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"This place is really dangerous. There are mountains on both sides. It'd be great if they could ambush us from above!" Zorro said. The car screeched to a stop and Zorro was thrown back against the windshield.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Zhang Shu said there are a lot of people in front and the sound of guns." Zhang Yong said.

"What?" Gun? They dare to move their guns? F * ck, you have guts. I grew up playing with guns. Rub... Jumping off the bus, everyone jumped off the bus to find cover! "RPG!"

Mingzi jumped out of the car, and Zorro jumped out, dragging Jing Mushan with him. Everyone else quickly followed suit. When everyone had just left the military vehicle, they heard a "hong" sound. Two of the vehicles had been damaged.

"That jinx of yours is really an ambush." Bright stared at Zorro.

"The enemies should be around fifteen or sixteen people, and they are currently charging towards us. From the looks of it, they should be fighting with mercenaries." This time, Zhang said, it was no longer something he could hear. The people on the other side rushed forward very quickly, and Mingzi could already see the MP5 in their hands.

"This is too f * cking against the rules, actually using RPG. He's not afraid of China's harmony." "No," said Hamunaptra.

"Do something to them?" He was already excited by the smell of the smoke.

"Fight!" Mingzi also became angry. "If you don't take care of a few people, who knows that Prince Ma has three eyes? Take care to protect yourself." Don't hang up. Ghost Doctor, do you have any way to let us take the initiative? It's not good for us to rush out now. We're practically living targets. "

"My sleeping gas has the effect of the smoke bomb, but it can only be maintained for five breaths of time. The reaction of the people inside the smoke has decreased a little bit, so seeing that they don't have gas masks, it should be effective." The Ghost Doctor took out two Smoke Bombs that looked like two kicks.

"Together with my Lime Bomb, hehe, it should be enough for them to get some drinks. By the way, do we count this as a biological weapon?" Zorro took out his own treasure.

"Put on your gas masks and listen to my orders. Prepare to charge!"

"One …" Two … Three, throw it! " The first one to roll out from behind a pile of rubble by the side of the road.

He could hear a group of soldiers rushing over shouting, "What the f * ck is this?!" "I can't see anymore!" "If you can't see clearly, don't shoot!" "Expand the formation!" "Charge out!" His eyes were hurting! "What is this white powder?" There was only five breaths of time left. Mingzi counted in his mind as he stabbed the dagger in his right hand into the enemy's throat, slicing the carotid artery and hanging the gun and bullets on his body. One! He turned around and saw Jing Mushan and an enemy constantly fighting. He seemed to be at a disadvantage, so he casually threw his dagger like a throwing knife. It hit the center of the back of the head, two! "Raising his spear and firing three shots, he defeated one enemy, three of them!" It's about time, let's go! "

When Ming Zi and the others retreated to the safe zone, the enemy finally reacted, "Enemy attack!" "Pay attention." "Cover him on the spot!" "Sniper!"

"Tsk tsk, they even have sniper rifles. What should we do?" Zorro was reluctant.

"What happened? Did we lose the bet?" Bright saw Zhang Yong's left arm was bleeding.

"It's fine, I got hit by a stray bullet while I was retreating." Zhang Yong was also a tough guy, he had just knocked two people down with his fist.

"Hurry up and bandage it. The blood and smell will expose us." He skillfully pulled out the bandage. His hands did not stop moving, instantly taking care of the wound.

"We'll have to go back by the road and see if there are any vehicles in the nearby villages. That batch of medicine should be here by now. " He looked north and spoke slowly.

The gas station they met yesterday was actually planned by Feng. All the medicine had been switched to several coal cars at the gas station and they had already left for the city. Mingzi's convoy had taken another route to attract people's attention. When the White Tiger Division had proposed this plan, Liang Zi hadn't taken it seriously. He felt that no matter what, Mister Liang would not use a firearm.

Feng arranged for the Vermillion Bird clansmen to hand over the medicine and quickly replenished the medicine at the supply points. Afterwards, he went to visit the wounded and was extremely busy. On the other side, someone naturally reported to Mister Liang, "Sir, their car was destroyed by us. That batch of medicine didn't even reach the city a single bit."

"Hmm? What did you do? "

"They directly took out the rocket launcher and blasted it away. Their team had a lopsided defense and had already fled in all directions." There was pride in the flattery.

"Not a single one?"

"This... "No, but if the medicine is destroyed, it's not a big deal even if they go back."

"Hmph. What do you know? Let go of the tiger and return to the mountain."

"It's just that the commotion this time is a little big. Sir, look …"

"You don't need to worry about this."

