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"Hum, hum, hum!"

Zhao Dexing smiled calmly and said, "To be honest, the waiter of Fuchun Teahouse is a cousin of my butler. He was right outside Mister's door, so I heard everything clearly!"

"So that's how it is!"

Meng Chunlou frowned slightly and said, "Boss Zhao is really an outstanding person!"

"Sir, you're too courteous. Even if you're an outstanding person, you still need someone to guide you, don't you?"

Zhao Dexian said with a smile.

Meng Chunlou downed the remaining wine in his cup in one gulp and said, "Since Boss Zhao has put it like that, I can't decline it. However, I have to give Boss Li an explanation for breaking the contract, otherwise, the reputation of the Imperial Court will fall into my hands!"

"At most, I'll just compensate him with some compensation for the breach of contract. This is already giving him face!"

Zhao Dexing asked.

"The penalty should be at least thirty thousand taels. Boss Zhao, are you willing to pay?"

Du Jiangsheng suddenly interrupted.

"Thirty thousand taels?"

Zhao Dexian was taken aback.

"If we can complete this deal, how can Boss Zhao earn a few hundred thousand taels of silver?"

Du Jiangsheng laughed.

Zhao Dexing hesitated for a moment, then he stood up and began to pace around the room. After a moment, he asked, "Sir, do I really need to use over a hundred thousand cubes of stone every year?"

"Not just for a year, but for six to seven years as well!"

Meng Chun said.

"Good!" Then compensate him with thirty thousand silver! "

Zhao Dexian quickly walked to the table and personally poured a cup for Meng Chunlou. "Sir, I toast you and wish us a happy cooperation!"

Meng Chun Lou didn't raise his glass, but asked with a serious face, "Boss Zhao, aren't you afraid that we are liars?"

Zhao Dexian was surprised for a moment, then laughed and said, "Those who push themselves to death, those who starve to death, those who are timid, would rather die than starve to death!" Sir, please drink this cup to your heart's content! "

When Du Jiangsheng heard this, he immediately laughed and said, "If we had known that Boss Zhao was so outspoken, we would have come to visit first! "Master, just tell him your identity so that Boss Zhao can know what's going on!"

When Meng Chunlou heard that, he immediately stroked his beard and said, "Alright! Seeing how straightforward Boss Zhao was, this old man shall reveal his identity! "Actually, I am an official sent by the imperial government and have another job in the imperial court. This time, besides purchasing the stone materials, I am also responsible for supervising and directing the local officials in the distribution of the food!"

Ah!" "So it's Lord Goudan. This little one has eyes but did not recognize Mount Tai. This little one deserves to die a thousand times for his crimes!

Zhao Dexing was about to kowtow to Meng Quan when he said, "Be careful of the wall!" This must be kept a secret. If it is leaked out, there might be trouble! "

"Don't worry, my lord, I will not reveal this!"

Zhao Dexian asked with a solemn expression.

Seeing that he was convinced, Du Jiangsheng lightly said, "Since Boss Zhao no longer has any doubts, then should we keep our promise?"


Zhao Dexian was slightly surprised, and cursed in his heart, "You little bastard, you have a mother to teach, yet you still can't buy your heart even if you eat my food!" Damn it! "

"What is it? Boss Zhao forgot about it so quickly? "

Du Jiangsheng threw the chicken bones in his hands onto the table. "Alright then, let me remind you!"

"No need to remind me!"

Zhao Dexian laughed happily, "Isn't it just the penalty of thirty thousand taels of silver? Aren't we going to invite those refugees to stay for free?" I remember everything! "

"Boss Zhao, not only do you want to live here for free, those who are willing to go home and do business will even have to pay you twenty taels of silver!"

Du Jiangsheng laughed.

"Right, right!" Of course! "

Zhao Dexing smiled bitterly.

"There seems to be another one that says' men have prostitutes and women wear clothes, is that right?"

Meng Chun Lou asked.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Sir is right! "

Zhao Dexian's face was filled with displeasure, but he concealed it with the motion of wiping away his sweat.

