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"You can't really take that girl away, can you? And your people. " Mingzi said half-truthfully.

"Shh, what nonsense are you talking about! Lin will eat me!" Let's get down to business, how do we deal with this vampire bat, we have to come up with an answer. " Feng waved his hand, signaling Ming Zi to stop joking.

"If you run into any of them, kill them!" The fire energy of the fir tree is very strong.

"This is too passive. Moreover, who knows what kind of killing move they will use next time. If we don't pay attention, we will die." He disagreed.

"I have an idea. Our White Tiger Division has come up with a plan." Everyone, let's discuss it. " The Qui-Wood Wolf threw over a plan book and everyone read it separately.

"I think so." Lil said.

"Isn't that too risky?" He's always been very conservative.

"What are you afraid of!" The Diaoyu also thought it was good.

"Alright, I'll do it right away!" Feng finally won the bid.

"Understood!" Everyone answered in unison.

Feng sat back down on his "paper of respect", and of course the beautiful and generous cashier Lin. There were a lot of people inside the bookstore. Other than the students from the other high school, there were also many young middle-aged people who came.

"Uncle Feng, where did you go during this period?" And Sister Lin is also not here. " the kid who often came to buy books asked.

"En, it's nothing. Uncle had some matters to attend to in the south a while ago. Did you read too many books? I can come over to make up for it in the next few days." Feng said with a smile.

"We thought you and Sister Lin were married." The child who bought the book almost made Maple fall off his chair with a single sentence. Right now, this child was really thinking too much … Lynn, on the other hand, didn't care. She just smiled and chatted with the kids. Feng held his small clay teapot and read the words' tea by line '.

"Boss, what are we going to eat tonight?" Lin Lin charmingly asked Feng.

"Hand rolling!"

A new home hand rolling machine was opened next to Maple's bookstore. The day before yesterday, when the firecrackers were opened, Maple even gave a child's gift. Now he took Lynn's hand and walked into the new noodle shop.

"Yo, respectful boss. Please come inside. What would you like to eat?" The waiter often came to the maple shop to read, so he was quite enthusiastic.

"Two handfuls of rolled noodles and rotten meat. "One serving of cold fish, one serving of hot pot." Feng was familiar with the road.

"Two pieces of meat, cut one for each!" The child's shout was especially loud.

The instant the noodles were served, the shop's interior was decorated in a very quaint manner. This fellow sitting in front of the noodles was also very special. A large coarse porcelain bowl matched with old bamboo chopsticks. Inside the white porcelain pot was Shanxi aged vinegar, and inside the green flower pot were spicy oil. Also send one-headed garlic three pieces, cilantro green onion foam one plate each.

Feng Feng picked up a pair of chopsticks and carefully savored the noodles. The noodles were also quite good. The hand-rolled noodles were full of vigor. The noodles were delicious and fragrant. The rotten meat was exquisite with exquisite knife skills. It was oily but not greasy.

"This is not bad. It's the authentic rolling pin." Feng said as he ate.

"Look at your table manners! "Can't you be more refined!" Lynn looked at Maple's wolf-eating smile and said.

"You don't understand. When eating noodles and carrying a bowl, the only sound that could be heard was the respect the boss had for him! "


After returning home at night, Feng hurriedly turned on his computer and logged on to look for Kui Mu Lang. "What did you find?"

"It's only been a day, how can I be sure? But there are indeed some suspicious personnel."

"Of course. You don't know that I'm sitting on pins and needles in the shop."

"What are you worried about? There are so many experts guarding here." Isn't the light still within 30 meters of you? "

"There are still so many students in the store, including Lin. I don't have to worry about that anymore."

"What news from the noodle store?"

"They're still counting. There are still too many people over there, so it would be difficult to analyze the information."

"If anything happens, report it to me immediately!"


It turned out that Feng's return was also part of the plan. The plan was called "Screen Horse." Friends who like to play chess know, screen horse is a chess set, two horses coordination, side attack, plan to move back, one move set the world. The screen horses also had their first and second hand. Feng's plan was to use his tempting bait to fish out the layers of ambush from Mister Liang, and then use his subsequent strength to divide them up. This can not only make up for one's lack of manpower, but also turn passivity into initiative. It was his own safety. Actually, there was no problem. With the two secret guards, there was still the noodle shop next door, and the guards were quite thorough. As for that noodle shop, it was completely up to Feng. He had asked the White Tiger Division to open a noodle shop to inquire about the news. Feng believed that the people following them would definitely go there to eat. He would have the chance to take advantage of the situation and enter.

Lin herself did not agree with their plan, after all, they were risking Feng's life, but she could not resist the eloquent argument between Feng and Mingzi. In the end, Lin gave in, but after thinking about how she could openly be with Feng again, it was actually quite good.

"Darling, are you going to the bar tonight?" Lynn clung to Maple's arms, refusing to move.

"Yes, using the little purple eye spirit detector to check out all the customers who come to the bar is also part of the plan." Fearing that Lin was jealous, Feng Feng quickly explained.

