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Feng was surprised that Mister Liang had suddenly stopped his attack, causing the street to return to its former tranquility. Without the disturbance from the hoodlums, the day for the small business people had once again turned into a red-hot day. Winter always came very early in the north. It was only November, so Feng had already put on his coat. After dinner, he strolled over to Uncle Luo's fruit stall. However, he saw that Uncle Luo was about to leave.

"Uncle Luo, go out." You're not doing business tonight? " Feng asked curiously.

"Today, October first, I will burn a piece of paper for the five brothers and send some cold clothes." Uncle Luo said while holding a bag of paper, with red eyes. Just a few days ago, Firelizard Zhu Wu had died in his shop, but he had protected Uncle Luo's youngest daughter.

"Send Hanyi to Hanyi on October 1. The five Zhu Brothers would definitely have a good time over there. They might even become the overlords of the streets. Uncle Luo, please grieve. " Although Zhu Wu was a hoodlum, he had an old way of being warm-hearted. Normally, he would tell others that he was nothing, and even the peddlers on the streets would often take care of him. Sometimes, he would think of Zhu Wu's death. To fall into one's position as a "worker" and defend one's own dignity was indeed a happy thing. Death itself was not scary. What was scary was the unknown behind death. Since they had chosen this road, Feng, Mingzi, the twenty-eight nights, and the many brothers and sisters who could not be named, they already had the feeling of being sacrificed.

As the Golden Crow soared into the sky, Jade Rabbit leapt up, and more people began to burn paper on the street. The sparks of fire carried people's sorrow and memories, lighting up the bustle of the mortal world and giving the living the courage to continue living.

October 1st, send off Han Yi.

Feng was bored to death as he walked to the familiar bar. In the past, when Lin was not around, Feng always liked to listen to music alone, drink a glass of Chivas with ice, have a taste of bitterness and coldness, and also have a long time to return the favor. Feng really liked the style of this bar. It had a stage made of wood, a few bamboo sticks, an ancient rattan chair, and an ethereal singing voice. There had never been any violent rock and roll. The female singer always lightly strummed her guitar, spitting out soft music. Most of the people here were familiar with each other, just to avoid the city's clamor and find freedom and comfort.

"What about that female singer from before? I saw her last week. " Maple asked the bartender, shaking his glass.

"He quit his job the day before yesterday. I don't know why. I couldn't keep it for a long time. "Oh, another one has arrived. He's quite good-looking and his voice is very sweet." The owner of the bar was an elderly uncle, but he liked to mix cocktails and always came up with some weird recipes for everyone to try.

"We're not lolis, and we're even so sweet …" Feng helplessly swallowed a mouthful of wine.

"What is it? Displeased with him? It's not polite to say that without even listening to a song. " A fresh and sweet voice sounded from behind Feng. It was indeed very sweet. Moreover, it did not have the slightest trace of charm, but it was especially attractive.

Feng turned his head around and saw a cute little girl. She had fair skin and astonishingly large eyes. There was a purple butterfly on her long hair. Clearly, she was the one who spoke earlier. "Sorry, I was rude to you just now. I'll treat you to a drink, little beauty."

"Why did you add the word 'beautiful'..." I want blueberry juice, not rum. " The little beauty frowned, her nose tilted upwards, making her look exceptionally adorable.

"This is a new singer standing there. How is it? Not bad right? This is Feng." The hotel uncle looked like a lolicon.

"It would be even better if we could hang some posters of a girl with a soft voice in the shop …" Feng muttered in a low voice, but of course the boss didn't hear it. However, he smiled at Feng while holding the cup and standing in the distance. Did she hear it?

The ditty sounds of singing were indeed unique. The sweet voice was comparable to Wang Xinling's and she was also pretty. The sounds of chatting gradually died down in the bar, leaving only the dotty sounds of singing.

"I hope you don't have to worry about it," he said. "You don't have to worry about it, you don't have to worry about it, you don't have to worry about it, you don't have to worry about it, you don't have to worry about it, you don't have to worry about it, you don't have to worry about it."

It was two centimeters away from where he was standing the day before.

JumpingNow JumpingNow JumpingJumpingNow JumpingJump: "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!"

A glass of Shoutings, "HereWeGo!"

Song ShiningAfter School

It was actually the young lady's Cagayake! GIRLS, the girl indeed heard it. This kind of hearing, I wonder how compared to Zhang Shu's dog vigil. I'm afraid... Forget it, let's not think too much about it for now. Drinking a few drinks and listening to a song can be considered as a reward for the hardships he had gone through these past few days. Closing his eyes, Feng Feng was mesmerized by the dreamlike atmosphere.

"Hey, can I treat you to a supper?" The fresh and cute voice sounded again.

Feng was just about to leave when the bar closed. The middle-aged owner's bar always closed without sleeping. With a beauty suddenly inviting him, what was there that he didn't dare to go? "Sure, but why?"

