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Feng went out to find Zhu Wu. The head of these street bullies.

The bullies didn't dare to show off during the day, but at night they gathered in a few places: a tavern, a mahjong, and a hair salon with a pink neon sign. Feng didn't want to go to such a messy place. He first went to the mahjong room and found Zhu Wu, who was playing cards.

Feng reached out and patted Zhu Wu on the shoulder, "What are you doing? We'll talk about it later. I have a good hand." Zhu Wu's card is very smooth, the same color cylinder has four Hu cards, this can win a lot of money.

"Cough cough. Zhu Wu, it's me. I need you." Feng had no choice but to speak.

"This is Feng ge."

"Why did Brother Feng come here?"

"What is he looking for Zhu Wu for? Did Zhu Wu commit a crime?"

"Where's the boss?" "Still not coming out to greet Feng ge."

Zhu Wu recognized Feng's voice and put down the card, "This is my loss, we will compensate all three families." Throwing down the money, rubbing his hands on his body, he then asked, "Brother Feng, what's the matter? Let's go out and talk. "

Zhu Wu and Feng sat at a barbeque stall on the side of the street. The boss was naturally someone he knew. In these few streets, there were few people who weren't familiar with Feng.

"I heard someone was freeloading at Old Luo's place a while ago, you cleaned up the mess." Feng said indifferently.

"Hmm, it's not easy for Old Luo either. His daughter has to go to school. Those few cyan skin do not open their eyes, they look muddled under my eyelids. Pah! Causing trouble under Feng Ge's eyes, let me take care of it. " Zhu Wu took a sip of his beer, "I haven't had a share with Old Luo these past few months, so I wanted to help him save some money. We don't need him alone. "

"You're being considerate." There was a hint of praise in Feng's voice.

"Following Brother Feng, a bastard like me will slowly be better, hehe."

"Don't say that about yourself. Everyone has their own responsibilities."

"Brother Feng, you came out at night to look for me. If you need anything, I'll help you with it even if I have to lift my head."

"Those few green-skinned people, are they local people? Do you know them?" Feng asked.

"No, it sounds like an accent from Northeast China."

"Northeast?" "Are you sure?" Feng was surprised, he was actually suspicious.

"What is it? Those bastards dare to touch Feng Ge? I will do them! " Zhu Wuyi was excited, and his voice became louder.

"Be quiet, are you afraid that others won't be able to hear you?" The barbeque stall owner put down the mutton skewers and warned. The owner of the barbeque stall was surnamed Yang, and Old Yang had been the night watchman for the bank for thirty years. He had trained a pair of good ears and was very warm-hearted, so Feng liked to discuss matters at his barbeque stand. Even though the mutton skewers he roasted were really ordinary.

"No no, I've never seen them before. Zhu Wu, there might be some people causing trouble on the streets recently. Hmm, I mean there might be. Do you understand? "

"Brother Feng, what do you have to say about the fact that you think highly of a boorish person like me? Even if I don't eat or sleep, I'll have to find those brats." Zhu Wu raised his head and drained the wine, while Feng also dried up, "Brother Yang, the bill."

"How can we get big brother Feng to pay?" I'll give it. " Zhu Wu hurried over.

"I've messed up such a good card tonight. If I let you pay me back, I won't be able to sleep tonight." Feng blocked Zhu Wu's hand and paid him.

Looking at Feng's departing figure, Zhu Wu's eyes suddenly turned red. Feng did not give Zhu Wu any benefits, but Feng gave him something he couldn't give others, a trust and respect for a hooligan.

"Did you drink?" Lynn asked.

"Yes." Feng wondered how Lynn's nose could be so good. She put down what she was holding, a box of yoghurt, and a big bag of biscuits.

"With whom?"

"Zhu Wu."

There's trouble, Lynn thought. " I bought so many yoghurt because I wanted to stay there forever. "

"I couldn't ask for more." Feng teased.

"You wish."

Seeing Lin sleeping at the side, Feng couldn't fall asleep, so he put on his clothes and went up to the roof.

The midnight starlight was dim and bleak. The thick smoke and dust in the city slowly settled down like a curtain. It was a quiet night. The cold of the evening breeze drove away the heat and impetuosity of the end of summer, as well as the loneliness of the unknown. On the rooftop, other than a few stray cats, there was also a lonely figure, a fiery light that flickered up and down from a single star.

"Hu …" The sound of a long journey seemed to be the end result of this scene. The song ended and people disappeared, leaving only a faint trace of nicotine floating in the wind.

"Mm? Who?" Maple lit up the lighter in his hand, revealing a face that was indeed Lin Lin's.

"I've watched you get annoyed for the whole day. What's the matter?" Lynn asked carefully. Lin wasn't the kind of girl who didn't understand the world. On the contrary, Lin was someone who had the potential to become a strong woman. It was only because she met Feng that she was willing to be a cashier.