That night the news reported, "There were two sudden explosions on the XX to XX route. No survivors. Witnesses said the explosion was caused by a collision between two vehicles. The case is still under further investigation. "Next, please pay attention to the remarkable results achieved in the construction of spiritual civilization in this city …"

After Feng heard the news, he heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that Mingzi and the others had escaped. Now, they had solved his desperate situation. With Mingzi and the others' skills, escaping was not a problem. He didn't know if the White Tiger Division had any new information, but Mister Liang's methods were varied. Without a complete information system, he wouldn't even be able to last through the entire morning. In fact, what Feng really wanted to know was the source of Mr Liang's financial resources. Only by beating a snake and cutting off seven of his sources of wealth would he be able to solve the root of the problem. Or … I also did an assassination? It was a pity that he did not even know who Mister Liang was.

"Chief, a few days ago, according to the number of the cars reported by our brothers and the analysis of the traffic situation in the city, we have roughly determined the general location of the enemy's headquarters in the city. It's in a house near the clock tower. " The White Tiger Division's staff officer, Unrivaled Sun Chicken, gathered the information and handed it to him.

"Does your White Tiger Tribe have any plans for the war?" Feng asked.

"We've drawn up a plan for the decapitation battle, but …"

"But what?" Feng asked. Could it be that the vicious star of the past had turned soft-hearted?

"We feel... Or perhaps I feel that this Mister Liang is not there. This kind of decapitation has no practical meaning, at most, it has the effect of deterring people, but it would alert the enemy and damage many people. "

"How did you come to this conclusion?"

"Quimu Lang once monitored the call logs on the other side and then bugged the phone, but although the person who issued the order sounded like a person at first, it was actually the result of the voice transmitter. Through sound wave analysis, we determined that not every time he issued the order, there would be at least three of them, and the location of the phone was not always in this city, which means that this enemy commander is not alone, and if we cannot kill Mr. Liang at once, then we will forever lose the opportunity to assassinate him." said Unsun Chicken.

Indeed, even if the success rate was only one percent, as long as there was a chance for improvement after one failure, then the hidden success rate would be one hundred percent. As long as one was willing to work hard and had the chance, this could be done; but even if there was a ninety-nine percent chance of success, there was only one chance to try. Having been in this world for so many years, Feng understood one sentence: The worst result that can be predicted on the battlefield is often the final result. Leaving a way out is the way to go.

"Let's put this plan there first. Don't forget that we still have the Azure Dragon Clan that has infiltrated into the northeast. We'll carry it out when the time is ripe." During this period of time, Mister Liang's frontal assault has slowed down. You guys should hurry up and rest, gather information about their financial resources and pay attention to their safety. There are many assassins in Mister Liang's army. "Also, think of a way to notify Mister Liang that our medicine has arrived." Feng Xing said seriously.

"Don't forget about the main task. We, the leaders of the White Tiger Division, also have many good assassins. " Undaunted Sun Chicken said, unwilling to be outdone. With that, he got up and left.

"Young man, you're so confident. However, self-confidence is still a good thing. " Aung Sun Chicken was a twenty year old young man. Feng Feng stood at less than thirty years old and was extremely arrogant. He had brought the medicine safely from Mr Liang's encirclement, and it was inevitable that he would want to demonstrate some strength.

In the evening, all the residents and pedestrians in the vicinity of the clock tower received a strange message: The medicine has been delivered. Mr. Liang, who had received the news, flew into a rage. And you, a bunch of trash! "

"Didn't they say that both carriages of medicine were destroyed?" The subordinate said carefully.

"That's my trick, to be stiff on behalf of the Li family, this kid has a playful heart. Fine!" "Tell the action teams below to stop their operations on the streets and initiate the 'Vampiric Bat' operation!"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Isn't that our secret weapon, the Vampiric Bat? Against a twenty year old brat, is there really a need? " His subordinate was shocked. The "Vampiric Bat" was Mr Liang's weapon and would not easily show it to anyone.

"Little Hairy?" A little brat like him had already caused me to lose nearly a hundred of my hands. The most important thing is, I think he deserves to die, this is enough! " Mister Liang was also burning with anger.


"Damn Kui Mu Lang, you actually hacked into the Public Security Bureau's information supervision system to send a message, you sure are proud of yourself." How can I explain this to the Chief? " Feng was chatting on the phone with Kui Mulang, complaining half-truthfully.

"I say, Master, their firewall is as thin as a board. It took me ten minutes, no, less than ten minutes, which means it only took the time of two songs to invade. Besides, he didn't even bother to find trouble with you when the street was in full swing. He definitely wouldn't mind about such a small matter. " The Quercus Wolf was not an easy target either.

"With you and that whatever keyboard Liu, we can probably hack into the security agency in a matter of minutes. Don't talk so much nonsense, what gains have you made recently? " Feng's love for him was also highly revered.

"The signal has just been detected. Mister Liang has started a mission called 'Vampiric Bat'. I don't know what it means yet, but it's said that Mister Liang is furious after receiving the message. I'm guessing that it's not simple at all." Kui Mu Lang said seriously.

"You and Keyboard Liu have been working hard these past few days, monitoring Mr. Liang's communication log at any time. You must figure out the real purpose of this' Vampiric Bat '!" Feng gave the order.


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