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Mr. Liang's financial sniping had caused him to lose several hundred million yuan in a row. Although his own team had also taken out almost the same amount of money from Mr. Liang, Mr. Liang's account was like a bottomless pit, which could not be filled no matter what. "I really don't know what kind of person is giving money to him."

Master Feng felt that it was time to discuss this with his allies.

Feng and Lord Four met on the roadside, Lord Four's Hummer.

"Master, please be careful when you go out." On the other side, the Vampiric Bat assassination attempt, in addition to the previous assassination attempt aimed at me, has already happened six times. It's better to bring more people with you when we go out. " Feng's words were true. After that incident where he almost lost his life, he always had plenty of guards by his side.

"With these two brothers here, I don't have to worry." Master Feng said proudly.

"Yes, sir." Both of them spoke in unison.

"So it's Zhang Yong and Zhang Shu, the two masters, protecting you. It's naturally no problem." Feng met the person who escorted the medicine the last time.

"This Hummer can withstand the bullets from a sniper rifle with a normal caliber. The ammunition in the Hummer is enough for a small-scale battle." "Fourth Master Feng does not dare to be careless." In addition, you also have me, this Unjust Rod! " As he spoke, he looked at the weapon in his hands.

This was the first time Feng had seen Master Feng's famous weapon, the Damascus Steel Qi Mei Pole. It was extremely heavy in his hands and he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to start dancing. "It's better if Master Four is careful. I almost lost my life because of the hypnotism of an illusion master on the other side."

"I've read the war report about Brother Feng's matter. It's good as long as there's nothing wrong. Don't worry, I won't give them a chance!" "Master Feng Si was extremely confident." This time, I am here on my side of the economic front. "

"Oh, what's the matter?"

"I want to ask you to help me find out the source of Mr Liang's finances. If we continue fighting like this, I won't be saving my strength. I'm afraid we'll lose!" Master Feng said solemnly.

Fourth Master Feng, who could cover the sky with one hand, was actually at a disadvantage in terms of money. This was something that had never happened before. Once again, Feng experienced Mister Liang's power. He was only an opponent for Mister Liang, right? "Okay, I will do my best."


"Sister Leng, help me investigate something." Feng went to find the sweet shop owner's Bi Yuewu.

"Why aren't you looking for a wolf?" According to the rules, it should have been given to him by the wolves.

"That kid has been busy lately, and he's probably not very professional in this matter." I'll have to trouble Sister Leng to pick up her old job. "

"Could it be an economic case?"

"Indeed, our allies entrusted me with the task of investigating a person's background."

"Could it be Mister Liang's background …"

"Exactly. We need Mr Liang's financial resources. Sister Leng, I know you have a wide range of routes.

"We will naturally obey your commands. However, others will not be able to find him. In this critical time period, he must be on his guard. "

"Then what should we do?"

"I'm the only one left. I'll leave this shop to you. Remember to water my flowers. "

"Sister Leng, isn't this too risky?" Feng hastily asked. Sister Leng was no longer a 20-30 year old little girl, it was too dangerous for her to do this sort of thing.

"From now on, my name is Leng Yu Jie, and I will be the Bi Yue Wu of the twenty-eight White Tiger Tribes!"

By the time Leng Yu Jie had changed her clothes from the inner hall, Feng almost didn't recognize this older sister. It was just too beautiful. It was the kind of gentle and soft beauty that could not be described with words.

"How is it, your Sis Leng isn't old yet, right?" Leng Yushi said coquettishly.

"If you walk out like this, I'm afraid everyone on the street will be dumbstruck, and you won't have to go to Mister Liang's place." Feng almost couldn't hold it in, it turned out that being beautiful to the extreme was also a type of destructive power. In comparison. It was just a green plum seed, and Lin was only a wild flower by the roadside at most.

This was not because Feng had overestimated Sister Leng. She had once laughed so much that she had once provoked a rich young master in Beijing to light the skylight for him at the Liu-Li factory!

People might know about Christie's now, but they might not know the rules of the Heaven's Lamp at the Auction House. Since ancient times, the story of a beautiful woman being bought with gold has never stopped. And in the circle of Beijing's rich and young, lighting the skylight is a way to burn money.

The lamplighter will light up a special lantern during the auction, and then the auction will stop bidding. But don't think that he is just here to watch the show, he won't bid because he told the Heaven Lantern that no matter how much you pay, I will always outbid you. Of course, there were also Heavenly Lights that dropped. If the person who lit the lanterns couldn't afford it, then it would be settled by the person in second place. If the Lightwalker or the person in second place couldn't afford it, hehe, then it's not something that can be settled with just a few coins. Leaving one hand behind is definitely forgiving you.

It was this lady Leng who had been sought after by a few rich young masters in Beijing. She had burned 300 million in a single Heaven Lamp just to buy a smile from a beauty and had a meal together. One could imagine her charm. Now, with the passing of time added on to her beauty, she had become more knowledgeable, and her beauty became even more soul-stirring.

"Look at what you're saying, then I'll go and put on my coat." Leng YuJie wore a woolen coat and sunglasses to conceal her stunning beauty.

"Remember the flowers in my shop." The beauty was gone.

