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Feng put the things in the kitchen and untied the bag. Unexpectedly, there were all kinds of ingredients. He changed his clothes and ran out with a blush on his face, "What are you trying to do?" I'll treat you to a meal. "

Feng was extremely nimble in the kitchen, so he quickly fixed up a sumptuous dinner.

"Wow, there's meat, there's meat, there's meat, there's meat, there's soup. Do you still have dessert?" Ye Zichen nodded with satisfaction.

"In the pot there is the solid soup of the lilacs. This meal is to repay you for saving my life. " Feng spoke formally.

After boiling it for twenty minutes, finally, add in the wok sauce for three minutes, cool it down, add in the sweet osmanthus, replenish the energy, and solidify the essence. It was only a warm nourishment, the key point was that the taste was pretty good.

"This chicken is so awesome, how did it do that?" He pointed to the Dong An chicken on the table.

"Eh, this is very simple. The young rooster of the first year broke its bones and steamed until it was almost done. The lard fried the peppers and the green and red peppers quickly fried the lilac oil in the wok." Feng spoke very easily.

"It's simple, my God. I didn't expect you to be a graduate from New Oriental City, and your culinary skills are so good. " He stuck out his tongue.

There was also a stir-fried yam and a Gu mushroom soup on the table. Although it was a common household dish, it was also a sumptuous meal.

Unfortunately, there was no wine. Feng thought.

Unfortunately, there was no blueberry juice. Ye Zichen thought about it.

"After the two of them cleaned up the kitchen, they quickly cleaned up the battlefield." With this meal of yours, I feel better by half. " He nodded.

"Un, that... I'll sleep on the couch tonight and get me a bed. " Feng whispered.

"You're not leaving tonight?" His eyes were wide open.

"If a friend of yours says that there's no one here at night, it's not safe. Hmm, I was just … Stay here. " Although Feng was powerless, his mind was still extraordinary, not to mention the guards that were assigned to him.

"Okay, okay. Then, you can only sleep in the living room." Little by little, his face turned red.

"Of course, can I sleep in the bedroom?" Maple was hit in the head with a pillow.

In fact, both of them did not sleep well that night. Feng had been in a light slumber because he needed to maintain a high vigilance, and this was the first time he stayed at home with a man. Moreover, he was very handsome.

The brothers who were guarding Feng outside also didn't sleep. They had to be on guard against sneak attacks from time to time.

"The Ghost Eye of the Vampiric Bat came to report that he had already taken action against the Monarch. However, at that time, the situation was very complicated and he was not killed." Someone reported to Mister Liang.

"What's going on?"

"The Ghost Eye said that there's a Purple Eyed Master at the side of the Monarch. He didn't dare to tarry any longer and cast the Curse of Darkness to escape in time. However, it seems that Purple Eyes had dispelled Feng's illusion technique."

"The appearance of the purple pupils is becoming more and more interesting, hehe."

"Sir, do you want to make arrangements for the next step?"

"We are not in a hurry. I have the means to make you the king. Hum, you are a pretty good opponent."

Kui Mu Lang pricked up his ears and sneered, "This Mister Liang is really a good prey. Excited, I like it. " With that, he contacted the officials from the White Tiger Division and said, "Keep a close eye on the movements of the bandits and ensure their safety."

"Morning. Dot. Morning." Feng Feng came out of the kitchen with his sleeves rolled up. He saw a blurry spot rubbing his eyes.

"Oh, good morning. What are you doing earlier?" He had just woken up and his mind wasn't working yet.

"My meaning is that I must trouble you to wash your face, brush your teeth, pack yourself up and then come over for breakfast!" Feng Feng had a helpless look on his face.

"Oh... There's actually breakfast. Awesome! " I don't think I've eaten anything but yogurt lately.

Feng Feng cooked a huge pot of lean meat porridge and ate until his face was full of happiness. Thus, he said the words that he had planned for a long time: "Hmm, you have nothing to say to me?"

"What are you saying?" Ye Zichen continued to eat the porridge.

"Why did you save me? Also, how can you have such profound eye arts? Purple eyes? " Feng pretended to be indifferent, concealing the nervousness and seriousness in his tone.

