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C8 Hair nest

Immediately Mia was injected from the heavens mall,and appeared inside her newly made tree house, taking out the 2 kg of bird feed sack. As she opens the grey sack with the butterfly pattern,a pleasant aroma filled the air. Jewel raised its head in alert ,as the smell of the feed reached it. Inside the bag there were mixture of spiritual grain, which consist of red spirit fire rice, nature deep-rooted rye,water fog blue quinoa and earth yellowish oat blended and mixed together. Mia deep her hand into the bag and brought out a handful of the feed into a leaf refined plate. Just as soon as she opened the bag, Jewel flew towards the plate and started eating the feed. It strength stat increased greatly. After eating to it satisfaction, it rubbed its tiny belly. It flew towards her head and decided to nest there.

" Shoo,go away,you this lazy bird,you only know how to eat and sleep" but Jewel refused to move away.

"Why don't I check your star little Jewel" the other refused to make any sound and continued its nap. White looked at Jewel,then stood up, rubbing her face on her thigh.

Clearly it also wanted to be feed like the bird.

" Crystal could you please check on little Jewel's stat?"

"Task completed .

Name: Jewel.

Species: Spirit owl.

Bloodline: Divine spiritual forest owl.

Features :Divine sensory ,super sharp claws ,shadow feathery dash. Title: Farm protector.

HP: 650/750.

Int: 10.

Str: 650/750.

Agl 850/1000.

"Wow this is so cool,what about I feed it to White"

"She could eat it but that is not specially made for her. She is an herbivore, you can also get a better feed made specifically for herbivore from heavenly mall." Yali said.

Mia nodded as she took some feed for White ,who was eating it with enthusiasm.

"Make do with this until I have more bp, am going to buy you your feed."

" This feed is a nourishing feed that can strengthen any bird or grain eating animals. The alpacas do not eat much grains. It could upset their digestive system. The suitable feed used are spirit honey orchard ,fire fescus, blue wind clover,wild sea alpalfa, added with fruits like,the red flamy apple,black golden berries,water fluted pumpkin,five leaf underground carrots,earth dragon stalk and whitish blue ralsin."

"Okay, thanks for the information, well it time to rest for the day.".

Yawning,she fell upon her soft bed, Jewel seemed to be displeased by her action,so it lied on her face.

"Stupid bird,am not your nest."

The next morning,she was awaken by the bright sunshine reflecting into the tree house. The morning breeze was so cool,that she had to make a nice green cloak for herself.

After washing at the clear lake,Jewel still refused to leave its hair nest, sleeping after eating to it filled that morning. White could only follow them. Its wool were washed and brushed by Mia, its shedded wool were stored for use for the future.

"We need to leave the forest as fast as possible. This forest is so big, I need to continue moving on,so I can get out as fast as possible."

The trio set onward, unknown to them,they were going deeper into the forest. The forest grass and trees grew dense and greener.,it was so difficult to pass through. She had to made a sharp sword so as to cut the overgrown grass. As they got deeper into the inner part of the forest. The air was filled with poisonous dark bluish fog.

"Yali,how far are we from the nearest city or village?"

"You are very far away"

" Then how am I supposed to get out of this forest? And what is this dark bluish smoke?

" Don't worry it's can't harm you, we are close to the core of the forest. This fog will do more good than harm for you. To others, it is a form of poison but to you, it is a noirishment to improve your physique."

"Shouldn't you be showing me the way to a civilized society instead of this forest where wild animal roams."

" You need not worry about anything this young owl will prevent them from coming closer to you ."

"True I have been wondering why we haven't seen any animal all day."

"There are a lot of an unexploited treasure in the core region, only few people that venture into it ,came back alive. Their spirit level must have reached the demigod level "

"What? I'm just at the regeneration level this is the very beginning do you want me to die?"

" Please give me a break,there is a reason why you must enter the core at this time ,it will help you greatly in the future Now no more of those ridiculous questions of yours Crystal will be in charge now, you better be careful or your pet won't be able to save your ass" Yali Smirked.

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