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If there was an eye technique master present, he would definitely be able to blurt out the high-grade illusion technique, "Nightmare Transfer". Moreover, it could only be used once in a lifetime. Legend has it that the recipient could see the heaven in their dreams and live forever with it. Successive emperors once had their masters use this technique before they died and live forever in their dreams. The conditions to cast this spell were very harsh. It required the virgin's blood to draw it into the recipient's mind, and both parties had to exchange their spiritual worlds. At this moment, Xiao Yan was enduring the loneliness that Feng had experienced. Fortunately, Xiao Yan was not afraid of being alone. He was used to being alone ever since he was young.

As for Feng Feng, he had fallen into a dream that was designed a long time ago. With a single glance, he could see a vast expanse of grass with hundreds of flowers blooming and white pigeons soaring in the sky. Feng closed his eyes and quietly listened to a song. When he opened his eyes, he saw a familiar street.

Feng Xing woke up and saw the trembling dots, "Dot, what's wrong with you?" In his memories, there were still fragments of himself. It was as if he had been dreaming for a very long time. Then, he realized that he had been cursed by darkness! Could it be that he had already been on the street for two hours? Feng looked at his watch. No, he left the bar less than an hour ago. Could it be that the expert beside him had done something? One of the princesses of the Feng family hugged Little Qiao in her arms. When she saw the words on the ground, she said, "The curse has been lifted. Take me home, 2-3-1." What is this? The address? Feng didn't understand how to remove the dark curse. Since this girl was unconscious, he could just follow her instructions and send her home.

The decorations of the little houses were extremely magnificent. There was a dazzling purple color everywhere, a large princess bed, a cloth sofa covered with cushions, rows of shoes placed on shelves, and some unknown plants.

Feng placed some spots on the bed and lightly covered the cup. Seeing that the beauty's face was covered in sweat and tears, he couldn't help but go to the bathroom to take a hot towel and carefully wipe her face. If Lin Lin knew about this, she probably wouldn't die enough even if she had to repeat it 8 or 10 times … Even if he thought about it himself, he was still afraid. He busied himself and felt hungry. After rummaging through the fridge, he found nothing else but yogurt. The girls didn't eat anything but yogurt, or at least Lynn had cookies. When he started to eat, Feng looked at the kitchen and saw a few yams, "Just cook some yam porridge, I think she'll be hungry even if she wakes up."

Feng Feng cooked the porridge with great patience. After adding the yam early in the morning, he continuously stirred it, adding the sugar and honey before leaving the pot, "Unfortunately, there is no coconut milk." Feng seemed dissatisfied. He drank a big bowl and carried a small bowl to the bed.

The bedroom was very small, except for a bed where there was no place to sit (the bed was actually too big for girls to sit on), and the end of the bed was opposite the dresser, saving even the chairs. Feng Feiyun helplessly moved a short stool from the living room to sit on the edge of the bed, then fell into a deep sleep. Being hit by two spiritual-type spells in a row consumed too much energy. This time, Feng was dead asleep.

Ye Zichen woke up and saw a man lying on the bed. He was truly shocked, but when he saw Feng Feng lying on the bed, his face quietly turned red. "Gugu, sure enough, I'm hungry now." Eh? There's actually food here? Could it be that it was cooked by him? " Ye Zichen touched the porridge a little. Although it was cold, it was not good. It's really delicious. " His face turned even redder.

"The actions of tidying up the food was a bit big, so Feng was immediately woken up from his stupor." Hm? When did you wake up? Are you alright? " Feng asked.

"It's nothing." The sound was especially soft.

"Then... "I'll be leaving first. I still have some matters to attend to in the shop …" Maple had a bit of a flurry of excuses to leave.

Feng didn't go to the bookstore at all, his heart was in a mess and he couldn't meet anyone. There seemed to be a magic power in the store that calmed him down.

"Did something happen yesterday?" he asked, pouring himself a glass of wine.

"Well, how do you know?" Feng was curious. He had never told anyone about himself.

"You'll see for yourself." The little mirror above it showed the red mark between Feng's eyebrows.

"What is this?" Feng asked.

