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"You're here." "His voice is still calm, but it lacks a bit of confidence." Mr. Liang's firepower is too strong, so I had to avoid his attack. So, half of the coal trucks have already gone to transport the cabbages. "

"Has Master Si's people come into direct contact with Mister Liang?" She asked directly.

"There were several fights on the road, but the area was very small and no one was injured. It was hard to say on the mines, dead people were a common occurrence. They had to determine whether it was an ordinary gang fight or the provocation of a thief. How are you guys doing? "

"We are evenly matched on the streets, with heavy casualties. The most important thing is that we don't have any medicine left." Feng said helplessly.

"I have people guarding all the important traffic routes, but there are a lot of elites on the other side. We're lacking equipment." Mingzi was also telling the truth, and he was under a lot of pressure. There were a lot of hoodlums, but they couldn't help it. Their basic defenses weren't strong enough.

"You guys don't have much money, but this card is worth three million, so you can go buy the equipment with the password of 918918. As for the medicines, I still have some in the mining hospital, so it won't be a long term solution." What ingenious plan does little brother Feng have? "

"My people bought a batch of medicine from the provincial capital. The problem is that there are people blocking the way and they can't bring it back. I need to form a team and bring this batch back. " Feng said what he thought.

"If you want money, I can help, but I really don't have any elite members here. But I have two people that you can use. " Fourth Master paused, "There were two drivers who followed me back in the early days, they were so skillful that they claimed I could be first in driving more than 180 coal mines. There were also two military vehicles that drove away at the same time. There is also a deterrent along the way. "

"Master Four still has a military vehicle?" Mingzi's eyes lit up when he heard about military vehicles.

"A lot of things in the mine have to do with the army."

"Then Zorro and I will take these two cars." Mingzi took over the matter.

"Let the Ghost Golden Goat go with you." Feng also sent out his own men.

At five in the morning, the wind was cold and the dew was heavy. It was pitch black. In the spacious military vehicle, the five of them held their first meeting.

"Everyone is well aware of this mission. No matter the cost, bring that batch of medicine back. As a team, we need to familiarize ourselves with each teammate's abilities so that we can rationalize our tactics in battle. I am Liao Ming, the leader of the team. The former captain of the special forces, is proficient in all kinds of light and heavy weapons, knows how to use dagger in cold weapons, and has studied kung fu for many years. "

"Zhang Yong, I have nothing to say. The cars are not bad, we've fought in the underground boxing ring for a few years, and the handguns are not bad."

"Zhang Shu is also a driver. However, he was standing guard on night watch for the carriage all those years ago, so his ears and eyes are still clear. Chicken Chicken Dog doesn't dare to say anything. "

"Zorro, the former first lieutenant of the special forces, specializes in sword arts, fighting, and escaping."

"Ghost Gold Goat, Forensic Medicine, proficient in identifying poisons, disguising corpses, and first aid."

He was almost certain that the Zhang brothers had seen blood before, and there might even be a criminal record behind it. Not only were they carrying ordinary drivers, Zorro was his teammate, and this Ghost Gold Sheep was Feng's twenty-eight nights. They might not even be able to fight him.

The Zhang brothers also wanted to, a medical examiner? Bad luck, and this brother looks a little weaker.

But Zorro's expression didn't change. Forensic, this person definitely wasn't just forensic. The Ghost Gold Goat was not light at all. Everything he asked for was shocking. Trading for money was disadvantageous, and his home was in danger. This kind of person was definitely not someone who was easy to deal with.

The Ghost Gold Goat seemed to have seen through everyone's doubts, and smiled faintly, "Everyone, don't worry, my self-defense isn't a problem. I used to be a mercenary in Blackwater. "

The Ghost Doctor? Mingzi's first reaction was that of a killing master from the Blackwater army, using poison was his last resort. He glanced over at Zorro, who nodded silently.

"We've also heard about the Blackwater army. So it's an expert. He's too blind." Zhang Yong said in a pampered manner.

"Alright, let's go. Zhang Yong and I will take the first train while you three will take the second. Be vigilant. " After the lights were positioned, two military vehicles with camouflage cloths on them suddenly started up.

The journey to the provincial capital was unexpectedly peaceful. After seeing the head of the Vermillion Bird Tribe, Jing Mu'an, Mingzi said to himself, "It's hard on you." From the moment he received these two carts of medicine, his tail had never left him. Some of them were even quite cocky and looked straight at him, as if they were certain that these two carts of medicine would not leave the capital. Mingzi wanted to go over and teach them a lesson, but Jing Mushan had already passed the year in which he knew his fate and had become much older than the juniors in this carriage. He sat in the carriage, closed his eyes and rested, only saying, "Let them follow us, it's not like it's been one or two days."

As they drove onto the national highway, the road gradually became deserted. In the evening, two military vehicles appeared out of the blue. Other than the occasional flying bird, the silence in the surroundings was unsettling. Zhang Shu suddenly spoke into the walkie-talkie, "There's a car in front." Mingzi was secretly surprised. He hadn't even seen the figure of the person in front of him when he was driving the car, but Zhang Mu had actually noticed it? The dog's ears were really sharp.

