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The midnight starlight was dim and bleak. The thick smoke and dust in the city slowly settled down like a curtain. It was a quiet night. The cold of the evening breeze drove away the heat and impetuosity of the end of summer, as well as the loneliness of the unknown. On the rooftop, other than a few stray cats, there was also a lonely figure, a fiery light that flickered up and down from a single star.

"Hu …" The sound of a long journey seemed to be the end result of this scene. The song ended and people disappeared, leaving only a faint trace of nicotine floating in the wind.

Feng had a very handsome nickname. "Substitute for monarch" was something his brothers never knew which third-rate martial arts novel had been copied from, but it was indeed appropriate. Feng's signature smile seemed to be the bane of all difficulties. In his mouth, you would never hear the words "no problem". Usually, it was an indifferent "I'll try", which would make the person in charge feel uneasy, but anyone who had entrusted him with something knew that "I'll try" was the trump card of this nominee. After dealing with all the troublesome matters, from helping the neighbors' grandma find their home's cat, to getting the family members of the miners who had died tragically to shake hands with the owner of the Blackheart Mine, the street hawker at the market called the traffic police to call him "Feng ge". However, their tones were different.

"Brother Feng, we just arrived at Beijing White Pear. I left two catties for you." Old Luo, the fruit seller, was the first fruit stall on his way out to the bookstore. Old Luo knew that maple fruit was rare, and there were new fruits in the shop, so he always wanted to leave some fresh ones for maple. Old Luo and Feng's relationship was entirely due to a single sentence from Feng. Old Luo didn't have this fruit shop earlier, and was a peddler who bought fruit with a cart, but his legs were bad, and when the Town Security arrived, other people would run faster, but his cart was completely surrounded by them. After all, the Town Security leader was going to drag his cart away, and Old Luo was so anxious that he almost cried. Feng passed by and said, "You dragged his car away, where can I buy such a good Beijing pear." It was also strange that when the Town Security saw Feng Feng, they actually left the cart and drove away without saying a word. This matter was later described as miraculous by Old Luo. The neighbors all thought that Feng was the crown prince of some family. Feng Xiaoxiao did not explain.

Actually, Feng only met the leader of the Town Security a few days ago to pick grapes on the side of the street. Feng clearly remembered when he said that his family's old father liked rare fruits.

"Uncle Xie Lalo, I'll come back tonight to get it." Feng's voice came faintly from the sound of the car as it sped away in a cloud of dust.

"Boss, two meat buns." The owner of this shop was none other than the son-in-law of Xi'an's successor, Fan Ji. It was obvious that his father-in-law had married his family's skills along with his daughter.

"Brother Feng, you have to wait a little longer."

"Wait for what?"

"Baiji Bun is still short a point of fire."

"Isn't that already prepared?" Maple saw a pile of white buns in the foam box.

"You're a layman, aren't you? Our Fan Ji's style has always been focused on meat and other types of meat. We can't afford to wait for meat. Those are the breakfast ordered by the bank nearby, they don't have that kind of patience." Boss Luo had already passed the paper bag over, "This thing can't be packed in plastic bags. It must also be wrapped in paper."

"Yes, yes." Feng finished the food in two bites, then continued to ride the bicycle.

Feng's official occupation was to be the owner of a bookstore. The store was not small, and it was located opposite the city's Elite High School. The name of the bookstore also had a certain literary quality to it, a "respect paper," and other bookstores were afraid of bookworms who didn't buy anything. Maple was an exception: his shop had rows of benches, crisp and crisp ironwork bookshelves, Bendry's pure music, sitting or standing readers, and a pretty and pretty cashier, Feng's girlfriend Lin. Everyone thought that Feng was just a kid who only knew how to read books and couldn't guarantee benefits. However, this smile and convenience kept countless returning customers. Every day, he would sell thousands of newspapers, not to mention magazines and magazines. Not to mention, Feng liked children.

"Feng casually threw the key into the drawer of the cashier's desk and drank a large amount of water. Of course, Lin had dried it." "Slow down a bit, don't be afraid to choke." While eating breakfast, Lin Lin half-jokingly said, "Hey boss, when are you going to be even a minute earlier than me?"

"I was wondering when you could change for breakfast. I've been seeing you with yoghurt and biscuits for more than a year now." What am I doing early? "Why would I be early when you're here?" Feng said lazily as he organized the newly arrived books and periodicals.

"I've changed it. This week's new brand. Here, the three pieces of yogurt and the Oreos."

Maple almost dropped a pile of Illyan.

"Good morning, Sister Lin."

"Why are you here so early to buy books? Are you buying boys and girls?" Lin was joking with the high school girls who came to visit early in the morning.

