Journey With The Divine Messenger/C1 Strolling into storm
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Journey With The Divine Messenger/C1 Strolling into storm
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C1 Strolling into storm

Country x.

Silva town.


Mia walks out from her small but comfortable house, which she shared

with her mother and elder brother. Few years back, she lost her father,who suddenly died from a terrible sickness. Ever since then, Mia and her brother along with her mother were chased out of their mansion by their greedy uncle. Mia's father was a successful businessman. After his death,his brother chased them out and claimed all of the properties.

Although, they weren't as rich as before, but they lived comfortable. oh thanks to the mother, who worked in the state hospital. She was able to provide for both children. Now Mia is already 18 and in college,the very bright ,intelligent girl with good grades. Her brother on the other hand is 24,and he is in law School. He probably wanted to be a lawyer because of what happened to them in the past.Mia walked out towards the route she intended. Earlier this morning,her mother had gone to Silva market. The market always opens once a week., But she had forgotten to buy some of the things she would need. Mia Volunteered to purchase them in a grocery store., A 40 minutes walk from home. She could have taken a taxi, but decided to stretch her limbs and get some fresh air. She walked down the long lane of Silva town. Little did she know that trouble was about to brew.

Turning into a corner,to see Melody street busy,filled with people,old and young roaming around,some chatting,while others humming along the way. Some were quiet, while others busy browsing through the stores:toys, clothing and other necessities stores. You could see hawkers by the roadside trying to persuade people to get their goods sold.

Children playing in a corner not far from the road, their parents calling out to them to be careful and stay away from the busy roads.

Different cars of color shape and model moving at a slow snail speed, because of the crowded street,you could even see tricycle moving too.

" So busy" Mia muttered. The noise could ironically make one deaf. She has always been someone who like peace,calm and serene environment.She loved staying indoor most of the time. She loved reading,most especially historical romance. Although she still single,well shy,but one day she would love to have a man like Daisy ( pride and prejudice) Jane Austen. One of her most favorite romance.

Going into the store,Mia didn't even look at the rows of shelves or anything. She just picked all the things she needed, went to the cashier it and paid for the items. Walking out of the store, she found a street as silent as a graveyard. Looking around to see the cause,she soon found it. Everyone had stopped what ever they were doing. It was as if time had stopped

She could see about twenty men, covered in black from their heads to their toes. Hideous skull mask on their faces. In their hands were Hk SP9 guns. They were wearing black coats with hoods and at it side were words " Boom Boom" written in bold prints. Fear gripped the hearts of many because they know today was their end. The so called" Boom Boom" were recent terrorist group who had been oppressing the masses for a while now. The untouchable and undefeated groups destroyed and killed people as if they were ant. The government had been trying their best to suppress them ,but alas! What a pity,some of the Silva police who tried to stop them started dropping one after another. Due to the sudden gunshots,chaos broke, everyone ran for their lives. In the process,Mia was push, stepped on,kick,even by people running helter skelter to save their lives. The cries,the screams,only excited the merciless and crude thugs to increase their killing slaughter. She tried to find a place to hide,but couldn't, everywhere was unsafe. She thought of her mom,and Fedro,she wouldn't be able to see them again her dream of be a successful doctor,marry and have a lot of babies,to live happy were are crushed. So many things,she would have loved to do. So many things she regretted that she didn't do, will she survive today or everything is all over, before it begins. Mia cried silently,while tears could be seen flow down like a waterfall. Suddenly she could feel piercing objects hitting her body and head,now she knew it had end,then she blacked out.

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