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C6 Jewel

Just a moment later, Mia was distracted by a buzzing sound, White's little ears was pricked as a big crystal egg flew out from nowhere. Its little eyes were stunned for a moment when it saw the round gigantic crystal egg floating in the air.

" Hatching activated"

Suddenly, a blinding light appeared from the egg,which made Little White and Mia closed their eyes.

Soon she could feel a cracking sound and low hissing sound can out from the cracked..

Opening one eye,she was rendered speechless, how could an enormous egg produce such tiny little thing. The tiny feathery object raise it little head and Mia was even shocked than before.

" A heart shaped face. " Her opened mouth refuses to close,until she saw the little thing trying to get up with it wobble legs, seeing this,she bent down to catch the bird, while White watched curiously ,it was afraid of the bird,but seeing its clumsy action relaxed a little.

The feathery thing glanced at her and rubbed its love face on her hands to show affection and was making a low hissing sound. On its face,two little shinning iris stared back at her. Its little pinkish beak rubbing her palm.

It was so beautiful,even though Mia was really disappointed to have an enormous egg hatch a little thing,she was glad it was beautiful.

The little bird had a heart shaped face and its chest were purely white, with dark blue spots around its back and wings and elongated sharp talons.

" This bird seen to be a raptor" Mia concluded because she couldn't recall seeing anything like it.

" Hatching completed

Would you like to accept Barn owlet as its mother?"

" uhm? mother?"

" Since you are the first being it sees, natural,its sees you as it mum" Yali lazily replied.

"would you like to accept.

Yes or No?" Crystal' s baby voice asked again.


" Pets(2/10)

Name pet please?"

" What about calling you Jewel.?"

she said putting her fingers around her jaw. The little owlet responded by flying towards her head sloppy. Mia was shocked and tried to shake it off but to no avail.

"Scanning completed.

Name: Jewel.

Species: Spirit Owl.

Bloodline: Divine Spiritual Forest owl.

Features: Divine sensory, super sharp claws, shadow feathery dash.

Title: Farm protector

Hp: 120/500

Str: 300/500

Agl: 300/500.

Status increases as you level up.

" Wow,this little guy has more strength than me and White" Her eye widen in surprise.

" Not bad, not bad at all,no matter how I tried,I couldn't push Jewel away."

" Do you think the Sovereign's gift are ordinary, this is the baby of the Supreme heavenly Forest Owl. you should be happy that you are lucky" Yali sneered

" What with you again,you always try to piss me off"

Ignoring the teasing messenger,she set on with her journey,she didn't rest until she reached the inner circle of the forest. All the while little Jewel was sleeping soundly, perhaps because he was just born sometimes ago. It nested peaceful on it's mother head.

Lucky for her they didn't meet any dangerous animals.

The inner circle was truly a wonderful paradise, with trees of different shapes sizes and colors. The grasses were also green, bringing forth a most refreshingly savour. White rushed up to the green grass and herbs,and started munching on them.

The flowers were also beautiful, different shades of colors make the environment serene.

The birds, cicadas and crickets were chirping cheerfully. Small squirrels,hamsters and chinchillas could be seen squeaky carrying wild nuts.

After waiting for White to have its fill,they set off through the trees, Mia couldn't help but pick up some fruits along the way.

Some time past and it was evening. They broke out from the orchard of trees and saw a clear flowing river filled with curlews,who were piping out a melodious tone. Their speckled brown feathers glowing and their long billed mouth feeding. They seems not to be ordinary curlews but sacred beast. As Mira approached the hundreds of curlews seems to be afraid of something and flew away from the riverside. The little owl stirred and looked at the clear water before flying off towards it.

Mia and her other pet walked towards the clear river, the taste of the water, it was so refreshingly sweet.

" + 1 health."

"uhm?" taking another mouthful of the clear water.

Crystal resounded"+1 health"

" I guess this water has some healing properties, well I better keep some."She decided to make a bottle with her skill and poured some water into the bottle.

With a sigh, the trio, went forward to look for a place to rest their head for the night.

They made a tree house with woods and leaves,with the help of Mia's ability as a refiner. She then removed her super soft bed and blankets for the heavens purse. The purse emitted a bright golden light as it deposited it. She also made a soft beds for White and Jewel.

Soon little jewel stomach started grumping,she wondered what she could feed the young owlet . "Perhaps a rat or some squirrels?"

" Hey there, what are blabbing about? You can just check out the heavenly mall." Yali said.

" hmm, but I thought it was locked"

"Just check your stats".


"Scanning completed.

Name: Mira Silver.

Gender: female.

Race: human.

Bloodline: locked.

Title: Samaritan ( level 1).


Health: Restored.

Cultivation: Regeneration stage level 2

Cultivation method: none.

Element: locked.

Skills: Refiner ( max).

BP( benevolent points) 200

Hp: 84/100..



Def: 10/100


Heavenly Mall:unlocked..

Divine lottery: No tickets available

" Crystal open the mall".

A screen suddenly showed like a portal,Mia was sucked to the shining portal and She found herself in a big mall.

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