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Seeing that the assassins couldn't win, Nangong Feiyu quickly walked over to Mo Yunqi's side and pulled her up from the ground. He asked in concern, "Yunqi, are you alright?"

Mo Yunqi forced a smile, pointed at Song Shilei and said, "I'm fine, but he's busy!"

Nangong Feiyu subconsciously looked at Song Shilei and saw that he was covered in blood and a large portion of his white clothes were dyed red. He asked, "Who is he? Why are you with him? "

"His name is Song Shilei, the son of the Salt Clan's leader!" Mo Yunqi smiled mischievously, "The main reason I'm with him is because he's stupid!"

"Huh?" Nangong Feiyu was slightly surprised, "Is this how you see him?"

"You want me to meet him by chance? Yet, he actually asked me to eat and drink for nothing, and even gave me all sorts of ways. He's like a son to an old lady. I wonder, is he not stupid?" Mo Yunqi happily laughed.

"If you don't have anything to offer, then be a thief or a scoundrel!" Xiao Hong Yu laughed coldly, "Miss Mo, I'm afraid that I have ulterior motives!"

After Mo Yunqi heard this, she could not help but ponder for a moment and then said, "Hearing you say this, it makes a lot of sense! "I remember when I first saw him, he started to play tricks on me!"

"Huh?" Nangong Feiyu was greatly shocked and he could not help but look coldly at Song Shilei. He shouted, "Quickly tell me, what did you do to her?"

Song Que Lei still could not figure out the relationship between Nangong Feiyu and Mo Yunqi, but seeing that he was so concerned for Mo Yunqi, he guessed that their relationship was not normal, and seeing the anger in his eyes, he could not help but bitterly laugh, "This brother, Miss Mo and I are innocent, what can I do to her? As long as she doesn't cause me any trouble, I'll thank God! "

When Nangong Feiyu heard this, he felt a sense of relief, but he was still unable to relax. He turned to Mo Yunqi and asked, "Yunqi, did he do anything too excessive to you?"

"Of course! I remember sitting in the same carriage with him. I rolled up my sleeves because I couldn't stand the heat, and he took off his clothes in front of me! " Mo Yunqi covered her mouth and laughed.

"Ah?" This is too abnormal! " Nangong Feiyu was so angry that he pointed at Song Shilei, "You beast! "How dare you!"

Upon hearing these words, Song Shilei's face turned red. He could not help but speak with embarrassment, "Brother, please don't listen to her blabber!"

"A girl like her would only be ashamed to speak of such things. How could she accuse you unjustly?" Nangong Feiyu said angrily.

Seeing that he could not convince him, Song Que could only beg, "Miss Mo, why don't you tell me the story of how you beat me up?"

Hearing that, Mo Yunqi immediately laughed, "That is also the truth! At that time, when I saw him taking off his clothes, I suspected that he was plotting something, so I gave him a good beating and woke him up. Otherwise, how could I have the face to meet him again after that? "

When Nangong Feiyu heard these words, he could not help but let out a breath of relief. He then stared at Song Que Lei and asked, "Back then, what was your purpose in taking off your clothes? "Speak!"

Song Shilei smiled bitterly and said, "At that time, it was too hot in the car. I wanted to loosen my belt, but she thought I was going to take off my clothes. I was wronged!" Aiya! This kind of thing is too embarrassing! "

Hearing that this matter was a misunderstanding, Nangong Feiyu could not be bothered. He could only say to Mo Yunqi, "Yunqi, next time you must not leave without saying anything. Do you know how worried I am for you?"

"Do you think I want to? Isn't it my second brother who insisted on bringing me back? " Mo Yunqi smiled bitterly, "Forget it, let's not talk about him anymore. Why did you come here?"

The topic of the conversation immediately changed as he continued, "We had originally planned to go drink some tea, but when we passed here, we heard the sounds of fighting, so we came over to see what exactly is going on. Who would have thought that we would actually see the two of you being surrounded? Oh right, what is going on with you two? Why would those people want to kill you? "

Mo Yunqi did not have time to reply when she saw Xiao Hong Yu walk over with a identity token. "These people are all from the Night Soul Assassin Group. They sent out so many people at once. It seems like someone paid a huge price!"

Nangong Feiyu looked at the identity token in her hand and could not help but ask Yun Qi, "We've only been separated for a short period of time. How did you offend the people from the Night Soul Assassin Group?"

Mo Yunqi pouted and said, "How would I provoke these people? I've always been a cautious person. I guess he's the one causing trouble!"

