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"Where is everyone? I didn't see anyone." "Feng did not notice, and suddenly bumped into a pedestrian." Ah, I am really sorry. On the way here, I don't know who planted the nail, but when I moved the car, I didn't see it … You. Are you alright? " Feng asked carefully.

"It's fine, it's fine." The person who was hit seemed to be easy to talk to. He stared at Feng Feng for a while and then continued walking forward.

"Be careful. Luckily, the old man is easy to talk to and didn't touch the porcelain." He nodded.

"Hmm, hm? "Uncle?" Feng suddenly realized that he couldn't remember the appearance of that person just now, but it was obvious that he and that person had been staring at each other for a long time. "How do you know it's an old man?" Feng asked.

"I saw him. It was obviously an old uncle. Although I couldn't see his face clearly." He had a head full of white hair, and an aged voice. It was very obvious that he was an old uncle. Feng had looked at him for so long, how could he not know?

Why couldn't she remember his face? Who was it? Who had he bumped into? Strange. Suddenly, Feng realized the main point. "Are you saying you didn't see his face?" Feng suddenly stopped the car and asked.

"Yes, why. He's always had his back to me. " Ye Zichen asked curiously.

"Hurry up and leave. I have things to do, so I can't give it to you." Feng could not help but get out of the car.

"What's the matter? Why are you in such a hurry to chase me away?"

"Hurry up!" Feng roared. Feng already knew what was going on. He might not be in a good mood tonight.

"I won't!" Nodding, he became a little impatient, "Explain the matter clearly! Otherwise, I won't leave! "

Feng really wanted to push away the dots, but he was already unable to control his own body. In a few seconds, he sank into a deep fear. In the second before he was able to control his thoughts, Feng thought, "If the dots belong to Mister Liang, then I'm afraid I'll have to answer this." Where are you? Afterwards, Feng fell into darkness.

A terrifying dark curse!

When Feng discovered that he could not remember that person's face, he had already sensed that something was amiss. Thinking about the fact that Zi Tong and that person did not dare to look into his eyes, Feng understood the situation he was in, being hit by the dark curse would not cause any bodily harm, but within two hours, he would fall into extreme fear. If he was riding, then he would die in a car accident within seconds, and it would be a perfect accident.

The Curse of Darkness was like a long nightmare. The recipient would see what they feared the most, and these images came from the deepest memories of the recipient. If you are afraid of the dead, then you see a vast graveyard, a mass of dead bodies, even your favorite people dying one by one in front of you; if you are afraid of spiders, then all over the ground there are spiders the size of cars crawling about; if you are afraid of zombies, congratulations, come to the zombie garden, and there are no peas to shoot.

The scariest part of the Dark Curse was that the stronger one was, the deeper the injury they would suffer. Normally, the calm and meticulous people would suppress the deepest resentment and anger in their hearts, and once they fell into a nightmare, they would often lose the courage to continue living. Feng had always had a mind of his own, so the pressure was not small. At this time, he was already lying unconscious on the roadside, rolling his eyes.

"Hey, hey, what happened to you?" Feng Feng could no longer hear the voices.

Where am I? Who am I? Who are you? Feng was sitting in a huge room. There was no one there, only a large mirror. On one side was a mirror, and on the other was a room full of mirrors. The mirror was filled with Feng, but Feng himself did not recognize it. His blank look was filled with fear.

Feng was afraid of loneliness. His friend was a Monarch of the world, yet he was afraid of loneliness!

Who, who are you? I don't know you! Speak up, speak up. Feng went crazy. There was no one here, not even a single person. Feng went mad and smashed a mirror with his fist. Behind the mirror was a window, and outside the window was a person's back view. "Mingzi's back." "Come back, come back in the morning!" The light did not stop. Feng madly knocked on the mirror. One by one, the mirrors shattered, and one by one, people began to leave him. Not a single word was spoken, not a single person remained.

The last mirror, the last man, Lynn. Lin Lin also left. Feng had already cried his eyes dry and his voice hoarse. Would his beloved Lin also leave him? Lynn! Feng shouted as he pounded on the window frame. Unfortunately, there was no door in this room, only a small window. Feng watched helplessly as the crowd left one by one.

