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C6 Chapter 6

It hurts when you're in that situation. It's just insulting. He almost disgusted with me recently because I said I was a virgin. Then he can stick with that nerd? Can he worry with her like they have something?

What's with her that I don't have huh? Darn it! Stop comparing Kylie! You don't have to compare!

I leaned against the snout of my car and took out a cigarette. I will not enter the first period of class this afternoon. I lit it up and immediately inhaled.

Until I was exhausted and I would have thrown it away when someone parked in front of me. On the other side was a Black SUV. My chest immediately throbbed because I knew who it was.

Clinton was there. Wearing a black V neck shirt and a black jeans. His thick brows furrowed.

I immediately turned away and turned around. I was still embarrassed to face him because of what I had done at the bar. When I shouted and pushed Berna.

If I had done that because I knew she was pretending. I know every woman’s move and thought and I know she’s fake. Clinton is really the only one I can't read. When I turned around, I didn't look at him anymore.

I don't want to think about anything now. I go to the back part of the school where the view is beautiful, near from the soccer field.

From here in the grandstand I could see the whole school because I was on the high side. The wind was blowing my hair and I could only hear the birds chirping.

I sat on the wooden floor and leaned against the wall. I looked up at the glare of the sky.

We only live once. We should be happy. Don't waste any hour to be sad.

I would have closed my eyes but I stopped when I saw the pair of eyes looking at me from below.

The grandstand is like bleachers like in the auditorioum. But it was around the whole soccerfield and I was on the top floor of the bleachers. I was immediately adjusted to sitting because I knew I could be peeked at. He has a class why is he here?

Maybe this also one of his favorite place?

So do I have to leave? Because he was there? When I saw him move up here ,I stood up. I took a deep breath.

I also stepped down as he went up. Why in my direction he was heading I do not know.

My chest throbbed so much as I stepped down. I diverted the direction so that we wouldn't bump as we were close to each other.

But he still followed me. My forehead furrowed. What the hell!

I bit my lip and stepped to the side again as we were about to bump each other but he caught my arms. I cringed at the violence of his grip on me.

He looked at me angrily.

"Clinton!" I tried to pull my arm but it only got tighter. "It hurts!" I shouted at him. Because the pain really is.

"What have you done again?" he asked sharply, frowning at me. What?

"What are you saying?" I shouted at him.

He laughed mockingly.

"You burned her books right?" He accused me.

"What? Books? Who?" My question because I don't really know.

He sneered.

"You burned her books Nicole." he called me in my second name. First time. He has never called me by my name.

"I do not know what you're saying!" I punched and withdrew my arm from him and I succeeded.He's ruthless!

He chuckled dangerously.

"Berna told me you're the only one who can--"

I laughed. Bernadette again? Always? I'm avoiding her, aren't I!?

"Why? Does she have evidence? I don't know anyone like her pretending-"

"Shut up Nicole." He hissed.

So this is what makes him mad? Because of that woman? She's lucky having Clinton, huh? Very good.

"Shut up your face!" I shouted at him and my tears immediately fell.

"You know? I'm already avoiding all of you, right ?!" I shouted at him and I could see the tension in his jaw.

"I'm avoiding all of you! Why do you here now? "

That woman is too much. When I was just surprised that she had bumped me and dropped her books I didn’t even realize that I had spilled her with the frappe I was carrying. She cried that time. And others stare at me badly. They thought I was bullying Berna.

It was only then that I first got angry of her at the comfort room of the bar. But that never happened again.

And she's obviously enjoying because Clinton is defending her. She got his sympathy!

And now this again? How can I explain to him that I have no intention of doing it. I'm too beautiful to waste my time to her.

"If anything happens to her I'm no longer care about that. I'm making a peaceful life here."

I wiped away my tears when he did not answer.

"Do I still need to transfer to another school to calm you down?"

He remained silent again.

I shook my head. "Okay. If that's your comfort for her. It's for me too."

I took a deep breath and was about to leave but he violently pinned me to the wall of the grandstand. My chest throbbed.

"What the.."

He cursed. "I'm sorry."

His voice became soft now. He locked me in both his hands so I couldn't leave right away.

He wiped my tears.Why are you like this? You're so hard Clinton.

"Stop crying." He said softly.

I nodded and pushed him a bit.

Our contiguous bodies were different to me.He is so handsome and he's so tall.

"I'm leaving."

"I'm sorry." He said again and looked at me with deep eyes.

Before I could breathe he had already claimed my lip. Shit! My eyes almost popped out. I was grabbed by his arm .

He scooped me up so I was very close to his neck. I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed me between him and the wall. We kissed in all angled. No matter if anyone can see us.

"I'm not mad at you. I just don't like you’re like this." He gasped and kissed me again. "I don't like you that way." Shit.

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