"How would I know? But I know that this is a very profound illusion." "Moreover, there are less than 20 people in the entire country who can cast this kind of illusion magic. "I've seen one before. It came from the Zhongnanhai."

"Last night … I don't know what happened after that, but something must have happened. " Feng told the story.

"I'm confused too. I'll find a Warlock for you to ask." Mingzi picked up the phone. "Hey, where are you? "If you have something to say, come over here. You don't need to bring any weapons. You don't need to fight."

Warlocks were also Liang Zi's soldiers. It was said that they knew some spells, such as the Five Devils' Handling Technique. According to Liang Zi, they could only use light magic and psychological hints.

The Warlock arrived, a tall, thin young man with a short beard and dressed in a tracksuit. No matter how you looked at it, it didn't seem to have anything to do with magic.

Maple described the matter again.

"It sounds like you were hit by a curse of darkness. This spell was originally unsolvable, so you can only wait for time to pass, deduce from your memory fragments and your usual personality analysis. If no one blocks you, the final result of this spell should be your suicide." the sorcerer said.

"Suicide? I'm already unconscious, so how can I commit suicide? "

"In nightmares you can kill yourself, say, by stopping your heartbeat, by stopping your breathing, or something. But because of one of the girl's complicated puppets, Nightmare Transposition, your nightmares were switched to her, and the singing of the white pigeons on the grass in your memory was a dream she had designed. And your nightmare did not have much of an impact on her, so she woke up after a nap. "

"Does this Nightmare Transfer have any side effects?"

"Aftereffects? He had never heard of it before, but this eye technique could only be used once. "It's very complicated, none of the people I know have this skill. This skill is already a legend." Warlocks were very strange. Nightmare Shifting was a magic that hadn't been heard of for a hundred years. To think that it would appear in such a small city.

"That's right, that young lady even has purple eyes. It's quite strange." Feng added.

"No wonder when the purple pupils appeared, hundreds of ghosts gave in." The Warlock sucked in a cold breath, "If this person is our enemy, it'll be terrible. We have no way to stop him." "Fortunately....." The Warlock looked at Maple, "You owe him a great favor, how can you repay it?"

"I can't promise you my life after all …" Feng muttered.

"Die!" Ming Zi shouted ferociously.

"You really have to go look for her. Even the ones who cast the Eye of Darkness are very weak. It's troublesome to get people to take advantage of them now." the sorcerer said.

"Who has nothing better to do than to provoke a Purple Eye?" After all, Feng decided to head over there in the afternoon, but before that, he still had to meet Kui Mulang.

"We are all responsible for what happened yesterday. "It's a dereliction of duty on the part of the White Tiger Tribe. We didn't know about the Vampiric Bat plan in advance and ended up putting our leader in danger." Kui Mu Lang admitted his mistake.

"It's nothing, I'm already clear about it now. There's actually such an expert on the other side. He's not simple at all, he's not simple at all." Feng also had a face full of emotion. Illusions and such. Oh god, he wasn't reading fantasy novels.

"After what happened yesterday, all of us are prepared. I've already told the Diaomu [1]. He'll arrange for people to protect you. They're all good fighters."

"Then we'll have to trouble them." "Even Feng doesn't dare to act too arrogantly. His opponent is truly too savage." I still need to go to that Purple Eye later. "

"Hmm? You didn't have time for XXOO this morning, so why don't you go and make it up now? " He never forgot to tease.

"Someone told me that you are extremely weak after using the Eye of Insight, and there is no one by your side …"

With an expression like "I won't listen to any explanation", Fang Feng wanted to punch him, but he couldn't.

"You … Why are you here again? " He was quite surprised to see Feng Feiyun carrying a huge pile of items.

Feng looked at the pyjamas standing in front of the door, feeling quite helpless, "With your appearance, are you going to eat instant noodles for three days?" The spring light under the pajamas was really seductive. The little spots on her body were extremely nice, with nice curves. In addition to her sweet voice, her bashfulness caused by her weakness really made people have the urge to commit a crime. Fortunately, our Feng is a Saint, and a Saint can keep his head down.

"I say, should I go in first and let others see us standing there? You're still wearing your pajamas …" There was one thing that Feng Feng didn't say: The pajamas were still sexy. " Are you going to change your clothes. "No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stand this temptation."

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