"It's not bad to count that child. It's warm and kind." Ever since Lin had chatted with Dian Dian, she had become a good sister to Dian Dian. You're not allowed to bully her! Come back with her tonight! "

"How would I dare!?" I don't have a purple pupil … " Feng quickly said.

"Loneliness is a person's carnival. A carnival is a group of people's loneliness." The little voice was still sweet, but it had become somewhat ethereal. Although he was still singing on the stage and looked intoxicated with his eyes half closed, he didn't expect that the pair of purple eyes would be able to scan everyone's emotions with a soul devourer.

It was impossible for such a long distance eye technique to penetrate a person's heart. Even the purple eyes, which only appeared once in a hundred years, could not do so. However, it was enough to observe the human heart's emotions.

"One, two. Hmm, the one on the left should be the same. He's already been staring at Feng six times." He nodded to himself. While they were resting, they took the opportunity to pass on the news to the stomach pheasant that was pretending to be a drinker. The same 28 - night - old pheasant reported the news and then analyzed and confirmed.

Feng was an idle person. He really did come to a bar to listen to music and drink. It was rare for him to have a break. Listening to Feng's sweet singing, Feng felt a little sleepy.

"Big Brother Feng, do I really live in your house?" Is that really okay? " He whispered.

"It was Lin's orders. Since you've already been exposed, it's too dangerous for you to live here by yourself." Feng couldn't understand why Lin would agree to stay in his house, did she really not mind?

As it turned out, every night, Lin was very excited when he chatted with Little Jun. Other than talking to his comrades about the news, Feng only seemed to be sleeping on the sofa. The next day, he still had to get up early to prepare breakfast for the two beauties. The two beauties seemed to be pleasing to the eye. Who would have thought that they would be so hardworking?

"Have you two woken up yet? It's time to eat and work." Maple knocked on the bedroom door. Since when did he have to knock on the bedroom door?

There was no sound from the door.

"Lazy guy, get up and eat!" Or was there no response?

Feng faintly felt a sense of unease, could it be … Impossible, his level of defense is comparable to that of the provincial government. Even the hidden nuclear, chemical, and biological defenses were overpowering.

Feng gently twisted the door, but it was not locked. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Feng took out the only defensive item he had, the Gold Flower Thorn, and pushed open the door!


The two beauties who were dressed neatly looked at Feng, giggled, and nodded, "Big sister understands him, and she really rushed in."

Feng had a helpless look on his face. Was it that interesting? He pretended to be serious as he said, "Don't joke with me. Also, don't you lock the door even when you sleep tonight?"

"Why are you locking the door? Is it to prevent you from coming in? " Lynn teased.

Now it was Feng's turn to flee.

"Him. "He looks like a hoodlum, but he's actually very shy." Lynn was right.

"Fine, I'll have breakfast when the little beauty comes. I've had my little sister's breakfast." Lynn picked up the freshly baked bread and spread the jam on it and chewed it carefully.

"..." Feng didn't dare to say a word.

It was not a good idea to change the topic. Fortunately, Lin Lin just said that and immediately changed the topic. "Don't work during the day. You can't stay at home."

"Then let's go to our bookstore, it's safe there too." Feng had arranged it well.

"I like reading novels the most. It's even free!"

As a result, Feng's bookstore had two beauties staying there. At this point, the number of people who bought the books might not even be as many as those who looked at beauties.

"Wow, Uncle Feng, who's that pretty sister? Is she from our school?" a high school child asked.

"My sister." Feng could only say this, otherwise how could he explain the sudden appearance of a beauty? He said he picked it up on the street? You know him at the bar? None of them were reliable.

"Does he think that he can't do anything about me with Purple Eyes following me? Heh heh, you're underestimating my 'Vampiric Bat' too much. "

"Our people have basically found out where Feng is going. Should we organize another assassination attempt?"

"Let the Ming Killer Nine Knives do it on his way home from the bar tonight! That purple eye is not rare, if it is possible, I want it alive! "

"Understood!" From what I can see, the girl is still a baby. "Brothers, hehehe …"

"Don't act recklessly!"

"This humble one dares not. That Monarch's ally, Old Man Feng, should we get rid of him? "

"It's useless to kill him with this kind of old light. Besides, if you kill him, there will be someone else in charge of the Feng Family. I want to beat the Feng Family consortium economically! He was overestimating himself, and now he was going against me! Didn't his Feng Family have money? We'll just throw money at him! Go to different places to buy coal! "Be quick!"

"What do we need so much coal for?"

"Heh heh, this time I will uproot him by the roots!" From now on, the King of Coal is a member of my Liang family. "

The person suddenly changed his tone, and said with a bit of regret and expectation, "Is there any news from Lingling?"

"Third Miss still won't contact us. "Could it be that she has been suspected?"

"Sigh, a grown woman is unable to hold on to her youth. Let her be. It's not like she doesn't understand the general situation. "

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