Wait for me, I'll go with you. Feng was already paralyzed on the ground, unable to move. Looking at the people leaving one by one, Feng lost his strength, his faith, and his courage. A friend is the whole of a maple, the life and faith of a maple. But now, perhaps, what was the point? What was the point? "I might as well die." "Who?" "Who is talking?" "I am you." Nonsense, who are you! "Come out!" "I am the you in my heart." "You're talking nonsense!" "You don't believe me? Fine, then let me talk about you." Tell me about it! "

Feng actually heard the voice in his heart. It was actually a monologue.

The name Feng suits me, Uncle Fan'er, my usual style. At least, that's what everyone said.

Actually, I don't want to be that mature. Really, maturing isn't a good thing to brag about. The price of maturity is loneliness, annoyance, endless worry, pressure, love and hate, duty, and the whole fucking world has to do with you, and you have no choice.

I said, smoke is a cheap lover, wine is a lonely friend.

I like to drink, especially when I'm upset.

Alcohol is really an excellent dose of Wangyou Powder, because of the anesthetic, I can sleep well, can curse and curse, can cry, can forget all kinds of unpleasantness. Yes, this was escaping. Escaping truly lacked courage. The problem is, do you have a way to teach me not to run away?

I didn't want to run away, but I had to run away. Because the reality is too cruel, the society is too real, hmm, the Town Security is also too violent.

Many friends know, my mobile phone is almost 24 hours on standby, not that I am busy, it is just that I can't put some things, some looks naive, seemingly naive ideal. I like to rely on friends. I also like to help my friends solve their problems. It's normal to ring three or four in the evening.

I know that there will be endless banquets, and I know that our friends will be separated eventually. I know that my hard work is just to make this happen for a few days, months, years. However, I do not regret it. What I have done, there will be people who will understand.

Actually, I'm not some king level expert, I'm not some great god. I'm just a wuxia fan, a young man who loves rock and roll, a proud foodie, a pseudo angry youth, and a seemingly mature young man. Actually, I just want everyone to live a little happily, brothers can live a little longer, and the things I want to do can go smoothly. He was far from being as mature, as tactful, as worldly, and as black as everyone else.

In this world, I may not be the strongest person, but I have the faith of the strong. In this world, I may not be outstanding, but I have my best teammates.

He held his sword in his hand and imitated Qin Wang's attempt to break the formation.

With a reed in hand, he dared to fight against the turbulent white waves.

Feng cried. All these years, for his friends, for his faith, for his past.

Yes, it was all gone now. What was the point of him living?

I might as well die!

I might as well die.

"What happened today?" Lynn asked herself. It was just after ten o'clock and he had been distracted. He had put the towel in the microwave, and now he had dropped another cup.

"What's wrong with you, don't scare me, I'm timid, scared …" The sound of his voice carried a hint of sobbing as he suddenly punched the ground like a madman, swinging his fists in every direction. The sound of his punches carried a hint of weeping, and suddenly punched the ground like a madman, swinging his fists in every direction, causing his hands to be covered in blood, his expression like the reincarnation of a demon.

Feng collapsed to the ground, dead.

"Feng!" Spot rushed over to hug Feng's body. Luckily, Feng was rather slim, so he only staggered and didn't fall.

"How come I'm not breathing anymore? Wake up, wake up, I'm counting, look at me, okay!" He was so anxious that he suddenly saw Feng's eyes.

What kind of eyes were those? Despair, helplessness, sadness, and lack of life. Blood was seeping out of the whites of his eyes.

Little by little, Little by little, he seemed to realize something. "Since when did the Curse of Darkness strike?" With his Purple Eye Soul Search by his side, Feng was unexpectedly cursed by the darkness. The conditions of this technique was extremely harsh and envious, requiring one to stare at it for several seconds without any defense. However, Feng didn't leave him this night at all. It was the old man! It had to be him. Only he had seen Feng's eyes. Feng didn't dare to look directly at him, afraid that he would discover his curse! No wonder Feng asked himself why he was an old man. Being cursed by darkness made him unable to remember the events of the previous minute. Dammit, how could he be so stupid as to cry? It took him so long to figure out what was going on.

Feng had already lost his breath, and now even he couldn't break this curse. There was only one way. However, was he really going to use it? He nodded and hesitated. What was he hesitating for? He had already liked Feng for ten years! He made up his mind. His expression was resolute. He casually wrote a few words on the ground, took out his own butterfly hairpin, pulled out a silver needle and stabbed it into his forehead!

A drop of abnormal bright red blood was imprinted between Feng's eyebrows. Feng's tightly furrowed brows gradually relaxed, and his breathing returned to normal, becoming more and more stable. Bit by bit, they fell to the ground.

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