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Recently, the Monarch had encountered a small problem. He had lost something, a stamp on one side.

The material of this square stamp was ordinary, ordinary Bahrain stone, and there were four big words carved on it, covering the entire world. This was not just any random chapter. It was an order of 28 nights for those who held authority over one side, a letter from those who printed it, as well as a letter from those who held authority over the other.

"Dot it, have you seen my square stamp?" Feng asked the little girl.

"Who told you to put it randomly every day? Look, you can't find it, right?" Recently, Dian Feng also liked to bicker with him. Strange, every girl who was familiar with Feng became glib tongued.

"No, I don't know how to put that stuff around." Feng worriedly scratched his head.

"What?" You say your stamp is missing? It can't be that someone has ulterior motives, right? " Mingzi was also surprised to hear this.

"I don't know. Normally, there are quite a lot of documents on the table, and there are also classified files. If there isn't a missing piece, then there is only this missing." Maple examined it for a long time. He even borrowed the escape master, Zorro, from Mingzi for a long time, but there was no trace of him at all.

"The other party is an expert. I'm afraid that they are not some ordinary thief. Maybe they are just buying at a high price." He held his head for a moment, thinking, and came to this conclusion.

Buy high? He had a pretty good relationship with the people who bought them from above. Their current old man was still friends with them despite the age difference. Who the heck would provoke him with such an unsightly purchase price? Besides, although his house was a mess, there were quite a few experts who had set up a trap and said they would buy more. Old Man Chen had personally designed that box. Didn't he say that the box couldn't be opened? Was this old kid joking with me?

"Mingzi, let's go to the Rain Tower." Feng Feiyun couldn't understand, so he decided not to think about it anymore.

"Tea again. I can't just go to another restaurant. "

The Rain Tower was not an ordinary place for drinking tea. The Jianghu Tea House was the only place in the city that dealt with matters of the martial arts world. Hearing the simple and unadorned decorations of the Rain Tower, Feng walked through the door. Naturally, there was someone to receive him. "Two sirs, tea is served on the floor above!"

"Two bowls of tea, four colors of tea." This was the first time he had come to look for someone for help. However, he was clear about the rules and regulations of this place.

"The tea is ready and placed on the table. The waiter has his hands behind his back and has ordered two tea bowls from three wolves in one go." Please wait a moment, the refreshments will be served immediately. "

The four colors of the tea were watermelon seeds, hawthorn sticks, rose cake and mung bean cake. When the waiter brought up the tea with a tray in one hand and a pot in the other, he finally saw that Feng's bowl was empty. When the waiter mixed the tea, he found that there was no tea bowl cover. After the waiter mixed in the water, he helped the guests to set up the tea bowl. At this time, the lid of the bowl was just right under Feng's hat. "The waiter was well-informed and did not say a word. He watched as Feng took the hat and covered the bowl with his tea." Would you like to have some tea somewhere else? " The waiter said.

"It's good to have a quiet place to exchange for one." Feng answered appropriately.

"The two inner rooms will be served tea." The waiter lifted the curtain and saw that there was something else within.

Behind the curtain was a small corridor, and behind it was a private room where the owner of the teahouse was waiting.

"Does a friend have something to ask of you?" If there was a dispute, most of the time, it would be settled on the second floor. A tea bowl was a battle formation, and the loser would have to pay the bill. Those who were unconvinced could not make a move in a teahouse. If he hid the tea bowl lid like a maple, it meant that he had a request. He could just walk into the inner room and ask the boss for help. The owner was the local official in charge of the Jianghu Order. Although there were no officials in the Jianghu County, no prefectural governor, and no mayor, there had to be a local official in charge of the Jianghu Order. This token did not belong to any faction. It provided the people of the martial arts world with a stage to resolve disputes and helped them contact the foreign cultivators of the martial arts world.

"Enough, enough." "It's me, get the local wind agent to come over and tell them that I have something to request of them." Feng was too lazy to be polite. He had been drinking tea with Boss Hu for ten years and was already an acquaintance.

"Aiyo, it's Little Brother Feng. Please wait for a moment, I will send the message immediately." "All the wind agents will have to buy your words!" Boss Hu never lacked etiquette. He cupped his hands and left.

After a while, all fifteen local wind vectors had arrived. The room seemed rather crowded. Feng naturally did not dare to sit, this was too disrespectful. He cupped his fists and said, "I was forced to bring you all here. I truly have something to ask of you all."

"I wonder what kind of message you would like to pass on? You need so many air vectors? " Wind agents were local messengers, and it was their job to get word.

"I'm sorry everyone, please send a message saying that you have lost something on behalf of the monarch. If anyone likes it, you can just give it to them and take it away. If any friend sees it, then please keep it for me. " Feng spoke vaguely.

"I wonder what it was." A wind agent asked. It's a common thing to ask them to look for something, but you have to be clear about what it is.

"This, there's really no way to say it. Just send the message like that, it should be enough just to release the news." Thank you. I'll treat everyone to a drink some other day. " Feng bowed to the ground, and all the other wind agents dodged to the side. This was not something they could afford.

