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When Feng Zi pointed to the shop, he saw Ming Zi, who was packing up the goods by herself. When she saw that Feng had brought a girl with him, she was slightly surprised.

Feng closed the door and softly said, "It was she who saved me and found a place to talk. I'll call a few people over. "

"To my underground warehouse." Bright pulled open a hidden door and pointed inside.

When all the people called by Feng had arrived, Mingzi hung up the sign that said "today's business is closed" and locked them up from the inside.

"You don't even have a tail, do you?" This was a serious matter, so Feng had to be careful.

"Don't worry." Everyone was completely confident. None of them were unfamiliar with the people who had come. Three of them had come during the twenty-eight nights, and all four of them had arrived, with the exception of the Horned Wood Dragon, which had gone to the northeast. Quercus wolves, well wood, gladiolus, bright spots, and maple.

"This is the person who saved my life a few days ago, Lan Yingyue." Feng looked at the dots, and everyone else was also staring at them. I don't know the old names of the Jianghu or the Lan family, but I do know that she received instructions from her family to come here. Besides, I really did know her a long time ago. "

"Oh? "Oh, oh?" Mingzi had an evil smile on his face, "I didn't know you were a lolicon."

"Lights!" Seeing their faces turn red, Feng quickly stopped the old rogue.

"It's not that you're ignorant or ill-informed. The Lan surname is indeed not the Jiang or Hu surname. That's because the person with the Lan surname has a larger name than the last name. Let's start with the surname Lan, the surname Lan, which ranks 131st in The Lass of Hundred Families. In 2007, the national surname population ranked 260. The population surnamed Lan ranks 66th in Taiwan. After the Han and Wei dynasties, the Lan family took Zhongshan County, Dongguan County and Rennan County as its center, and gradually migrated to the provinces in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, as well as to Anhui, Hubei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places in the south. "We only say that in Dongguan County, the Han is Chengyang County, and Jin changed its name to Dongguan. It is located in Ju (that is, Ju County, Shandong Province) and subsequently changed its name to Dongan. Its territory is quite similar to that of Lin Kui, Yi Shui, Meng Yin, Yi Yuan and so on in Shandong Province." The amount of information in his brain was enormous.

As for Feng, he had already understood and thought of Yi River and Meng Yin, so he made a rough guess about the situation. He followed the story of Kui Mu Lang and continued, "The Lan surname moved south from Sui and Tang dynasties, among which, the Rennan clan moved to Shanghang Blue Tail Temple in Fujian, and the southern region of Fujian was one of the prosperous places with the Lan surname during the Song dynasty. The Blue Dingyuan Line in Guangzhou's Early Gatherings contains the fact that the Blue Family lived in Zhangpu, Fujian Province. In the two generations of Song and Yuan dynasties, besides the prosperity of Fujian, in Guangdong, the prosperity of Lan also flourished, and during the chaotic period of the late Song and early Yuan dynasties, many of them moved to Guangxi, of course, some moved to Hunan and Sichuan from the north. At the beginning of Ming Dynasty, Shanxi Lan-surname, as one of the surnames of Hongdong Pagoda Tree, was transferred to Shaanxi, Gansu, Henan, Tianjin, Beijing, Jiangsu and other places. After the middle of Ming Dynasty, there were people with the surname of Lan crossing the sea to Taiwan, and there were also people with the surname Lan from Guangxi moving to Yunnan, Guizhou and Southeast Asia like Vietnam. "In the Ming Dynasty, the Eternal Music Ceremony was built and the martial arts world was destroyed. Many surnames were separated from the martial arts world and no longer regarded themselves as old. The Lan family would then appear under another identity …" At this point, Feng turned his head and asked, "Is this lady wearing the Yimeng Mountain Plate? "I wonder if it's the three elders or the four young masters?"

Only now did Dian Feng realize that Feng had brought her here to investigate the details of their family. He immediately said seriously: "Yi Meng Mountain's water is not disturbing, the flower stone essence is an old soul, the mountain god's protective flag doesn't fall, a thousand doted on one body."

"So it is the precious daughter of the Gu Sect. You are too rude." Kui Mu Lang stood up and waved his hand in greeting, "The Penglai Immortal Mountain is blessed by King Yu. Come without a shadow and go without a trace. From then on, there is no tall wall in this world. "

"Oh, so you're a Thousand Sect Wind General. This little girl greets you." Ye Zichen blessed his hands.

"Shen Nong strives to taste the Hundred Herbs, and Guanyin's Purified Bottle wanders through the world. "In the name of mercy, a wonderful hand returns to its former glory, and the barren hills of the Li Mountain begin to bear fruit." He was the oldest here, so there was no need to be polite.

"Greetings, Medicine Sect Elder." He was also fluent in the undersea languages of the martial arts world.

"It's my turn," said Diaomu, standing up and cupping his hands.

Bodhisattva means the heart of the King of Hades

Mehler's facies

Purified Bottle Dew

To do good and punish the deterioration of the King Kong Dai!

The tiger roars as it walks on the sand and rocks in the mountain forest.

The Flood Dragon Dance of the Four Seas,

What was the point of racking one's brains?

Under the Bodhi tree …

The wind also dispersed.

Saying so, his figure flashed as he slowly sat down, leaving two shallow footprints on the ground.

"So he is a master of the Vajra Sect of the Zen sect. I've learnt my lesson, master is truly talented." A few people praised him.

"True Martial Emperor is the true self. "The path of Immortal Ascension is the path of the secular world, where the mortal world and the mortal world will become the soul." The light was the last.

"Mingzi ge is a martial artist who lives in the secular world … Mn, disciple? " He didn't quite understand what was going on.

