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C4 Chapter 4


He's stupid! Shameless!

I saw his face yesterday. It's like he was drenched in cold water 'when I said I was a virgin !? He’s stupid!!

"Eh why do you seem so disappointed ?why do you seem to regret it? ” I was even more annoyed by what Jenn said.

Huh? Me? Nno!

"You're crazy! I'm disappoint .. Because ... because what.."

"Because what huh ?!". Natalia said smiling at me.

I blinked.

"I'm feeling rejected! That's it!" They both laughed.

"Damn, that's where it starts. " Jen said and ate her pizza.

We are in Greenwich now here inside Shangri la.There is so much people here in the foodcourt. I saw many acquaintances and friends.

It's Saturday so it's okay to go to the mall.

"Start of what? I’m not like you."

Yesterday I left immediately without saying goodbye. It's embarrassing! First I gave in so quickly! Second I was rejected!

It's hard to explain but I'm disgusted. It was like I had a virus yesterday that suddenly he left me!

I left the pizza as if no longer savoring the taste and swallowed straight away. I took another and ate it again. I looked around. I was humiliated by the rejection of the bastard.

And now here he is. How coincidence huh?

Take note huh? He's not alone. He's with a chick! Different woman now! The woman's hand hung on Clinton's arm.

"What is that Kylie! Slow down!" I coughed a cough and took the iced tea Natalia had given me.

"Bullshift." I nodded and wiped my mouth.

" Eat slowly." Jen said laughing.

They don't see them Clinton because they both facing me.

"Tse!" I shouted at them.

He's stupid! Is that the kind of woman he wants? It's obvious that I'm more beautiful and sexy than her!

I didn't want to but I looked outside of Greenwich again. Glasswall is all here so I can see people outside the foodcourt where there are stalls of siomai, shawarma, coconut juice and more.

Clinton was wearing faded jeans and a gray shirt. He has a tattoo on his tribal arm. I think they all have cousins with tattoos.

As usual. The women's necks were almost turned just to see him. His presence really grabbed my attention.

“I’ll go to comfort room.” I told them. It looks like I need to wash my hands. It felt , sticky.

"Okay, we'll wait for you in the parking area, shall we?"

When I entered comfort room, there were two women inside. I ignored them and went straight to the cubicle to take a break.

"You know .. I saw Clinton earlier with a woman with him." I heard a woman say annoyed.

What about Clinton?

"It's annoying, we were only together the other day. I'm almost ignored now. I thought we were going to date but we weren't! He just toyed me!”

One woman laughed.

"I told you. That Montemayor cousins is cunning !don’t be fooled !. ” She giggled.

"So what? Is it big? Tell me!"

The woman giggled as if wanting to know this.

"Oh! It's too big! As in. I can't handle it completely.Shit! His dick is too long and big!!"

The fuck! Why do I hear things like this? I can't seem to move from what I've heard.

God! I couldn't take it anymore and I left the cubicle. These women are seriously insane! They are silent when they see me come out.

Fools. I heard it. They didn't even think I could hear it even when I was inside.

I first washed my hands in the sink while the two did their make up.

My cellphone rang so I picked it up and pinned it between my shoulder and ear while washing.

"Hello Jen."

"Where's are you already?."

I rolled my eyes.

"I'm still washing my hands." My answer.

"Washing seriously?"

"Yeah, there are as many viruses here that have spread to CR. Disgusting." my tone is artistic.

The two sighed as if embarrassed. The bitches were guilty. They are damn, disgusting.

"Huh? You mean?"

"Huh? I'm a virgin no! Not like the others who are ragged and whose men they fuck! Gosh!”

"You're saying Kylie?" Jen don’t get it ofcourse coz’ I purposely insulting the two bitches.

The two next to me are silent again.

I only heard their whispers. But I didn't understand that and left. Sometimes because we also have to be frank or listen to become aware as well.

When I came out, I slammed the door shut and the man I hated came out of the men's CR.

Am I this unlucky? Clinton is here too!

"Disgusting! Idiot! "I whispered as I walked.

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