Nangong Feiyu immediately looked at Song Shilei and asked, "Brother Song, this is your mistake!"

Song Shilei smiled bitterly and said, "The members of our Salt Clan are all mixed up in the martial arts world. It is hard to avoid the enmity between some disciples and others, yet these idiots have blamed it on me. It must be a great pity!"

"Could it be that Master Song did not do anything evil and made people want to kill him as soon as possible?" Xiao Hong Yu asked.

"If you say no, I'm sure you wouldn't believe it either. But if you say yes, that would truly be wrongly accusing me!" Song Shilei sighed.

"Although I haven't entered the martial arts world for a long time, I've often heard people say that you, Young Master Song, are a natural and unrestrained person who takes advantage of the flowers and grass everywhere. I presume that this is the reason for today's disaster?" Xiao Hong Yu asked with a smile.

"Miss, please don't only listen to those Jianghu rumors. Those are all lies deliberately made up by our enemies to ruin the reputation of our Salt Clan. Please enlighten us, Miss!" Song Shilei said.

At this moment, Ye Tianhan rushed over like a whirlwind. He only glanced at Song Xiang Lei before asking, "Young Master Song, are you alright?"

Song Shilei glared at Ye Shenghan angrily and said coldly: "If it wasn't for these friends helping me out with swords, I wouldn't be here today! Mr. Ye, you can keep it safe! "

Ye Sheng Han's face was frosted over as he said indifferently: "I was also entangled by an assassin. Otherwise, I would never have allowed my young master to be frightened!"

"What's the use of saying this now?" Song Chao's face was full of complaints.

Mo Yunqi was most annoyed by people fighting, so she asked Nangong Feiyu with a smile, "Where do you plan to go for tea? I want to go too! "

"Alright, then let's go together!" Nangong Feiyu immediately smiled happily.

"Hey, are you going to leave me alone like this?" Song Shaorei was afraid that Mo Yunqi would leave with them, so he hurriedly asked.

"Now that you're injured, where else can you go?" Mo Yunqi curled her lips, "How about, we wait for the next time!"

"Then where can I find you?" Song Shilei asked.

"Let's go to the Mascot Cloud Inn!" After answering him, Mo Yunqi did not have the time to care about Song Shilei anymore. She immediately pulled Nangong Feiyu's arm and walked over to the teahouse.

When Song Shilei saw this, he could not help but look up at the sky and asked angrily, "Why are all women like this? She ran off with someone else in just a few words. How could she do that? "

Ye Tianhan glanced at Song Shilei and could not help but advise, "Young Master Song, it might not be a bad thing for you to keep your distance from her. At the very least, you can live longer because of her!"

"You don't understand!" Song Shilei glared coldly at Ye Shenghan, "Because you don't know what it's like to see a person you like follow others!"

Ye Shenghan was silent for a moment, then said, "Perhaps I really do not understand!"

As for Nangong Feiyu and the others, they walked along the street. After walking for a short distance, they arrived at the Rich Spring Tea House. Mo Yunqi pointed at the tea house's cover and smiled, "This is the grand here!"

Nangong Feiyu helplessly looked at Xiao Hongyu and saw that she also had a face of helplessness. She could only say, "Alright, let's do it here!"

Mo Yunqi excitedly walked into the store and called out, "Waiter, do you have a seat?"

Just as she asked this, she saw a person with a face as cold as autumn frost and eyes as cold as water. Although he was around forty years old, he had a spry and healthy appearance, and kept staring angrily at Mo Yunqi as he walked over. Then, he swept his eyes over Nangong Feiyu and Xiao Hong Yu's faces, and angrily walked out of the teahouse!

Mo Yunqi could not help but stare at the man and scolded, "What does this fellow mean? Why did it feel like someone stole his purse! We didn't even offend him, how could he dare to glare at us like that? "

"Maybe he's in a bad mood!" Nangong Feiyu indifferently said.

"Shouldn't you be showing off when you're in a bad mood?" Mo Yunqi had a face of displeasure, "What kind of bullshit logic is this?"

"Forget it, forget it!" "We're here to drink tea, there's no need for us to lower ourselves to his level. Let's just invite him in!" Nangong Feiyu advised.

Just then, the shop assistant came over with a smile. He invited them into the shop and served them fragrant tea and snacks. Mo Yunqi ate a few bites and her mood changed, as well as a lot of smiles.

Actually, if they knew that person, they would understand why he hated them so much. It was them who ruined that person's plans. How could he not hold a grudge in his heart?

