a clean white handkerchief, and helped Zheng Qing wipe the cold sweat off his forehead.

Zheng Qing waited for Wu Xiangdao to wipe the cold sweat off his forehead without moving. Then, he said, "When I go back, I will immediately issue a decree ordering Li Chunfu's shop to deliver the goods to your Ru Yi Hall. What does Pavilion Master Wu think?"

"No need to be in such a hurry!" Wu Weidao smiled indifferently, "We will wait for the murderer to be caught before we judge him. We don't need to cause so much discussion. We suspect that the Fulfillment Hall is the mastermind!"

"I will do as Pavilion Master Wu commands!" Zheng Qing said with a respectful face.

"Alright, you can go now! "I reckon that your wife is in a hurry to wait for you right now!" Wu Xiangdao smiled gently.

Zheng Qing couldn't wait to leave. He hurriedly stood up and hesitantly asked, "Pavilion Master Wu, if I do that, then those martial artists will come and cause trouble for me. How should I protect myself?"

"Don't worry, my lord. As long as our Yi Hall is here, no one will dare to find trouble with you. Unless he doesn't want to live anymore!" Wu Weidao laughed.

"Alright, then I'll have to thank Pavilion Master Wu then!" Zheng Qing finally put down the giant rock in his heart and saluted Wu Weidao before leaving the room in a hurry.

Wu Weidao watched him leave with a smile until he could no longer hear his footsteps. He then coughed heavily and shouted, "Get out here!"

As he spoke, he saw a man in a long, white, sackcloth robe. He was thin, with small, narrow eyes, and looked rather wretched. He slowly walked into the room with his head lowered in fear.

Wu Weidao stared coldly at the man and scolded, "Chu Tianshui, do you admit your mistake?"

So the one who came was the leader of the Sky Gate, Chu Tianping. When he heard the question, he was so scared that his face turned pale and he exclaimed, "This subordinate is terrified. I don't know what crime I have committed, please enlighten me!"

"As the leader of the Gate of Heavenly Words, you are in charge of collecting confidential information. But this time, how did you do it? You almost caused the Ruyi Temple to suffer a calamity, but you don't know it at all. How do you have the face to see me again? " Wu Weidao said angrily.

"Your subordinate is terrified!" Chu Tianping was so scared that with a thump, he kneeled on the ground. His eyes were full of fear, "This subordinate deserves to die!"

"You do deserve to die!" Wu Weidao angrily smashed the table beside him with his palm, "If it wasn't for your carelessness, how could Zhu Ergou and Zhen Fugui die? If it wasn't for you, would Sect Leader Ceng have died generously in order to protect the Fulfillment Hall? You deserve to be chopped into pieces! "

"This subordinate knows that he has committed a heinous crime, I beseech Hall Master to punish him!" Chu Tianlang said with a face full of fear.

"Go find the dead sect leader, then you can follow him and be an assassin from now on! I think that's the only way you can do what you want, because your negligence will only cause you to lose your life. Wu Xiangdao instructed.

After Chu Tianlang heard this, his face couldn't help but be filled with sorrow and depression. He replied with a low voice, "Yes." However, it was very difficult for him to stand up because at that moment, his heart was broken!

How could a heartbroken person have the strength to stand up again?

How could a heartbroken person have the face to lift his head and raise his chest?

"Scram!" Wu Weidao snapped.

Chu Tianlang did not dare to stay any longer. Even if he had to climb, he would have to crawl out because staying here for one more second meant that he was one step closer to death!

"Stop!" This voice was a bit sudden and bold, because no one dared to interrupt what Wu Weidao had decided.

So, not only was Chu Tianlang shocked, even Wu Weidao was slightly shocked. He couldn't help raising his head to look at the door and he yelled, "Who is outside?"


The door was pushed open, revealing a fat man with a round face and no beard, thin eyebrows and a wide mouth, his shiny forehead was glowing with sweat, and there was a sense of superiority in his eyes, making people feel that he was noble, he was the Sect Leader of Palace, Yin Wu City!

"Your subordinate pays respect to the pavilion master!" Yinwu City cupped his fist and bowed to Wu Xiangdao.

"Sect Leader Yin, what's the matter?" Wu Weidao asked impatiently.

"I heard that the Hall Master dishonored his meritorious officials, so I risked my life to advise you!" Yin Wu City replied calmly.

"A meritorious general?" Wu Weidao smiled coldly, "Are you talking about that rice barrel?"

"He's not a rice bucket, he's a meritorious general!" Yinwu City was a righteous city.

"Oh?" Wu Weidao smiled coldly, "He doesn't even have the strength to stand. How can he not be a rice bucket?"

"For a meritorious general to be ridiculed by others and even be punished by them, how can such a blow not be heartbreaking and depressing?" Yin Wu City smiled bitterly. "If Pavilion Master Wu was also subjected to such treatment, I would like to ask, would Pavilion Master Wu still be able to lift his head high?"

"Yin Wu City, how dare you!" Wu Weidao glowered at him angrily, "You said that he is a meritorious general, but where is his meritorious service?"

"If Sect Leader Chu had not reacted in time and spread the news of Jia Yunlin besieging the inn to me as quickly as possible, I would not have gone to the royal palace to command the troops to come to the rescue. At that time, Ruyi Temple would not have been able to win against so many people. Yin Wu City asked.

"Is that so?" Wu Weidao smiled coldly, "What I want to ask is, since he already received the news, why didn't he come to report? If he had told me earlier, I would have been able to make preparations in time.

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