Journey With The Divine Messenger/C5 Saving a cute Alpaca
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Journey With The Divine Messenger/C5 Saving a cute Alpaca
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C5 Saving a cute Alpaca

The sunshine was already at it peak by the time Mia woke up. The birds chirping their way through the forest, humming. The sun ray reflected into the small cave. Mia was so shocked that she woke up late. She felt so relaxed as she stretch her limbs. Leaving her soft bed behind,she decided to look around. She soon find a small lake so clear and beautiful, by the lakeside, beautiful sunflowers and dandalion omitting fragnanted smell.

After glancing left and right,she decided to have a bath in the water. She striped off her dirty and tattered cloths. Soaking herself in the warm water, she felt so relaxed. Sometime past before she left the water. Looking at her dirty and tattered cloths,Mia shook her head.

" I better get something better,there is no way am going to wear this"

Reaching out,she grabbed an armful of flowers,soon blue crystal light shone,the beautiful yellow flower had transformed into a pale blue towel with yellow smiling suns decorating it. She used the towel to dry her body and she also made another towel to dry her hair.

Mia plucked some more flowers and leaves this time and decided to refine it into a hunter wear and a pair of boots.. The gown reached to her knee, with the hem trimmed with colourful yellow threads. The bluish green gown had a four corner neckline, slightly puffed sleeves at the arms and then straighten from the eldows to the wrists. The gown was trimmed to the size of her waist,then falls free. The gown was decorated with crystal buttons at the neck and sleeves region. She also made a pair blue hose so she could move freely about and protect her legs. For her footwear ,she decided to use the bark of some trees. The sole of her boots were hard and brown balanced 2 inch sole,with beautiful green leather and yellow shining stones. With this, she felt her feet were protected. Both the fabric of the cloth and boots was so refreshingly comfortable, bring out a pure fragnance.

Mia moved back to the cave and eat some fruits. Suddenly a thought occurred to her.

" What if I refine this fruits what will happen?"

She smirked as she place a banana on her glowing hand, then the fruit began to grow in size. As she tasted the fruit,it was more delicious that before.

" So yummy" she couldn't help but muttered.


" New mission activated"

" Hmm?"she was brought back from Eden.

Yali who was been lazy to continue communicating with the silly human pushed the assistant to fill in for him.

New mission detected" Crystal baby - like voice rang out.

" Save a life.

Reward: 150bp

Time allotted: 24 hours

Penalty: Egg hatch will be delayed by 2 years, 2 months 2 days, 2 hours, 2 minutes and 2 seconds.

Egg hatchery is temporarily


Egg original time to hatch : 8 hours 34 min,3 sec.

If you complete the mission before the stipulated time, additional reward will be given.

.Mia signed,she had no other choice that to look for a life to save. Placing her bed,towels ,blanket and the remaining fruits inside the heavens purse,she set out of the cave.

She left the outer part of the forest and entered the upper outer part.

" New location detected.

There are poisonous plants and animals in new location, would you like to enter?" Crystal's voice rang out.

" Is it safe if I enter?"

Crystal reminded her that she was already immune to any kind of poison. So she entered into the upper part. All the leaves were so green,but the smell they produce was so pungent.

"It's smells awful" she covered her nose,as she went deeper into the paths. Just 20 meters away from the entrance,she could hear a low humming sound.

"Crystal could you scan the area?"

"Scanning activated.

Injured animal detected.

Will you like to look for it?"


Mia was very excited, it seems I will be able to complete my mission easily haha ha"

"3 meters to your left"

Mia walked to the direction crystal had point out and soon find a cute white alpaca lying on it side. The poor creature seems to be hurt. It seems to have been injured by something, because it limb was bleeding and it kept on spitting.The cute blue eye crrature was sorrowful and she could help but pitied it.

" How can I save it? Oh I almost forgot,that I received some recovery pills from Yali. How about I use that?" Bringing out the crystal bottle containing the pills, She poured out the snow white balls emitting medicinal smell. Then she forceful the opened the creature mouth. The poor thing was afraid and screaming as it tries to escape from her, but all in vain. It soon was fed with the pill which melted away inside it mouth. A few seconds later,it felt that it has recovered and the bleeding was stopped. It tried to stand up and move closer to her,with its head rubbing and clucking at her legs,and apparently it was trying to show how grateful it was.

" What a cute little thing" the animal was covered wih white soft wools,and wasn't more that 55-60 centimeters talls.

Random scan completed:

Creature: Windy spiked alpaca.

Species: Mountain Alpaca.

Blood line: locked ( Snow drop wooly Vicugna.)

It would like to be your pet. Yea or no?

" It wants to be my pet,well since you are cute, I will make you my pet"

Pet request accepted.


Since you have successfully acquired a pet, your pet strength will increase as you grow stronger."

" Crystal,can I check it status too?"

"Yes, pet: no name given yet.

Windy spiked alpaca( baby).

Str: 10/100

Agl: 10/100

Produces fine high quality wools, shearing per day: 2.5 kilogram, will increase as strength increases.

" Hello there,let me give you a name,what about White?"

The alpaca just nodded it head in agreement.

" You are so intelligent White"

"At least,it has better brain than someone" Yali chuckled.

" Hey what do you me---" Mia couldn't finished her words before she was interrupted by Crystal. This was certainly Yali doing.

Mission completed: Save a life.

Reward:150bp,egg is about to hatch 00.02.

Because you've completed the mission before the stipulated time.You have acquired a skill: farming genie."

"A farming skill? Well not bad"

She laughed so hearty.


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