"Someone has declared war on us, they want to rewrite the order of the city, but I cannot make up my mind whether to fight or not, and if I fight, then countless people will be drawn into this dispute, and if I don't fight, I will lose the whole coal industry and the rising prices. I don't have absolute confidence in winning, not to mention you. " Feng did not plan to hide it from Lin. Lin was his brain, and there were very few people who could calm him down.

"Feng, the thing that attracted me back then was not your appearance nor your ability, but your faith. Aren't you what they call a substitute monarch? Isn't that what you believe? Give me the courage of a hero, and I can help you raise peace in this world? Could it be that your faith has changed today? "

"Of course not," Feng's eyes lit up, he already had the answer in his heart. That's right, isn't my faith just to protect one side of the family, but are you really not from the Appearance Association? Not attracted by my handsomeness? " Maple smiled evilly.

Feng was indeed handsome.

"The world is at peace. When has the world ever been at peace? " Feng looked at Master Feng's four large characters and muttered.

"The heavens and earth are heartless, they treat all living things as ruminants. Feng little brother has thought it through? " Master Feng was not surprised at all. There was always righteousness in the young man, just like he had in the past.

"Fourth master, what should come will eventually come." This brat is untalented, and is willing to lend Master Four a hand. "

Master Feng's skills were quite impressive. Feng left the Feng Family and went straight for Ming Zi. Mingzi ran an outdoor goods store, which was usually deserted. No one could have imagined that the lazy looking boss was a retired special forces captain.

"Looks like you're coming. Here, there's a pot of peanuts just cooked, let's drink." Bright food, good wine, good help. Cooking peanuts was an absolute work for the shiners. The shiners were cooked with chicken bone soup, accompanied by peppers, octagonal cinnamon leaves, a handful of salt, a cup of carved flowers, and a spicy and fresh smell. Even though they were meat, there was no oil in their hands after eating them. Bright always said, the hand has oil, can not hold tight. He couldn't hold on to happiness, faith, justice, or himself.

The wine was not bad either. The dark green bamboo leaf cyan, as soon as it touched his throat, stirred up a heroic spirit.

"Speak, what do you want?" Mingzi raised his head to drink another cup, still peeling peanuts in his hands.

A warm feeling welled up from Feng Feng's heart, as he never asked what he wanted to do. "What do you want? What do you want?" What do you want? "Human, equipment."

"Mister Liang?" Mingzi lightly asked, but he couldn't make out the tone in his voice.

However, he could only give a "En" in response to Mingzi's explanation. "A friend from the northeast sent me some news saying that I'm not safe, and that I'll be there to play for a few days. When I went to the Feng Family with you that day, I only managed to make a rough guess."

"I've always wondered if you were a staff officer or a cook." Feng made a joke, and said seriously, "This time, it's a big one. Whatever family you have, show it to me. As usual, I'll handle the information. As for the rest, do as you wish."

"Do you have a salary?"

"What do you think?"

Since they dared to take on the challenge, they naturally had quite a strong hand. In addition to the city's intricate network of connections, they also had their own team. There weren't many people on their team, twenty-eight or even more, and all of them looked like honest ordinary people. These twenty-eight people covered all walks of life and had quite a bit of power at the grassroots level. At this moment, twenty-eight people were standing on the rooftop in unison, not saying a word.

"Twenty-eight nights together, crossing rivers and traversing the seas." Someone in the black shadow muttered.

"Twenty-eight nights, at your command."

"All members of the Azure Dragon Clan, listen up! Monarchs, go to the northeast, investigate the enemy and wait in ambush!"

"Listen to the commands of the White Tiger Tribe, gather intelligence about Liang Thief, analyze and plan the operation."

"All members of the Vermillion Bird Sects listen to my orders. Buy grain, grass, medicine, spare equipment, and set up a supply station and a medical station."

"All sects and clans of the Black Turtle Tribe listen to my orders and restrain me. I'll protect you all and keep you safe."

Feng came to his paper early, but found Ming Zi standing at the door with a smile on her face. Feng's eyes couldn't help but light up. "Is it done?"

"There are at least a thousand hoodlums gathered here. They can't do it as management students, so it's not bad to form a group stand. Seven more good men are on their way. " When he said these seven experts, Mingzi couldn't help but feel proud of himself.

"What kind of people can make you call yourself a master?" Feng was secretly amazed. Bright had always been an extremely experienced person. What kind of person could enter his eyes? And there were actually seven of them!

"My soldiers." Bright people are proud of having the capital. His soldiers, at the top.

"I wonder how Master Feng's group is doing?"

As the two of them were talking, Master Feng's cell phone rang. It was a message from Master Feng.

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