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C5 Chapter 5

Leaning against the railings of our room ,my mind been clouded with some things.

I don't even know. I want to think, but I can’t think straight. It's like I just want to be alone.

Damn, I am crazy.

Everything I thought was gone when I saw Clinton below. He's with his nerd classmate.

Maybe they are close? They have been together for almost two months now.

Maybe not just close but maybe his girlfriend. Just now he befriended a nerd.

With a big round glasses, with braces, and her thick, long hair was loose.

If in others he is always intimidating and serious but in this nerd not?

Don’t like the virgin but like the nerd?

When the class ended, Natalia texted to see us. We haven't been together for a few days.

"How are you?" I asked her. Same usual, she glanced at me coldly.

Natalia's cold presence will make you intimidate.

She's a genius. And I know that Sebe and her is a thing.

"I'm still waiting."

I feel her pain, she has been like this for almost five months. Is that how he loves Sebe?

If I was in her situation I don’t know what to do.

"Let's go to the bar tonight! My treat!" I told her cheerfully.

But she rolled her eyes.

"What?" I mocked.

"You think it helps?"

"Ofcourse! Let's just have fun Nat! No flirting."

In the evening, they hung out in my unit so we could go straight later.

"Oh you don't have a chance Kylie." Jen said to me. We had just finished eating and preparing what to wear. So it looks like my room is a trash, there’s a lot of clothes hanging everywhere.

"Chance to whom?" I looked at her first before looking again for something to wear.

Lots of scattered dresses on the floor! The heels and other stilettos are already in my dresser.

"For Clinton! I think Berna is his girlfriend! The nerd! They're sweet." SHe pissed me off.

I rolled my eyes.

"What I care? ?Maybe you like him. "

"Excuse me. I'll crush him, yes! But that's only it. I already have Ronald." she says.

Who cares? I didn't speak anymore so that her useless topic wouldn't spread further. If only Clinton was the topic it really didn't matter!

I looked around my room.

Gosh! We'll just hang out! Even if I wear a tshirt and shorts there, it's okay. Jen is so different!

Natalia was just lying on the bed. As usual, her boyfriend texted.

I chose the gray with glitters mini dress. Mini, means-little upside down ass!! I paired it with black heels.

Jen, on the other hand, also has a red mini dress. So she looks like a GRO but she's beautiful.

I also looked at Nat. I immediately softened. Her face was really like an angel's. She wore a baby pink dress that was the right length.

My favorite bar. Rich and famous celebrities really visit it. When we left my condo I immediately felt anxious.

"Let's go!" I pulled them in.

I laughed when I entered. We immediately looked for a place but my smile was immediately gone when I saw Clinton's group. They were a mix of men and women.

Damon was there. Radleigh was there and of course Clinton.

My temper doubled when I saw the person next to him .. Berna?


Wearing a t -shirt and shorts, she seems uninvited because what she's wearing doesn't fit here. It just looks homely ,really.

We still had to go through there to get to the place we chose.

We were just near them!Ugh.

When we passed there Radleigh whistled. He’s also a playboy cousin of Clinton. Of the four, Rad and Clinton are well known playboys.

Radleigh smoked his cigarette and glanced at Clinton, so I looked there as well.

Clinton was looking at my chest.

I know I have a great breast but I didn't know that he likes woman with big breast huh? Last time I saw him in the basement looking at my chest. Now still staring.

Damn him. Playboy but afraid of the virgin? Shouldn’t the virgin be afraid of the playboy?

"Awful! They're here Kylie!" Jen screamed at me as soon as we sat down.

"And so?" I mocked.

Nat ordered what we were going to drink. While I was looking around. I was disgusted with that Berna! The Clintons toy! Did Clinton really bring her here?


Whatever embarrassment happened inside his condo back then I had no care at all. He really doesn't care about me!

I gulped down the shot glass of tequila. My throat got hot so I bit into the lemon.

“Shall we dance?” Jen invited us.

I shook.

"Later when I'm drunk."

She laughed."It's up to you".

Jen was already on the dancefloor. I was getting drunk at our table.

I was about to get the shotglass when Natalia held my hand.

"Hey, don't get drunk. You're our driver."

"I'm not drunk yet." I was still a little confused.

"Take a comfort room first? You need to wash." she commanded me.

I am now in front of the mirror in the sink. I washed and wiped my face. Immediately I think about somethings.

Does my life still have meaning? I wake up in the morning, go to school, and then go home in the afternoon, the next day I will do the same.

I arranged myself and went out. I am going home. It's past twelve. When I leave, the woman I hate ,also enter the comfort room.

I immediately raised an eyebrow at her. She bowed.

"Excuse me please." she told me that I was annoyed. What?

I did not leave my position so that she could not enter.

"Huh? I'm only nineteen. Excuse me? I know is that you're twenty two. You looks like an old lady."

I couldn't stop myself from speaking badly.

"S-Sorry, I’ll come in.” Come on, bitch!

I pushed her shoulder a little. “Don't play tricks here. We know you're flirting! You're flirting with Clinton aren't you?"

I don’t know why I hate her. If I know, this one is a slut too!

I was surprised when she sobbed in front of me. Ha! Immediately cry?

"I don't know the ---"

"Dont play innocent ---"

"What happened?" A baritone voice stopped me.

"C-Clinton." Berna and even fixed her graded eyes glass.

I just sighed and shook my head. Clinton looked at me badly.

I swallowed and looked at him wickedly.


It hurts me to see his concern for this woman. I can see him holding her waist almost hugging her.

"You hurt her." He said firmly.

Hurt, really?

"Why? Does she have a wound? If I had hurt her, she wouldn't have had many wounds!"

If I had hurt her.. she wouldn't be in the hospital now!

"But still ..."

"Still what? She’s flirting with you ---"

"Don't call her that!" He shouted at me that I would almost close my eyes.

My tears fell.Fuck.

I could see the softening of his face when he saw my tears.

"I-I'm sorry," I turned and left.

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