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C3 Chapter 3

I don’t know why I went with this sensual! I feel like I'm being silly. I stood by his side waiting for the elevator to open. You are not mistaken. Like me. He hasn't said a word since before. He was just quiet and serious.

When the elevator opened it came out first. Many people were looking at him earlier outside because of his wet lap or maybe he was just handsome so they looked at him?

Its pure black and white interior unit opened up to me. Base on the interior, he’s really a clean man and neat. I immediately inhaled the fragrant smell and was immediately wrapped in the cold aircon.

"Stay here.." He said and went to the second floor. So I had a chance to look at the pictures on the wall hanging. There I saw a picture of a child who I think was twelve or thirteen years old. My eyes widened when that became clear! This is Clinton.Gosh!

Next I looked at was a framed photograph of four boys.

Oh fuck! I can't be wrong.

Sebe, Damon, Clinton and Radleigh! Not even one of them had a smile on the face!

But, shit! They have been very handsome ever since. Even now he is always serious and especially handsome! I turned around and backed away so that I could look at the others but I collided with something. So I looked there. I didn't know he was here.

I was even more surprised! He's topless! And just wearing a boxer!

What the heck!

So I closed my eyes immediately.

"W-why! You don't have clothes ?!"

"It's my unit. I'll do whatever I want." I blinked and turned back on the long sofa.

"Even if you have a visitor! I'm here! And I'm still going home!"

Gosh we just talked like this. At school, I always see him but not talking with him!

“Like I said ..It's my unit, I'll do what I want. " He said seriously and bowed closer to me. I was sitting on the sofa so I was even more inclined to lean against it. He imprisoned me with his arm.

I almost lost consciousness! Is he like that? L

"Stay away!" I pushed his chest but I did nothing.He bit his lips and looked down at my lips.

"What if I kiss you right now huh?"

My eyes widened at what he said.

"Pervert!" I pushed him so I could stand up. I don't know if I can stand.

He laughed, and never let me go.

"You're at fault for me. Pay me a kiss." It turns out he's a fuckboy.

"Asshole! What ---" I cursed everything that could be cursed in my mind because he immediately crushed me with a kiss!

My heart pounded at what he did so I pushed him with all my might.

I slapped him immediately.

"How dare you!"

His jaw tightened because of what I did. His head tilted slightly because of my slap.

"U-Uh, I'm s-sorry. I didn't mean to."

I shooked my head. I know he's a very playboy but he shouldn't add me to his collection.

"You pay. You slapped me." He said seriously and there was a ghost of a smirk on his lips.

"How much?"

"Kiss Me."

Before I could answer he kissed me again. Is he addicted? I almost shook my head at his kind of kiss. He just made every angle to kiss me. Until I felt my back against the soft sofa and he leaned over me. I seem to be hypnotized.Gosh, is that it? I sighed as his kiss fell on my neck.

"Cl-Clinton .. stop." I stuttered.

But he didn't answer instead he bit and sucked on my neck. He kissed me back on my lips and I felt his hand enter my panty. He just parted the skirt of my uniform.

I almost pushed him as he touched my femininity without hindrance.


He chuckled.

“Yes, baby?” He called me baby. I could feel his opening especially on my thigh.

Is that it? Shall I give it to him? But it seems to be early and this is not right!. My chest was pounding at what Clinton was doing to me.

"Clinton!" I shivered in my own voice. He inserted one finger in my hole.

I felt pain because of that.

But, dammit! I feel like I can pee with pleasure.I closed my eyes tightly as he sucked on my right breast like a baby.

Hello! I don't have a bra anymore? I can't even feel that my bra is on the floor and my uniform is open ..

Clinton is really a fucker. I guess all the women who just approached him tasted it. So maybe he was like this to me because he thought I was a slut?

He tore down my panties. I was almost cold from what could happen. I have the favor, I have the opposition.

Shall I giv ine? Huh?

Clinton was even push me his finger. So I almost rolled my eyes when I felt something strange in my stomach as if I could urinate.

"Ah! Clinton!" I growl. We were both sweating.

He was just looking at my every growl which he was enjoying.

He's biting his lips while looking at me. I was almost consumed by the fire I could see in his eyes.

"Fuck." I cursed when I reached my peak that he accelerated even more.

I almost sneered when he cooked my thigh even harder and stood in the middle of me. he is so handsome. As in ..

But before that move down my panty.

"Fuck! Clinton .I’m.."


"I-I'm a virgin."

He sat up straight and was wiped on the palm. He was as if cold water had been poured on him by what I had said.

"Fuck!" he cursed and stood up so I fixed myself. He’s unbelievably looking at me ..

What does he think of me?

He shook his head.

"Fuck, I shouldn't have done this. Damn .." He turned away from me. While I was left unprocessed at all.

That's too close. Really.

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