The hand that was about to drink the porridge stopped. He lowered his head and pondered for a moment, seemingly considering whether to tell Feng Xing or not. In the end, he mumbled in a small voice, "I knew you wanted to ask … Originally, I didn't want to tell you, but now, it seems like I won't be able to. "

"My real name is Lan Yingyue, but my family calls me by my name. My friends outside called me a little. Just as you know, I have a pair of natural purple eyes. Because of the Purple Eye, my cultivation of the Eye Technique is much faster than ordinary people. Our family has a very ancient history in the Southern Wilderness. The Yao people are good, our Lan family is also a Yao family, but we have unique illusion techniques. As for the illusion I cast that day, it was my favorite dream. I used to hypnotize myself when I couldn't sleep with it. I loved the grassland, the blue sky, and the white pigeons. As for why I saved you, no. "No reason, even if I save you, I won't let you owe me anything." After saying that, he rubbed the corner of his shirt and lowered his head.

"Did your family have people entering the palace to be ministers for generations?" Feng asked curiously.

"No, our clan is very low-key. Moreover, our relationship with the emperor of the Central Plains is not very good."

"Although the Nightmare Shifting has not come at a great price, at least you won't be able to use this Eye Technique anymore. How could you say that I'm not grateful for your kindness?" I still want to know, why did you save me? If it wasn't for you, I might have died. We've only known each other for a few days, and our friendship isn't deep. Feng was filled with doubts.

"We know each other. It's not just a few days. " The sound was as soft as a mosquito.

"What?" Have we known each other before? " Feng was very curious. His brain would never forget a single time, but he would never forget a single time. When did I know this beautiful little girl? How come I have no impression of her at all?

"Brother Feng, do you remember that little girl who was singing in the train station in the capital five years ago?" He raised his head and looked at Feng.

"I've seen a lot of girls who sell songs... Five years ago? In the tunnel five years ago? "Are you the little girl who almost got her red armband brought to the reception desk by the old lady singer?" Feng had a look of disbelief on his face, "Oh my god, at that time you looked only twelve or thirteen!"

"I'm only eighteen this year …" What do you think? " He tilted his head and looked at the surprised uncle.

"To be singing in a bar at the age of eighteen, you sure are talented … "When I was eighteen, I still didn't know how to support myself …" Feng sighed. Then, he fell into a period of memories that couldn't be considered long ago.

"Whose child is this? It isn't a wanderer, right? Hurry up and don't stay here! "If you don't leave, I'll take you to the shelter!" A woman with a red armband held onto the little girl's hand.

"Am I singing here …?" I'm not a wanderer, I have a home. " The girl said timidly, but her eyes were filled with stubbornness.

"Such a young girl coming out to sing. Why would my family not care?" "She looks pretty delicate. How big are her eyes?" Some people around him clicked their tongues.

"Even if you want to sell your songs, you can't do it in the subway. There are rules here! It would be even worse if you could sing. "Come and pay the fine!" The woman was even more unwilling to let him go.

"But I haven't earned any money yet …" The little girl mumbled.

"I don't care!"

Maple happened to be passing by. He was going to take the train back that day, but the train was a full hour and a half late.

"I say, elder sister, this little girl should be here to train her courage as a student of vocal music. Isn't the event organized by the young palace a test for them?" Feng unhurriedly made up a front.

"Yea, teacher said that he would be taking the examination..." The little girl was quite cooperative.

"Oh, so it's like that. Then it's okay, little girl. Just explain it clearly yourself." The woman quickly let go and left.

"Thank you, big brother …" The little girl drank the blueberry juice that Feng bought and sat by the roadside, chatting with Feng.

"Are you really a singer?" The little girl was so beautiful, no matter how you looked at her, she looked like a cute little princess.

"Well, the tradition in my family is that when you're twelve you have to go out on your own. However, I'm not very familiar with this place yet, and I've only been here for a few days. That's why I was caught by that old granny. " The little girl said in all seriousness.

"What kind of family rules are these …?" "Since you're so young, it would be difficult to stay in the capital by yourself. It's a pity that I have to take the train back. Look, this train is a lot late." Feng took out his ticket.

When they parted, Feng secretly put five hundred yuan in the young girl's guqin box.

It turned out that the little girl at that time was already so old. No wonder she had ordered the blueberry juice that day. Wasn't that blueberry juice the one she had bought? Feng really did not expect to meet this little girl again, and he was actually saved by her.

"Then why did you come here?" Feng asked.

"After training in the capital for two years, my family thought I had passed and went home to learn Eye of Darkness. "Later on, when my family said that there was a chance for me to develop here, and I was able to stand out, I came. I didn't expect to meet you, big brother."

"The Lan family... "Is the Lan family also from the martial arts world?" "Feng muttered to himself." "Come with me, I'll take you somewhere."

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