"I don't think so, but I definitely need to get dressed, don't you think so, Boss Zhao?"

Meng Chun Lou asked with a smile.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Mister is right! "

Zhao Dexing nodded his head and said.

"Boss Zhao, don't keep your mouth shut. We have to take action first …"

As he spoke, Du Jiangsheng grabbed his plate of elbows and started chewing on it.

When Zhao Dexing heard this, he knew that he couldn't drag on any longer. Seeing Meng Chun Lou looking at him, he raised his voice and shouted, "Zhao Fu! "Come in!"

Upon hearing the summons, Zhao Fu pushed the door open and entered. He bowed and asked, "Master, what instructions do you have for me?"

"Prepare thirty thousand taels of silver banknotes for me immediately. I want to give them to Mister." In addition, go and post a notice in the city. From today onwards, the food and shelter of the refugees in the city will be taken care of by me, Zhao Dexian. Whoever is willing to return to their hometown and take care of their business will be given an extra twenty taels of silvers. "Go on!"

Zhao Dexian ordered in an extremely pained tone.

When Zhao Fu heard this, he couldn't help but feel worried. He then looked at Zhao Dexian and whispered, "Master, can I have a word with you?"

"What the f * * k are you still talking about!?" Didn't you hear me? "Go quickly!"

Zhao Dexian said angrily.

"Yes sir!"

Zhao Fu responded with a low voice and a worried expression as he left the room.

"Boss Zhao's way of doing things was thunderous and decisive. This old man truly has a whole new level of respect for you!"

Meng Quan praised.

"It's nothing!" Come, come, let's continue eating and drinking! "

Zhao Dexian raised his chopsticks and greeted the young man enthusiastically.

As for Zhao Fu, when he left the restaurant, he instructed his servants to go back and prepare the silver notes while he personally looked for Li Zhi and whispered into his ear, "Master may have been tricked this time and has been blinded by two scammers. I want you to go over there and do this …"

After Li Zhi heard this, he couldn't help but scold him on the spot, "It doesn't matter if he's real or fake, I'll know when I see him! If it's those two bastards, I'll expose them right away. Just you wait and see! However, if it really is that Meng person, I'm afraid that I will not be his opponent. You need to call more people over so that I won't be at a disadvantage! "

"Don't worry!" I will go back and call for someone now. I won't let you suffer a loss! "

Zhao Fuyan hurried back to the Zhao Mansion as soon as he said that.

Li Zhi hesitated for a moment before drawing his sword. He looked carefully and found that the blade was still there. Only then did he muster up the courage to rush into the top floor and climb all the way up to the third floor.

With one kick, he kicked open the room that Zhao Dexing had reserved for him!

The sudden turn of events scared Zhao Dexian and the others so much that Du Jiangsheng was so scared that he threw away his chopsticks. However, before they could react, Li Zhi suddenly jumped up and slashed at Meng Chunlou with his sword.

He fell backwards, dodging the sword, and cried out in surprise, "Why did you kill me?"

Li Zhi coldly glared at Meng Chunlou and shouted, "How dare you lie to my master. Do you want me to tear you into pieces?"

When Meng Chunlou heard this, he hurriedly looked at Zhao Dexian and shouted, "Boss Zhao, save me!"

At that moment, Li Zhi's long sword was already thrusting towards Meng Chun Lou. He first dodged two sword strikes, then thought to himself, "If I can easily dodge his sword, then I'll reveal my true strength. No, I have to play tricks on him!"

Thinking to this point, his movements deliberately slowed down as Li Zhi's sword stabbed into his left shoulder, causing him to cry out in pain.

A scream sounded and he shouted, "Boss Zhao, save me!"

At this time, Zhao Dexian finally came back to his senses. He couldn't help but shout in shock and anger, "Stop! Li Zhi, you bastard, do you know who he is? "

Li Zhi wanted to kill Meng Quan with a single slash, but after hearing Zhao Dexian's scolding, he could only withdraw his sword force. In a blink of an eye, he looked at him and said, "Master, you misunderstood me! These two people are obviously the two uncles and nieces we saw this morning. They are scammers! "

"You are the liar! "How dare you, you dare to assassinate a senior official of the imperial government, are you not afraid of the crime of beheading you?"

