Journey With The Divine Messenger/C4 First task,do or die.
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Journey With The Divine Messenger/C4 First task,do or die.
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C4 First task,do or die.

" First task, Ma find a shelter within a hour.

Failure: poison spread to the heart,. Penalty: Death. Reward: 50 BP."

" What! so you want to kill me?"

" It's a task you do or die,I don't have the time to waste with you. Time left 55 min: 45 sec."

" I better get moving then, there is no point in arguing with you"

" Humph! It's seems you know better now. Get moving now,don't even blame me if you die" Mia complied by moving forward,she didn't even know where she was going,but she had to find shelter. She is already weak ,tired and hungry as well. Her stomach growled as she dragged her aching legs. Looking up,to find fruits up in the trees,but they were too tall for her to climb. This is the lower outer part of the forest. Here in Shadow death,trees don't wither even in winter. The lower region is only filled with herbivore animals, because of the healthy and highly medicinal quality of the trees,soon Mia reached a less dense area of trees,here the grasses reached up to her knees. She found a lot of trees that were not as tall as the giant trees,she could see peach trees,grapes,berry,apple,orange and so many other that time won't permit me to mention. Hurriedly,she rush up to the trees,while Yali who was invisible, just shook his head and chuckled.

Mia asked him if the fruits were safe,after his replied,she started munching the fruits. " 30mins: 02sec left.

"Ha, please let me eat am so hungry now." After spending five minutes,she tore a piece of her dress and filled with so many types of fruits,then set off once again . The forest was divided into four circles. The lower outer,the upper outer,the inner,and the mystic core parts.

The lower outer is where Mia currently is, the upper outer is filled with a lot of poisonous animals and plants. The plants are so deadly that they could kill a person. The plants secrete toxic juice which are corrosive and could melt the skin. Only the poisonous animals dare venture into this part. Although human who specializes in poison also visit here,but they are always careful. Others just avoid it but flying and those that can fly are either carried by someone who can or are left alone.

The inner area is filled with divine creature,I mean animals,and few sacred beast. The sacred beast are really intelligent and can change their forms,just call them shapeshifter. It's vegetation is quite blessed and not poisonous. They contains special and rare herbs,. Magical crystals and spring fountain could be found in it . Although no one had found the fountain before. The mystic core is a no go area,filled with high sacred beast and demonic beasts. These beast are highly powerful and strong,while the latter, could be discribed as mad beasts, possessed beast,they act against their wills. They were once sacred beast,but now that had become corrupted,you can also call them rogue. No one below True God realm dares to go into the core. The core is at the center of the forest.

Soon the moon rose,just 2 min 23sec left,Mia succeeded in finding a cave. The cave wasn't large,but could fit Mia comfortably. The hard rocky walls,under the dim light,Mia was afraid to enter the cave,until Crystal scanned it for her.

Scan completed.

Cave: safe.

As she entered the cave.

Task completed.

Reward: 50bp.

She went and sat on the floor,is was so surprised to find that the cave was filled with soft bluish green grasses. As Mia was about to close her eyes,she had a long day and was so tired.

" You need to get the poison out of you body"

" How?" She asked confused.

" The purifying pills remember?" Yali almost screamed at her aching ears,while he chuckled silently.

" But they disappeared,how do I get it?"

" Silly Mia, it's in the heavens purse"

Heavens purse?" The heavens purse appeared. It was a sky blue purse. With diamonds sparkling on it.

"The purse might appeared small,but it has unlimited space." Soon the purifying pills and the white lotus pill appeared. The tiny crystal bottles glowing in the night.

" Take the purifying pills first". She obeyed by putting the two blue pills in her mouth. She was so surprised when they melted like butter.

"So sweet". It produces a warm honey feeling and soon horrible smells and impurity flowed out of her vein. Mia covered her nose with her hand. The stinky vapour polluted the air. She had to wait for 29 mins, before the smell faded away.

You have gain immunity to all kind of poison.

" Oh?" She could feel her strength back,her body no longer ache, though,she was tired.

The white pills was quite different,it was glowing like a bright moon,with cold smokes coming out of it. Mia could feel it coldness in her hands

" Weird pill as she shoved the white pill into her mouth. It's was so tasteless and odourless. It didn't melt like the first pills,so she had to shallow it. Mia shivered. It was damn so cold. She shuddered till she gritted her teeth and whole body like a rattle. Soon her bone start melting,but she didn't feel any pain,but instead cold, about another 30 mins ,her bones started reconstructing. Giving her a much healthier bone and meridian. She could feel the energy gathering round her. Her body sucked at it like a vacuum cleaner. Soon she felt stronger and wasn't as tired as before.

Bone reconstructing.: Successful.

Meridian: Healed.

Who you like to activate skill: refiner( max)

Yes or No.

" Yes"

Refiner skill installing. 1, 50, 100%


Suddenly Mira should feel the wave of information flooding her brain.

" Cool,let me try it out".

Pulling out a blade of grass,she set off to experiment. A faint blue light with sparkling crystal diamonds appeared in her hands. The light enveloped the grass. Closing her eyes,Mira imagine a thick,fluffy blanket, Opening her eyes,Mia saw a blue fur like blanket.

" So soft" she moaned.

Having gotten a blanket,Mia moved to the sea of grasses,and imagine them to turn to a super soft, comfortable bed,in few seconds,the dark soft bed was ready.

" So tired" Mia yawned. " Let me get some sleep."

" Lazy human" A silent chuckle could be heard in the dark.

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