"You're the first person to treat me to a drink. Though I don't drink. " The voice was sweet, as if it had been added with the silver ear soup of cinnamon honey.

"Alright, where are we going …?" Feng Feng was not a gentleman, yet he still pretended to refuse.

"How is it? The green tea cake in this restaurant is great, right? I often come over to eat." Feng said. Feng really couldn't let the little girl treat him, so he brought this sweet and sweet Sect Leader's little dot to an all-nighter dessert shop.

"The Snow Pear Tea is also very good." The spots were indeed very beautiful, and they were only made up. From the looks of it, she was at most in her early twenties.

"Why are you wearing a pair of beautiful purple eyes?" Feng asked casually.

"How are these beautiful eyes? They are naturally born, alright?" Spot said in a slightly annoyed tone.

Natural born Purple Eye, oh god, a monster, this girl still wouldn't grow up to be the Qing Kingdom's namesake … Feng was in a trance, so he said, "I heard them say that you are a very famous person. Tell me about it, okay?"

"Who told you that?" Feng suddenly became alert.

"Everyone in the bar knows, they all call you Feng ge, but you aren't the oldest person there. That bar owner is already fifty years old, could it be that you are even older than him? " He nodded.

"Feng directly fainted." It's Brother Feng … Your son's voice is not really an older brother's idea, and you don't seem to be older or anything like that … As for being famous, I can find all the delicious things in the city, is that counted as something? "

"Of course. What is it? " A look of anticipation appeared on his face.

"It's very late today. I'll tell you about it when I have time." Maple looked at his watch. It was time for Lynn to call.

"Then I'll be going back. See you tomorrow."

"I'll send you off." Feng went over to the boss to pay the bill, and gave him a meaningful look.

The pretty middle-aged woman smiled at Feng Feiyun, "Come next time."

Who knew how many beautiful girls sat on the back seat of Feng's motorcycle, although Feng had only been in love once, with Lin.

"I got off right here, 88." Spot jumped off Maple's motorcycle.

"Aren't you going to invite me in?" Feng was full of teasing.

"You wish!"

Watching the little beauty enter the school campus, Feng's face was full of solemnity. This girl was definitely not simple. What happened tonight definitely wasn't a coincidence. How many people did she deliberately reveal themselves? How many words are carefully rehearsed? Who was this girl? Are they Mr Liang's men? Or other enemies? On the way back, Maple's mind was full of question marks. Then the phone rang. It was Lynn.

"Darling, where are you fooling around in the middle of the night? "Are you trying to take advantage of the fact that I'm not having a clandestine love affair anymore?!" Lynn heard the roar of the motor and asked.

"Of course not, he's on his way." Feng was vague.

"I just sent a beauty home, it's the bar again …" Lin's sixth sense was too strong. Was there a surveillance in his car?

"No …." How do you know? " Feng really wasn't good at lying to Lin.

"If there were beauties in the car, you definitely wouldn't have answered the phone. The bar is only open at night. Say, did you take a fancy to some little beauty?" I'll go back tomorrow if you believe it or not! " Lynn said angrily.

"You are a waste of your talent as a detective … "Don't, you can't trust me, so I came back to investigate." Feng hurried to explain, "It was the bar that I often visited that brought a new singer over, so we chatted for a bit …"

"I can't be bothered to listen to your explanation. You took advantage of my absence to go out and fight some wild food. Hmph, you decide." Lin said angrily.

"This... Lord, I dare not. I came back to ask you … "Please …" Feng really couldn't think of anything else to ask Lin for.

"Can I take a look at this young lady?" Lynn teased Maple.

"Grandaunt, please spare me." Feng's head was three heads big.

"I'm not teasing you anymore. Take care of your own safety. Go back and rest early. Drink less wine!" "Good night, darling."

"Good night." To be toyed with by two women in turns in the middle of the night, I am a Monarch …

Maple went back to his room, turned on the computer, and saw that the wolf was online.

"Is there any news? "Vampiric Bat?"

"According to my analysis, it should be a series of assassinations carried out by a secret team in the hands of Mister Liang. Head, you must be careful. "

"Be careful, I'm wearing bulletproof vests when I go out to buy vegetables."

"Then what's the matter with the beauty at the bar tonight?"


"I don't think I can say it."

"Did Bi Yue Wu tell you?" Bi Yuewu was the owner of the dessert shop. He had built his way through the night to prosper, offering sacrifices for the opening of the store. Bi Yuewu had the talent to save food, and no matter where he started his business, he would flourish. Today, he noticed that something was wrong with the girl, so he brought her to Bi Yuewu's store. One of them wanted to be safe, and the other wanted Big Sis to help investigate this girl's background. Feng, on the other hand, was guessing that Big Sis Bi Yue Wu had a gossip in her mind and wanted to use him as a weapon.

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