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C9 Poor Yali

The dark bluish fog made it impossible for her to see clearly. The ring that was gifted to her in the heavenly mall began to absorb the fog. As soon as it did a green scenery appeared. it was so beautiful, with different kind of flowers and herbs, plant and trees. And Crystal's voice rang out.

"pet space ring activated, you can keep your pet in it, to make them stronger."

At this time, White and Jewel were beginning to feel uneasy as if they were eager to get into the space ring, their orbs were shining in ecstasy.

"How am I supposed to put them in i this ring?"

"Just concentrate and visualize."


Mia relaxed and focus to achieve her task.,soon both pets appeared inside the scenery.

" The space can nourish your pets faster than the outside world, so you have nothing to worry about. "

" Thank you Crystal."

"Well you have another new task, scanning:

task 1: save a human.

task 2: find the magic fountain reward: 400 BP and a divine level cultivation manuscript.

time; 2 days

" Wow that's a lot of benevolent points. I will be able to buy whatever I want. "Her eyes shone with happiness" But how am I supposed to find that magical fountain?" She asked as she glanced around the forest.

" I could give you a hint, but won't tell you which direction it is. " Yali responded.

" Aren't you suppose to be helping me, you stinking Beast instead you're making it's difficult for me."

Yali invisible body went around her all the while giving her his most dominating smirk.

" Oh, so I am a stinky Beast? Perhaps if I teach you a lesson you will learn to respect this great being. Do you know who I am? I am the great eh most exalted great Messenger to the supreme sovereign of the three realms, don't you dare talk nasty to me again, as of your punishment. " Yali laughed." hahaha, perhaps the Divine lightning will do. " with his word came lightning that aimed at her. The power force he used was less that 1/ 1000 of his power. it struck, down, the shock and the pain was too unbearable that she spurt out red blood. " you are so cruel you know." Mia wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Her black hair stood up in the air.

" It seems you haven't learnt your lesson yet."

" Oh! so you want to kill me, right? What do you think your supreme sovereign of the three Realms will say about this?" Clearly Yali had used more power force to attack, if he had used anymore, she would have been roasted to death.

" Eh? "

" You probably will be punished if you kill me. "

" Are you threatening me? mmm." Clearing his throat he continued.

" We will settle this later you know." He knew that he would be in deep trouble if he dares to kill the girl or harm her again. His master would not support him rather he did be punished severely. " I was just trying to teach her a lesson I never thought she is smart to threaten me. who dare hurt the apple of his eyes? no one of course." He thoughts.

" So you know, why did you hurt her, the next time you do, you will be punished." A deep thunderous voice echoed in his ears.

" Ah ! My master please forgive me, it will never happen again." He seems to be in pain has white tears flooded his eyes. "Master please forgive me I will never do it again. " he pleaded once more.

" hmph treat her with respect or I will remove you from your position. I think Mica will love to take over your job.. She is more suitable. "

" No master!" Yali appeared on his knees crying like a baby. Oh who could have thought that' the most exalted high Spirit will be reduced to such a form. As white tears stained his smooth pale cheeks. His blonde hair stood on air due to the shock wave his master was releasing. His ocean blue eyes where glittery with tears. On his back, his six powerful eagle wings, white and spotless shining with great crystal lighting shivered. His blue robe was decorated with golden thread and gold.

"Most holy life, pure and benevolent please do not demote me."

" Since you do not want to be demoted know your place that is the last warning." All this while Yali could not even look as his master. Who could? no one could, except he permits, but all that could be seen of him was a bright light, it could make you blind if you stare at it, even spirits dear not, not to speak of mortal men. They would be blasted into nothingness.

As the bright light disappeared, so what the tensed atmosphere, only a second had flash by. Mia was still spitting out blood, her mortal ears could not hear the conversation between master and messenger.

Yali could only shed tears, he could no longer bully the human or make fun of her. He was now reduced to be her servant to do her bidding. Mia on the other hand, decided to take some recovery pill, she was just left with 2 bottles of it.

"My lady,.."

Mia was so surprised at the way he was addressing her.


"I will show you how to get to the magic fountain."

Where was the arrogant and proud Yali, who always looked down on her? She was going to enjoy this while it last, she thought.

New chapter is coming soon
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