"Don't worry, you haven't finished your tea. I can guarantee that everyone in the city will know your old surname." As soon as he finished, the only people left in the room were Liang Zi and Feng.

"Alright, let's go and continue drinking tea."

Mingzi, who was eating a four-colored tea, was extremely dissatisfied. "Why don't you try a plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs instead?"

"You don't understand, right? This refreshment looks simple, its delicacy is definitely not ordinary." As he was speaking, he heard the waiter shout, "One is for tea upstairs."

This was for Feng and Mingzi, because they were alone upstairs, and it was meant to remind someone to go upstairs and pack up if you had any problems.

The person who came was a tall and lanky young man. He was at least 20 years old and had a fair and clean appearance. He was truly spirited! A face like a peeled duck egg into a powder box, rolling in the dew on the face, sharp eyebrows, a clever body to like. After going upstairs, he chose a window seat and sat down. He didn't even look at Feng and Ming Zi, he just sat there, looking at the main street.

Feng quietly wrote in tea, "This man is coming for us."

Liao Zi raised his eyebrows, indicating that he didn't know what was going on.

Feng glanced at the young man's hand, and Mingzi immediately understood. The young man's left hand had always been seven, seven had always been the same, seven had always been the same voice, telling him to get up and ask questions.

"What kind of god did the friend of Pan'er present to him? What kind of words did he hang?" This was asking his handsome friend where you came from and where you were in the sect.

"Inside the door, we worship Zhai Jin and settle down in three mountains. The Peach of Immortality came from the Queen Mother Banquet, I dare you to ask Old Lord for immortal pills. " The young man's words were very swift, and Feng was also very surprised when he heard them. It was indeed buying at a high price. He reckoned that he had his own things to buy. Judging from his tone, he should be the old man's last disciple.

"Give me the courage of a hero, and I will grant you the title of Monarch." Feng was unable to report to the sect gate without a cabinet filled with incense. Thus, he could only call out his name.

The young man did not say anything and walked up to him. Without doing anything, a mark appeared on the silent table. It was Feng.

"So it was just a friend who liked it. I played with it for a few days." Feng was also polite.

That person shook his head, "On Master's orders, I came to offer my services. I was forced to reveal a move, please forgive me. "

"So it was just a voluntary recommendation, Feng has a rough idea." "You are Old Man Chen's disciple?"

"My master closed the door for the final exam." The man was very modest.

"You still want to learn? You've learnt all about old man Chen's skills. Let me tell you, the printing box that you opened, that year, he told me that no one else could open it except him and me! Your master is letting you inherit the mantle. " Feng explained with a smile.

It was no wonder that Master had asked Shun's square stamp by name. At that time, he was still wondering if that square stamp was anything special. The green tea melon seeds that were on the table had been stir-fried rather well. He even ate a plate of melon seeds after he left!

"How is old Chen? Strong and sturdy? " Feng asked. He and Old Man Chen were old friends. Old Man Chen was Chen San's descendant, and his martial arts skills were exceptional. Now holed up in Tianjin Fifth Avenue every day, drinking and playing chess, commanding the purchase of a high school.

"My master is in good health, and he often talks about how you want to have another drink with him!"

"Spare me, I'm not a fool." "" Feng thought about how he slept for three days after making wine last time and felt his heart palpitate. Since you're here, of course I have to stay. Your master is letting you come out to train, so I won't be responsible if you touch me! "

"Of course!"

Even though he said this, if they really clashed, the old tutor would come looking for his life. He was the last disciple of the other party. That would have to be taken care of, but he really did lack such a person.

"If you're here, then find a job. Are you going to repair the car?" Feng thought of a person.

"Ah?" Repair cars? " He had never thought that he would actually repair a car in his life, but the old man said that he would listen to this king. He clenched his teeth and shouted, "F * ck!"

"Don't worry, I won't let you do it for nothing. That guy is really capable. Your master even learned how to fix cars from his master." "Right, what's your name?"

"Su Haijian."

"I'm not done fixing your car yet, what's the rush?" The bike was covered in grease and the garage didn't even raise its head.

"I brought you someone. Take a look." Feng didn't say much and directly said the reason for his visit.

"Show me your hand, lad." The bicycle repairman raised his head and realized that it was an old man in his fifties. He was clean-shaven and his eyes were bright and full of spirit.

"Ah, we still have to rely on our hands?" Su Haijian stretched out his hand.

"Senior Chen has taught a good disciple. I was wondering why we didn't have such good luck!" My apprentices are one after the other. They won't do anything but steal my wine. Lad, do you like to drink? "

"I... I don't drink. " Su Haijian lowered his head. He couldn't drink even when he was twenty.

"Haha, good, haha, I don't know how to drink good wine!" "The repairman said happily." Alright, just follow me. Come, I'll arrange a place for you to stay. Boys, you have a junior! "Help me set up a bed!"

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