It turned out that the person was the leader of the Night Soul Assassin Group, Wei Tan Gui. In order to kill Song Xianlei, he had expended a lot of effort this time, and was hoping to achieve great things in one go. However, he did not expect that a good plan would be messed up by Nangong Feiyu and his men.

The most important thing was that this was already his third failure. According to the rules set by the Night Soul Assassin Group, after three failures, he would have to return the deposit to his employer.

As such, as Wei Youcai walked along, he kept calculating the losses in his heart. This battle had greatly damaged the reputation of the Night Soul Assassin Group. Not only had they lost soldiers, but they had to pay the price as well.

This could be said to be the biggest setback the Night Soul Assassin Group had faced since its establishment, and could also be said to be a crisis. If it could not be dealt with quickly, then the Night Soul Assassin Group could forget about remaining in the martial arts world, because this would become a stain that they would never be able to wash away.

Wei Youcai clenched his fists tightly, trying to resist the sun that was mercilessly extracting the water from his body. However, he finally realized that was very difficult to do, so he got angry!

Anger was slowly burning his mind, like a tireless bug was nibbling away at his mind. He really wanted to fight back, but he always felt powerless. Perhaps this was what people experienced when they were in dire straits!

Suddenly, the cover of Famous Guest Inn suddenly fell down from the bamboo pole and covered his face. He impatiently grabbed it in his hand and unfurled it. His eyes lit up as he muttered to himself, "Famous Guest Inn, isn't this where Wu Weidao lives?"

When he thought of this person, Wei Youcai felt that he had become much more intimate with him. This was because he was too familiar with this person!

He had worked with Wu Weidao more than once and ended each time with a smile. They had formed a tacit understanding between each other, but he had never thought that Wu Weidao would one day help him and not him!

Perhaps, if he wanted to solve the problem now, he could only rely on Wu Weidao!

After all, there were hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the Ruyi Temple. In the current martial arts world, there shouldn't be anyone that they didn't dare to offend, much less that they couldn't kill!

Thinking up to this point, Wei Gelou smiled happily!

He quickly walked into Famous Guest House and spent some money to meet Wu Weidao.

Wu Xiangdao still wore his usual smile and was still full of enthusiasm, but the only difference was that both of them were begging each other!

After finishing the cup of fragrant tea, Wei Youcai's heart finally calmed down, but Wu Xiangdao's heart was clearly in turmoil. He could not help but smile and said, "Brother Wei visiting in person has really delighted me, but we are all busy people, please speak frankly if you have anything to say!"

"Hahaha!" Wei Tan Cai raised his head and laughed, then said sternly: "Pavilion Master Wu sure is quick to say fast words, you have saved me a bit of awkwardness! "To tell you the truth, I came here today because I have something to request of you!"

"Oh?" Wu Weidao touched his nose and laughed, "Brother Wei, are you joking with me? Your Night Soul Assassin Group wants people to have money and money. What other problems do you, Brother Wei, have that you can't solve?

"Brother Wu, you must be joking. There's something important that I really need your help with!" Wei Youcai sincerely said.

"Brother Wei, please speak!" Wu Weidao said with a stern expression.

"I want to ask Brother Wu to send out his elites to help me kill a person. I wonder if Brother Wu dares to agree?" Wei Youcai asked.

"Oh?" Wu Weidao smiled slyly, "Isn't killing the Night Soul the best way to do it? Why did Brother Wei suddenly think of pretending to be human? "

"To tell you the truth, this person is really hard to kill. We have already fallen and we don't have the ability to continue anymore!" Wei Youcai said with a bitter face.

"Oh?" Wu Weidao was slightly taken aback. "Who is this person?" What ability does he have to make Brother Wei frown? "

"He is the Young Master of the Salt Clan, Song Shilei!" Wei Youcai said sternly.

"It's him?" Wu Weidao said contemptuously, "Even though I don't know much about Master Song, I do know his capabilities. With Ye Hun's ability, if he wants his life, there is no need to fight him."

"To be honest, he has a Ye Shenghan by his side. This person is extremely difficult to deal with, moreover, that Song fella is not in contact with the people from the Cold Soul Villa. In short, it will be even harder to get rid of him!" Wei Youcai said hatefully.

"So that's how it is!" Wu Weidao pondered for a moment and asked, "Brother Wei, who exactly was it that bought Song Chao's head? Doesn't he know who Song Shilei is? "

Wei Tan Cai hesitated for a moment and then sighed: "Sigh! "Since Pavilion Master Wu is not an outsider, I'll tell you about this matter then!"

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