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C7 Attendant Lahyi

She wasn't surprised seeing how grand it was. The hundreds of metres tall building made of crystal blue glasses. There were many floors in the building which was divided by thick transparent glass. The floor of the mall was polished, made of gold. Her eyes couldn't get enough as she glanced at the rows of golden shelves. The ground floor was large and almost empty compared with the other ones. On the wall, paintings and picturesque of various devas,devis,angels, mythical beasts, exalted beings and other preternatural event were placed, also there were statuses,that were divinely sculptured. Beautiful craved drum vase lined the wall in uniform array. With strange like plants called the Seven Kiss Saint Lillies. It pale white leaves and purple vein climbed the wall in tendrils,and Its seven rainbowed petals that omitted a soul nourishing redolence attar. With each breath,her soul power rises from zero to ten. At the edge of each floors,there were shining crystal gastropod shell like elevator that serves as transit to other floors. After looking to her satisfaction, a voice startled her.

" Welcome to the heavens mall, I am attendant Lahyi.,what would you like to purchase?."

Mai eyes glisters,as she saw the female Devi, She was wearing a sapphire colour dress. The outfit highlighted all her body curves. Her round balloon breasts seems to want to make an escape. Her narrow waist and broad hip marks such a fine compliment. At her back,two feathery white wings which was inlaid with sapphire stones. Her legs were crossed at the knee, exposing her extremely snow white thigh and on leg, her three inches sapphire tip toe sandals made her the more chic. Her white hair framed her cute face. Round sapphire eyes shone with hint of amusement as she stared at the wide eyed human,who seems to have lost all composition. Her thin red lips smiled at Mia. Lahyi was sitting on an emerald green stool, infront of her was a C- shaped crystal table. On its a rectangle pad which kept record of all the items in the mall. Clearing her throat Lahyi asked.

"What would you like to purchase?"

Mia was brought back from her day's dream. She blushed in embarrassment, clearly the cute Devi had discovered her staring at her.


"You're here to purchase something right? " She flashed Mia a dazzling smile, exposing her white pair of dental.

"Oh yes,I am."

"So? " She asked raise an eyebrow,while waiting for a reply.

"Can I go around fast?" Mia asked.

" Of course not. " replied Lahyi.

" You are not yet qualified to tour around. Please press your hand on your forehead"

. Mia obeyed,and as she did,a faint silver light appeared from her brow, immediately a silver metal card appeared, right where the silver light. Holding the card in her hands,she seems confused.

Seeing this, Lahyi began to explain.

"You see, this card in your hand shows that you are in the beginners stage. There are seven levels and each comes with its own benefits.

True trainee is the next level,with an electric black card.

The third, Educated buyer with a palladium card. Black bargainer,an emerald card. Mall hunter,a gold card, Peak negotiator, diamond card and Divine shopalholic, platinum card. Since you are at the beginners level,you can't go beyond the ground floor,once you become a trainee,you are allotted to ten floors and as long as you fulfilled the stated quest which has no time limit, you'll process to the next stage,the more the better access to the heavenly mall and more benefits"

"How many floors do you have here".

" Two thousand" Lahyi firmly replied.

"But you can order at the counter,and your purchase will be delivered to your purse."

"I would like to purchase a bird feed"

"Sure,how many kilogram would you like to purchase?"She asked professionally.

"Two kilogram please"

"Very good" Immediately a scaling plate appeared on the crystal table. The scaling plate with beautiful patterns. It suddenly float into the air,and started spinning,in a blink of an eye,it stopped. An intricated woven grey sack with butterfly patterns, appeared inside the plate. The instant it appeared,it vanished alongside with the scaling plate.

Lahyi smiled " Congratulations,on make your first purchase. You have a reward. " Immediately a ring inlaid with rhodium appeared on her finger. The silvery white metal glow with perfection.

" Also you purchase has been transferred to your purse and 100bp was deducted. The beginners quest is currently..."

A sapphire coloured screen appeared.


Purchase any items you want within the ground floor.

Access: restricted,can only purchase miscellaneous items.

Spend 500bp.


Reward: promotion to True trainee,ten lower floors will be unlocked.


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