"Newly arrived news, tonight you will be assassinated on your way back from the bar. I think there will be a lot of people." A text message from the Quimu Wolf arrived just in time.

Feng was about to leave when he saw the message hesitating. He put on a bulletproof vest that covered a large shirt. "Then I will wear another one as well." "Be a bit more obedient and put this on. I have some work to do today."

"I've been notified as well." "Put it on cleanly." "So heavy."

"Be careful." Lynn was nervous, her fingers white.

"Don't worry, big sister. With me here, no one else will be able to harm big brother Feng." Nodding his head proudly.

Tonight, his face was flushed with extreme excitement. Fortunately, the dim light of the bar was hard to detect. He had been looking forward to closing time. Assassination! So excited! He wondered if the killer was also handsome! His task was to protect his own life, it was indeed a heavy responsibility.

It was a pity that things did not go as he wished. The Nine Knives Bright Death was an old man who had died of old age.

"You must be a Monarch." The old man's voice sounded like an old bicycle that hadn't been ridden in ten years.

"You are?" You are here to take my life? " Feng could see that this old man was a good hand. The hand of the blade user was always exceptionally steady, just like the heart of the blade user. Losing meant death!

"Take nine of my blades and I'll let you go." The old man focused his attention and drew out a small knife with his right hand.

It was really a knife, a deercutter. It was only five inches long, and weighed no more than four hundred or three dollars. The Southern Sky Meteor Sword of the East Sea was made from gold mixed together and the hilt was made from the leg bone of the Northern Frontier White Bear. This saber drank countless blood. Once the saber was unsheathed, no blood would return.

"I didn't expect that the Demonic Saber Ji Clan would have a descendant!" Feng was somewhat surprised, but he did not panic.

"The fourteenth generation successor of the Ji Clan, Ji Sea Breeze, is here to seek advice!"

"Master, don't worry, the Fighting Wood Fixation is here!" "A figure jumped out from the corner of the street. A gust of strong wind blew away the hazy and monstrous scene in the air." Does the Demon Saber Saber Master still remember the members of the Vajra Sect? "

"Zen Sect's Bodhisattva Heart? You are under the King Kong Sect? " Ji Sea Breeze suddenly stopped and asked in a hoarse voice.

"Exactly. Back then, the ancestor used the Blood Sealing Saber to fight with the ancestors of the You Faction to seal this saber and seal it forever. Could it be that the members of the Demon Saber have forgotten about it?! " Diaomiao used the mantra of the Bodhisattva Heart, and spoke as loudly as metal.

"In the past, Ancestor lost half a move and was forced to sign this alliance under the city. Isn't there another condition?" If future generations managed to cultivate the nine moves of the Demonic Saber, they could unseal it! Did you see that the seal of blood on the blade's hilt has already become a faint trace of blood, and no longer exists? " Demon Saber, Ji Sea Breeze said proudly. After learning the Nine Styles of the Demonic Saber, he had already passed the age of Destiny Grasp. Therefore, he rarely traveled in the martial arts world and had only made his move three times in his youth. The knife met the blood.

"You have mastered the ninth move of the Demonic Saber?" "Who said that the martial arts world withered, the Demon Saber's Nine Styles, the Purple Eye Soul Search, and the rare genius that appeared in a hundred years?" This is a good opportunity for me to experience my [Nine Layer Bodhisattva Heart]. "

"Good boy, you have nine levels of Bodhisattva Heart at such a young age!" That year, your grandmaster was barely old enough to achieve such a feat. What kind of fortuitous encounter did you have, could it be that you're actually a martial arts prodigy? " Ji Sea Breeze was also surprised.

"Before my master passed away, he used an enlightening method to transmit to me eighty years of his cultivation."

"Since that's the case, then make your move! For the sake of your long-cherished wish. "

Duo Mu Gu's cultivation was indeed extraordinary. Each and every move of his was like that of a noble family. His face was solemn and dignified, and he showed his might without getting angry. His fists were like a majestic tornado. What an angry king!

Ji Sea Breeze's blade was like a feather in the wind, moving according to his will. Following the movement of the Ji Clan's movement technique, the shadows of his body became blurry, and only the cold glint of his sword and blade could be seen.

The Buddhist martial arts had always been focused, and Ji Sea Breeze's monstrous movement techniques had no effect on the Bodhisattva Heart, which was deeply rooted in the Wooden Sutra. As soon as you struck out with your saber, I shall remain unaffected. With just one move, the [Vajra Pagoda] had protected his entire body.

If he could use seventy percent of his strength, he would never use ninety percent of it. The Tarsal Maggot was like a shadow following his body, and the consumption of his internal energy was extremely small. Although he couldn't find any flaws to use his saber, the fists of the Vajra Martial School couldn't even touch the corners of his clothes.

Was this the power of the Nine Styles of the Demonic Saber? He could actually release it as he wished and completely suppress his killing intent! Duo Mu Gu was astonished. He truly had no chance of winning, and could only remain undefeated. Ji Sea Breeze was shocked. Ever since he learned the nine moves of the Demon Saber, this young man had been the first to receive all nine sabers from him. But he couldn't do anything about it. The only thing he could do was win against him!

Undefeated versus undefeated, what was the outcome? Was he really going to fight to the point where both parties would die from exhaustion?

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