Du Jiangsheng yelled.

"Bullshit messenger!"

Li Zhi sneered, "It seems that if I don't pull your fake beard off, you won't reveal your true colors no matter what you say. You scammer, come at me!"

Li Zhi was about to grab onto Meng Quan's beard, but he didn't care if he could grab onto that matter. In any case, he wanted to expose Meng Quan's identity, but at this moment, he saw Zhao Dexian's body trembling as he shouted, "Li Zhi, stop right there! "You have caused me such a huge mess, you beast, why aren't you leaving?"

"Old master, he is indeed a scammer! Although his disguise is very similar, it can't be hidden from me! "

Li Zhi said with complete certainty.

"Impudent!" Am I still your master? "

Zhao Dexian said angrily.

"You, of course you are!"

Li Zhi said in a frightened tone.

"Since you still recognize me as your old master, quickly withdraw and get out!"

Zhao Dexian said angrily.

When Li Zhi heard this, he knew that it was useless to continue and could only leave the room in hatred and anger.

Once Li Zhi left, Zhao Dexing panicked. He rushed over to check on Meng Chunlou's injuries and asked, "Sir, are you alright?"

Meng Chunlou wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said angrily, "Boss Zhao, your servant is so strong! "AHH!" "It hurts like hell!

Hearing this, Zhao Dexian fell to his knees, trembling in fear. He said, "Sir, I am truly sorry. It was my fault that you were assassinated. Later on, I will discipline him severely and never let this happen again!"

"Boss Zhao!" You little repeater! Do you know the punishment for assassinating a court official? "

Du Jiangsheng extended his hand to point out Zhao Dexian. "Could it be that you are reluctant to part with those silver coins, so you want to kill the two of us as soon as possible?" You sure have a vicious heart! "

"Damn it!"

Zhao Dexian kowtowed as if he was pounding garlic, "If this little one has this kind of heart, call me Heaven, Earth, Annihilation! I really don't know what kind of crazy disease caused that Li Zhi to come here! "


Meng Chun Lou struggled to stand up, "It seems that Boss Zhao is still not willing to believe us!"

When Zhao Dexing heard this, his eyes darted around and he thought to himself, "Since he suspects that I don't fully trust them, why not just make sure that Li Zhi doesn't act rashly? Perhaps, this way, I will be able to get rid of my sin! "

With that thought, Zhao Dexing stood up, pretending to be scheming and said, "That's right! I do suspect the identity of the two of you! After all, at this point in time, I do not know your names, nor have I ever seen the sealed letters on your bodies.

"Pui!" Is a commoner like you worthy of looking at my letter? "

Meng Chun Lou laughed coldly.

"Without the seal, you are a liar!"

Zhao Dexian said angrily.

"Impudent!" I thought you were a generous person, but who knew you were such a vile person! "

Meng Chun Lou said angrily.

"Humph!" Do you know that I am a villain? "

Zhao Dexing shrugged his shoulders, "Let me tell you, I, Zhao Dexian, would rather be a villain than a fool! "At this point, it's fine if you have a letter. But if you don't, I'll make sure to spill your blood on the brothel today!"

As soon as he said this, he suddenly heard a large commotion from outside his room. He then saw Zhao Fu leading his henchmen and storming up the stairs. The shop assistants and shopkeepers had already fled to the side in fright when they saw this scene.

Zhao Dexing glanced back and saw the rest of the group behind him. He bolstered his courage and shouted, "Take out the letter!"

"Master, what kind of seal do they have? They were all liars! Fortunately, I have kept my trump card, otherwise, I would have suffered greatly! "

As Zhao Fu said this, he looked at Li Zhi and asked, "Martial Master Li, do you think they are liars?"

"If they weren't swindlers, I would rather use my own moves as a stepping stone!"

Li Zhi said angrily.

