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C2 Chapter 2

My eyes narrowed as I looked at the groups of women in the alley. Like idiots.Their heads and eyes followed the two men who passed in front of them. I could see them giggling and shaking with excitement.

I raised an eyebrow. Yeah, they’re handsome. But are they stupid? The two boys Just pass in front of them, what’s so exciting there?

I looked back at the book I was reading. I was under a tree on the bench sitting across the alley.

But soon I looked back at the two.

Radleigh was a fucker but now that seems to have changed. I heard that he was crazy about some girl. But I haven't seen his girl yet.

Radleigh's face was very intimidating. Always snarling, but still handsome.

He was followed by Clinton. Clinton's talking to Rad. Rad just nodded in response.

In Clinton's aura, he is obviously a playboy. At first glance, you will know that you cannot trust him. I just shook my head. Why am I wasting time on them?

All my thoughts were gone when my cellphone rang in a call.



"Where are you?" The sweet voice of my bestfriend.

She's witty. She doesn't know anything. She's a total package. Pretty face like an angel, be good because of her soft features, she is like an angel. Modest act and sometimes quiet with own world but kind.

Jen is happy go lucky. She can't live without fuck. I won't be surprised one day that she has HIV. But of course, I'm joking.

But all and all. They are kind and friendly.

"In the alley. Why?"

"Join me here at the cafe. Where's Jen?" she asked.

"Maybe fucking around?" I laughed.

"Well whats new?" She giggled too.

I ended the call and stood up. I'm going to Natalia at the Cafeteria.

I was carrying a book and my shoulder bag when I entered. The first time I looked, I saw her in a corner alone while there were two fraps on the table.

I smiled but my smile fade when I saw Clinton sitting near Natalia's table where I would sit now.


I nodded and approached Natalia. She looked up at me.

"How was the thesis yesterday?"

I blinked.

"Fuck that thesis! It's hard!" I moaned immediately and sipped on my frapp.

Natalia's frapp is strawberry and mine is chocolates.

I know there is something weird about Natalia . I know if the person is in love. I already know from her movements and smile.

Our Maria Clara fell inlove!

"Oh .. We have a different smile." I teased her.

She smirked and she pouted.

"Sebe kissed me."

"Oh! That's something." I could hardly continue what I was about to say. "That's where it starts ."

She grinned.

I know its her first kiss! I know she can't tell about it much but I know.

"Oh! That's .." I could hardly continue what I was about to say. "That's where it starts .."

She grinned.

He just shrugged. I know its her first kiss! I know I can't tell this much but I know.

I got hung up on the chocolate frap so I ordered another one. I hope I don't gain weight.

"Wait. I'll just add more food, shall I?"

She nodded and looked back at her cellphone. I didn't look at Clinton's desk when I passed by. I hate playboys! I mean fuckers!

When I got the two frap and sandwich I was back at our table. but as I was back I saw the looks of the men on me at a table.

I stared at them one by one. Because I didn't outbalance the tray I was carrying and I putangina .. Clinton all threw the frap!


"Oh .. Fuck!" I can see the wetness of his pants because his lap fell. There is still ice there.

In my panic I took the handkerchief from the pocket of my skirt and wiped his wet pants.

"Oh my..sorry.” I was depressed because his pants were really wet.

He didn't say anything so I looked at him. My face was so close to his because I bent down to wipe his pants.

He smirked and bit his lips.

I looked back at his lap. there I realized that the handkerchief was no longer in my hand and was already holding on to the bulge of his manhood.

What the ...

I took you right away .. Damn it!

Those who saw us looked and sighed ..

"Flavor of the month of Clinton.”

"She purposely throw it. To be noticed."


"Clinton's handsome."

So different that I immediately hear from them. Duh? I didn’t mean that!

"Pervert!" I shouted at him as he took my hand there.

He just stood in front of me.

"Clean it." He chuckled sexily. So my cheeks almost turned red.

"I didn't mean that .." I answered emphatically.

He sighed and put his hand in his jeans pocket and didn't have a pack if it was wet.

"Intentionally or not .. it's your fault .." He said to me.

"I know. So sorry right?"

"I'm sorry it won't dry out." He answered me. Does it bother me?

"What can I do? It's already happened!"

"You can do something."

"So what?"

"Come with me." I swallowed hard.

"What ?!"

"You're like Kylie!" Natalia yelled at our table smiling dog.

Oops! if it wasn't just beautiful and angelic if this woman was just a demon like Jen I would have beaten it e!

But that was just an accident!

"Are you sick or not?" Clinton asked angrily.

"Fine! Where?" I have nothing to lose.

"In my condo."

My jaw dropped.

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