"There's no need for that. He's here to buy a simulation question, alright?"

"It increased by 3 points. Then let's not buy a small era this month."

"New era?" Sister Lin, please get me a copy. "

"Who was the one who said to buy the simulation question just now?"

"I occasionally relax."

Feng heard that the one who came to buy books was a regular customer, so he took out a small book and walked over. "Zhuo Xuan, those kids haven't bothered you recently, right?" Ruo Xuan was a very pretty girl. A few boys had pestered her after school in the previous period. Feng had seen her by chance.

"No, Uncle Feng, I gave them the Nice Guy Card, hee hee."

Feng looked at Lin, and suddenly said without thinking, "She's quite similar to you in the past, you've also given me a good person card before."

"At that time. Now I regret why I took back the good person card in the end. "

"Too late, there is no medicine for regret in this world. "Also, why are you Sister Lin? If you are Uncle Feng, then we were once a year."

The owner of the bookstore, Feng, was living quite well. He was accompanied by a beautiful woman, and a group of half-grown children called "Uncle Feng" were drinking tea, reading books, and talking on their cell phones.

As a representative of the Monarch, Feng always got to know weird people. There were grandpa carrying a vegetable basket, students wearing school uniforms, well-dressed businessmen, police officers in uniform, and even big men with tattoos on their bodies. However, no matter who it was that came to look for Feng, they would not go directly to the bookstore to meet him. Anyone who wanted to find Feng Er for a task would send a message to him obediently. Feng would prioritize according to the matter, maybe it was himself, or he could arrange for someone to meet with him.

However, there was a violation of the rules today and an unexpected guest arrived at the restaurant.

Feng had a pair of good eyes that could recognize a person, and it was these eyes that gave Feng his name. The man was wearing a light gray Nike tracksuit and hiking shoes. He was about fifty-four years old, with long hair parted to the side, a pale face, and a clean-shaven face. His hands, wait, there was something wrong with his hands. Although they looked like a pair of hands that lived like a prince, but if one looked closely, they would see that their joints were far thicker and stronger than an ordinary person's. Most importantly, this person had been reading an ancient book for half an hour. However, he had only flipped through five pages, and his gaze was on Feng at least ten times. Feng Feng was a bit uneasy in his heart. The people who were looking for him knew the rules. If they were looking for trouble, how could they have dressed like this and come to observe him? However, he should have been startled when the two of them looked at each other. Why was he still sitting here? Countless thoughts flashed through his mind, but the smile and indifference on his face remained unchanged. While he took out a piece of chewing gum from his pocket, he pressed it twice on his phone with his right hand and sent a coded message. Chewing gum, he walked straight over.

"You've been sitting here for a long time. Let me pour you a cup of tea. It's the red cup sent by a friend two days ago." He brought out his own tea set. There was a delicate small clay teapot with eight small teacups on the teacup. Feng didn't say much and just pushed an empty cup in front of him. He held the pot with both hands, counted twice, filled seventy percent with water and then sat down on the side. The person's eyes flashed, but he did not say anything. He drained the cup of tea in one gulp. There was such a thing. Phoenix nodded her head to indicate that they had gotten to know each other for the first time. Maple took four more teacups, arranged them into the shape of five plum blossoms, and filled them one by one. The person smiled, picked up a cup in the lower right corner, drank it, and said, "The Plum Blossom Tear is on the table. The Five Tiger Generals will be heroes, the third is the Peach Blossom Garden, and the first is Chang Shan Zhao Zilong." Feng was surprised. He thought that it was just someone coming to cause trouble, but who knew that this person was fluent in the undersea language? Could it be that this person was from the martial arts world? Feng wanted to rely on a few words to ask about the identity of the other party, but before he could say anything, the other party spoke first. As expected of a Monarch. Why don't we go somewhere else to drink tea? "

Since the other party had made things clear, it would be too much of a loss if he did not continue. Thus, he instructed Lin Lin, "I will go out for a while." He followed the person and left the room. "The teahouse isn't far, shall we walk?" This is for the best. "

Since he was familiar with the tea ceremony, he was definitely not an ordinary person. However, the other side seemed to be avoiding him, walking forward as if he was trying to gain his trust. Although he was puzzled, he did not panic, the text message that he sent was for Liang Zi, Liang Zi was a friend of his, and more importantly, Liang Zi was a retired special forces soldier.

There weren't many people in the teahouse. Other than his table, there was only Ming Zi drinking tea on the stairs. Beside him were two other men dressed in formal attire. Feng couldn't help but laugh. Although they tried their best to hide their identity, they still revealed it as their eyes stayed on the mysterious man for too long. Besides, he could probably guess who that mysterious stranger was.

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