"Old master, at this point, we can't hesitate any longer!" "In my opinion, I should first tie them up, give them a good beating, and then send them to the authorities for punishment. Let's see how long they can be deceived."

Zhao Fu suggested.

Zhao Dexing hesitated as he heard this. He looked at Meng Chunlou and sighed before looking at Du Jiangsheng, his face full of anger. He pointed at Zhao Fu and angrily said, "Master, according to my point of view, why don't we go back to the inn and get the letter and let these blind servants see who exactly is the swindler?"

Meng Chun Lou knew that there was nothing she could do, but she couldn't expose it on the surface, so she said with some embarrassment, "That's preposterous! This official's seal is too sacred. How could I allow these lowly people to watch? It's truly like a tiger falling down to the plain being bullied by a dog. Hateful, hateful! "

"Duo!" Are you still pretending to be a bold liar? Are you tired? Come on! Bind these two scammers for me! "

Zhao Fu said angrily.

The thugs heard the order and were about to tie him up when they heard the commotion downstairs. Someone shouted, "Where is the Mr. Divination?"

Immediately after that, he heard someone go upstairs. Zhao Fu rushed to the top of the stairs to see what was going on, but was overwhelmed by Chen Lu, the steward of the Chen Prefecture. He quickly dodged to the side and said, "Steward Chen came at the right time.

"I have no time for you! I'm looking for the fortune-teller. Have you seen him? "

Chen Lu asked.

"Of course I've seen him before. He's the swindler that I caught!"

Zhao Fu said with a complacent smile.

"Bastard!" How could he be a liar? I tell you, I came here on Master Chen's orders to invite him. Quickly get out of the way! "

While Chen Lu was speaking, he pushed Zhao Fu away and rushed into the private room, leaving Zhao Fu alone, confused and disoriented.

As for Chen Lu, when he saw Meng Chunlou, he immediately exclaimed, "Aiya, Sir! Why are you injured like this in such a short time? Who did it? Is he blind? "

Meng Chun Lou gave a wry smile and said, "I'll have to ask Boss Zhao then!"

Zhao Dexian's face turned green when he heard this. He was about to step forward and smooth things out when he heard Chen Lu yell, "Zhao Dexian, you have guts! Do you know who he is? You actually dared to hurt him, I think you don't want to live anymore! "

When Zhao Dexing heard this, his legs gave out and he kneeled in front of Chen Lu, saying with a trembling voice, "Housekeeper Chen, this little one was blind and could not recognize Mt. Tai."

Du Jiangsheng was afraid that he would slip up, so he immediately interrupted him. He hastily asked Chen Lu, "Housekeeper Chen, what business do you have with my master?"

"It's like this. My family's old master has already prepared some tea in the manor. He specially came to invite the two of you!"

Chen Lu politely replied.

"It's so hot, we can't be bothered to run!"

Du Jiangsheng laughed.

"Don't worry, the two of you, I have brought the lord's sedan chair over, please!"

Chen Lu pointed outside the room as he spoke.

Meng Chun Lou was afraid that if she stayed any longer, she would cause trouble, so she grabbed her left shoulder and rushed out. She said, "I'll be counting on Boss Zhao!"

When Zhao Dexing heard this, he hurriedly nodded his head like he was pounding garlic and said, "Mister, please do not hesitate. Leave this to me!"

Meng Chunlou laughed in his heart as he led Du Jiangsheng down the brothel. When he saw two palanquins parked outside the building, he got on them and hurried to the Chen Mansion with Du Jiangsheng and him.

After Meng and Du left, Zhao Dexian did not say anything for a long time. Zhao Fu was anxious, and he took the courage to step forward and ask, "Master, are you alright?"

"What can I do for you? At most, you will just be disgraced by him! "

Zhao Dexing smiled bitterly.

"Old master, even Prefect Chen invited them to tea. It seems that the two of them do have some background, and they don't seem like swindlers …"

"Liar, I'm lying to your grandpa!"

Zhao Dexing got up from the ground, and started to dig at Zhao Fu's head, "I'll beat you to death for having doubts, I'll beat you to death for being an evil slave!" I told you to mind your own business! "

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