As the caravan rounded an intersection, Mingzi finally saw a Land Rover in the middle of the road. Two people were standing in front of it.

"We're going to crash into it?" Zhang Yong said.

"If we were to barge in recklessly like this, it wouldn't just be Mister Liang who would cause trouble for us. Moreover, since he's so fearless, he definitely has other tricks up his sleeve." Stop the car. " Lil said.

"No matter what's in the car, we won't make it difficult for you to go back to wherever you came from." The one who spoke was a man with a purple face and a tall stature. His hands were tucked into his sleeves.

"What do you mean? You two think you can stop us? "Since when did the Taihang Swordsman start to work for the Northeast?" Lil said coldly.

"A swordsman is also human. A swordsman also has his own wife and children." The purple-faced man spoke slowly.

"I want to know what would have happened if I had just run over in my car?" Mingzi even smiled at the good-natured purple-faced man, "Could it be a cart full of explosives in the car?"

"Not in this car, but not in the next." The voice of the other, a tall, thin, fair-skinned man, was unpleasant to hear.

"All of you should play according to the rules." Brilliant snorted.

"Sorry, I wonder which expert has come out to receive their guidance?" The purple-faced man stood there uncertainly. The blade came out from his sleeve, and the body of the blade was also black and purple.

A person walked out from behind Mingzi, "I'm here to meet the two of you." It was Zorro.

Zorro used a sword. It was a light sword, very similar to an athlete's sword. However, it didn't have a gauntlet. The blade was long and thin, about a meter or so in length. Zorro held the sword in his right hand and placed his left hand behind his back. He bowed his head slightly as a form of respect. Before he could even raise his head, Zorro suddenly exerted strength through his feet. His figure flashed, and he was already two steps away from the swordsman. The sword was pointed straight at his throat, and his elbow was raised as he repeatedly thrust forward.

The purple-faced swordsman had originally made a slight bow in return, but unexpectedly, Zorro's first move was to rush forward and attack. Now that he missed the opportunity, he became slightly flustered. His blade was not as long as his opponent's sword, but his blade was thicker and heavier than his sword, so he used the blade to cut through his opponent's sword. Lowering his head, he stepped to the side and pushed the blade along the blade toward Zorro's five fingers. His sword did not have a hilt. It was light as a feather, but when it came in contact with a swordsman, it was at a disadvantage.


The assassin's blade stopped right in front of Zorro's right hand, but he couldn't move it any further. The sword in Zorro's right hand did not hit the assassin, but the finger tiger in his left hand actually hit the assassin's chest. "Ahhh!" The assassin's purple face was so red that he was bleeding profusely. He vomited large mouthfuls of blood onto the ground. Although the combination of a longsword and a finger tiger is quite different, I still like it. " Zorro retreated, looking at the purple-faced swordsman on the ground.

"Your Excellency, you have quite the method. I like surprises too. Why don't we get closer?" The hoarse voice sounded again.

"Come." Zorro's sword disappeared around his waist. It turned out to be a belt. His right hand reached into his back pocket and switched with a finger tiger. He saw the swordsman with the ugly voice take out a short knife. It was not very long, and its width was less than an inch.

The two of them stood five steps apart, staring at each other. Zorro did not move, nor did the assassin.

Zorro could not rush to attack. He had been stabbed before he could even touch his opponent. The swordsman did not dare to rush to attack. He must kill the enemy before he could.

The setting sun gradually disappeared, and the wilderness at night was especially cold and dark. Zorro and the assassin stood still, like two stone statues. Zorro was waiting for him to strike. The swordsman was also waiting.

The swordsman was waiting for wind. They had been here for more than a week. Every night, after the sky had turned dark, the wind was exceptionally strong, so strong that it was difficult to open their eyes.

The wind was coming, and it was really strong. The wind was blowing, and it was really big.

Zorro's eyes narrowed into slits. He had not expected such a strong wind.

He didn't expect that he would lose!

The swordsman moved, and a shadow flashed like a bolt of lightning in the night, striking Zorro's carotid artery. The tall and thin assassin unexpectedly had such explosive strength. In just a split-second, his blade had already reached his body. In the swordsman's eyes, this Zorro was already a dead man.

"Good blade technique." Zorro gritted his teeth and squeezed out these three words, "Your blade is much stronger than that big guy, but …" You've lost! "

"You are ruthless enough!" The assassin's blade was splattered with blood and his eyes were bloodshot. He had indeed cut Zorro, but it was not Zorro's carotid artery. It was actually Zorro's left chest!

"Normally, when a normal person sees a knife slashing at their neck, they would always shrink back. But I chose to jump, so I could seize the initiative. So, my finger hit your right shoulder, and this time, your arm can't move anymore, right?" Zorro took in a breath of cold air. The force of that slash was truly powerful.

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