Justice And Desire/C15 Chapter 15
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Justice And Desire/C15 Chapter 15
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C15 Chapter 15


It was nine forty-five, and I was sitting at the bar in Bolivia and staring at the whiskey in my glass. There was no doubt in my mind they would show up tonight. It was Daniel Bologna’s birthday today, and everyone knew Daniel was notorious for his party, being the wild one of the Bologna brothers. I also happened to know this was one of his favourite spots. Bolivia was known for its upper-class clientele.

It was a three-story club with a bar on the lower level where luxurious leather couches surrounded the black and white checkered dance floor. The second floor was more like a gallery that overlooked the rest of the club and the top floor was something of a mystery to everyone who wasn't someone. The second floor was where all the big VIP fuckers sat, pretending they were watching over their little kingdom of drunken souls. There they were served by waitresses dressed in nothing but shiny red miniskirts and matching crop tops. I was also pretty sure one of the qualifying criteria for the waitressing job was you had to have a bra size of at least a double D.

The music was pumping, and the club was slowly starting to fill up as the night came alive. By now, the waiting line outside was probably stretched around the block. Lucky for me, the bouncer working at the door owed me a favour, which I decided to collect tonight, giving me quick and easy entrance.

I was glancing around the club when I heard a familiar voice next to me. I turned in my seat. “Rio?”

When Rio saw me, he rolled his eyes. “Oh, fuck me.”

“Sorry, dude. That’s not how I roll.”

“Well then, fuck you,” he grunted and I snorted.

“Why isn’t your ass in jail?”

Rio grabbed his beer from the bartender before turning to face me. He smiled that damn silver-filled smile. “I have ways, my man.”

I scoffed. “I’m sure you do,” I groaned then frowned. "But what kind of ways can a lowlife like you have, Rio? How on earth did you get out of jail and get into the club so fast?" I watched as Rio's face turned hard.

“Have a good evening, Detective.” He tapped his beer against my glass and sauntered off into the crowd.

How Rio managed to get his ass out of jail was beyond me. But if I was to guess, I'd say it had something to do with the Bologna or if Anderson was correct the Morellos.

A commotion started on the other side of the club, and the entire crowd seemed to come to a standstill. Well then, it seemed like the Bolognas had arrived.

First to enter were the brothers. I knew both their faces. I’d studied them, followed them, watched them. I’d fucking stalked them over the last few months. I could recognize these guys with my damn eyes closed if that were even possible.

Antonio walked up front while buttoning his suit jacket. With squared shoulders and his chin lifted high, he looked like the epitome of success and power. The man screamed control and supremacy. It didn’t take an idiot to figure out he was the underboss, the son to take over his father’s empire one day.

Daniel, the party animal, was on the left, pulling his hands through his hair and winking at all the ladies. Can someone say man-whore? But as I watched them stroll in, the thing that caught my attention was the girl with the killer legs and curvy hips that had the potential to turn me into a raging, horny fucking animal.

Vanessa Bologna.

I shook my head when I noticed how her two brothers tried to box her between them, trying to shield her from the rest of the crowd. If only they knew there was no way they could hide such beauty from everyone forever. Vanessa had a way about her, demanding every man’s attention without even knowing it.

I tried to move a little to the right so I could see more of her, but the elder of her guard dogs blocked my view. Amazing how one family could hold so much power they made an entire crowd come to a complete standstill with only a simple fucking entrance.

Only when they walked past me did I get a good look at Vanessa, and fuck me, she looked amazing in a black mini dress, flaunting those toned calves and the silky-smooth skin of her thighs. Her long, curly hair draped perfectly over her shoulders, and I couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to fist those beautiful locks while her entire vocabulary consisted of my name as my cock filled her to the brim.

I shifted in my seat, trying to get a more comfortable position for my now rock-hard cock. Looking like that, I was surprised Daddy Dearest let her out of the house—not that I was complaining.

Okay, Gunner. Focus. You did not come here to perv over the enemy’s daughter. Although I could see it as a career perk, couldn’t I? Yeah, that was how I would justify my raging hard-on currently pushing painfully against my zipper.

I shot back the last mouthful of whiskey before ordering a new one, hoping the sting of the alcohol would tame my inner beast that craved sex, sweat, and heady moans.

While the Bologna siblings made their way up the stairs to the top floor, I sipped at my newly refilled glass and watched their every move. Naturally, they were treated like fucking royalty. The waitresses all swarmed around them, shoving drinks into their hands. And, of course, they got the best table in the club, right at the front of the balcony, which worked in my favour since I now had a clear view of them from where I was sitting.

Unfortunately, my gaze was glued to one specific Bologna the entire time. I simply couldn’t ignore how that damn dress accentuated every curve of her perfect body. That little black number teased me, taunted me, willing me to forget all about why I was here—to watch and observe all of them, hoping to get some clue where everyone fits into this giant puzzle of the crime.

Vanessa took a seat, and my eyes zeroed in on her thighs as she crossed her legs. Good God, that woman had killer legs—legs I’d love to have folded over my shoulders. I’d bet they felt like fucking silk, all luxurious, soft, and sleek.

I’m such a pervert.

I’m going to hell.

I don’t care.

Daniel and Antonio boxed her in as they took seats on either side of her. It was pathetic how they acted like she didn’t have a will of her own. I was willing to bet she was busy having a cursing fest inside her mind right about now.

In the back of my mind, I knew I should have been on the lookout for anything and everything suspicious, but deep down, I was painfully aware I was here because of her. I was here to see her. If that wasn't one fucked up shit, I didn't know what was.

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