"The eldest senior brother of a common disciple." Feng added. "This is really a gathering with the old surnames of the martial arts world. Unfortunately, I am not a person from the martial arts world, only my heart is from the martial arts world."

"Brother Feng is not an old surname, why do you know so many families?" They all have quite a bit of status. " Ye Zichen asked curiously. It was also true that ordinary people had no way of coming into contact with the declining martial arts world, even though the martial arts world was still in the world.

"Although the title of 'Monarch' is not the old surname of the martial world, it still has the heart of a saint. The reason why we reject the distinction between sects is all due to the twenty-eight nights." said the Quercus.

"What is twenty-eight nights? "The heart of a saint?" Ye Zichen was even more confused now.

"Everyone has a different understanding of the heart of a saint, and no one can tell you that. As for the twenty-eight nights, they were easy to explain. The names of the 28th Night, arranged from west to east, were as follows: Seven Night Dragon of the East (horn, high, 0, room, heart, tail, and dustpan); Seven Night Black Martial Immortal of the North (Dou, Niu, Nu, Nu, Xu, Wei, Wong, Walls, Walls); Seven Night Tiger of the West (Kui, Lou, stomach, Pleiades, Bi, Bi, Su, Gen); Seven Night Vermillion Bird of the South (well, ghost, Liu, Xing, Zhang, Yi, Zhen). In other words, there were twenty-eight people who took on the role of a one-star official and formed this organization. Not only did this organization have the old surname Jianghu, but there were also experts in the shopping mall, political figures, professional experts, and all sorts of people. And they only have one goal. "

"For what purpose?" He stuck out his tongue. With such a huge organization and such a strong force, his plans must not be small.

"It's actually very simple. It's just to maintain a balance and ensure the safety of all. This way, many of the old school rules and regulations will be able to survive. But for now, I can only keep this one safe. " "Feng took over the conversation and spoke very easily." I don't know how to work, but I can do what I want. Is there anything else you don't understand? "

"But, why are you telling me so much? I am just a little girl, although I am the young master of the Gu Sect. " He still didn't understand. If he were to listen to the other party's secret, he might be in trouble in the future.

"Due to the invasion of an external force, a twenty-eight night room-fire pig died in battle. The chief wants you to join us to make up for the twenty-eight nights." "At that time, I lost my love for you," said Diaomu, who was heartbroken for a long time.

"Me? Can I? "I don't know anything..." It was a little bit unconfident.

"Lady, you are too humble." Jing Musheng said calmly.

"Alright... "Fine, I came here to gain experience in the first place, but other than the Eye Technique, I don't know anything else." He still wasn't confident.

"Eye of Darkness is a rare genius that only appears once in a hundred years. The specific business of Diaomiao will tell you, uh, is this King Kong Sect's fake monk. He'll tell you some names. I welcome you to join us. " Feng stretched out his hand.

Feng's hand was so warm. However, why did his constellation turn out to be a fire pig? It turned out to be a pig …

"Bang bang bang bang …" "Bang, bang, bang …" The loud knocking came through the basement door.

"Who is it!" The Diao Mu directly stood up.

"Don't worry, I'll go take a look." He went out for a while and then came back. He said with a wry smile, "Sorry for the trouble."

"Mister Liang?" The gladiator's eyes were full of anger.

"It's Lin …" she said helplessly.

"I said, no one else will be able to find this place … "Open the door, now I guess it's hard to explain." Feng said helplessly.

"That damned ghost! He refused to answer the phone! Are you not planning on having an affair with this old lady!? " In the distance, Maple could hear Lin and Mingzi roaring like a lion in the river.

"Feng is inside, go in …"

"Feng, you … Hello, everyone. " "Originally, Lin Lin was going to scold them, but when she saw the entire room filled with people, she immediately regained her gentle appearance." This is? " Lynn saw a cute little girl.

"Eh, this is the dot, it's that female singer." Feng introduced.

"You actually brought her here! I haven't even been here before … " It was obvious that Lin Lin was jealous. If she was not in a hurry to find Feng, she would not have found him here. After all, for Feng's safety and everyone's safety, Lin would normally not go to the light shop.

"Hello, sister-in-law." She nodded obediently and immediately understood what she had to say.

"Hmph …" Lynn said nothing.

"Alright, Lin, don't be jealous. If it wasn't for her that day, I would have died on the streets. " Feng quickly tried to smooth things over.

"Oh, so it's like that. Thank you so much." Lin immediately changed her expression into one of sincerity.

"She's mine now …" Feng had not finished speaking when Lin was immediately shocked. There was even Ming who laughed evilly and said, "Big brother, when did this child become 'your man'?" His face turned red. He clasped his hands together and lowered his head, not daring to look at anyone.

"Eh, wrong wrong wrong, wrong. A slip of the tongue. It's our people, my teammates." Feng hurriedly corrected him. This was an incredible difference of one word.

Everyone present let out a sigh of relief, including some others. Although she still had a little bit of expectation in her heart, "Like I said, how could such a beautiful girl like you fall in love with me?" How old is my sister this year? " Lin immediately nodded amiably. Women are really fickle.

"Nineteen, sister. Big sister is so beautiful. " The little sweet voice was not boring at all, even for a woman like Lin, it was still very pleasing to the ear.

"Where are you going? Your eyes are beautiful, they're actually purple." Furthermore, with your great ability, you were actually able to save this Feng, he, normally, would not put anyone in his eyes with his high and mighty attitude. " As she spoke, she did not forget to put her money on the table.

"The Purple Eye Soul Search is extremely rare." Bright interjected just in time.

"Wow, how amazing. Where did you buy those clothes. Let's go outside and chat. " The two women had their own topics to talk about, so the men smiled at each other and continued their discussion.

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