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How much you look forward to, the moment is no longer a dream; how many memories, the moment you arrive, have turned into a thousand words of silence. He did not know how many winters he had gone through or how many winters he had gone through, only waiting sadly. He did not know the taste of his children's time, and only wanted to meet them early.

The moment Nian Bing appeared, he locked onto Yi Tian Xing's location. If it wasn't for the female disciple pulling him, Nian Bing would have rushed over.

Looking at Nian Bing and feeling Nian Bing's actions, Yi Tian Xing's heart surged. However, he still naturally made a gesture of silence. This was also the general gesture Yi Tian Xing and Nian Shuang used when they were small to go somewhere else to "pick up" something.

Nian Bing immediately calmed down as if he had a conditioned reflex. His face revealed a happy smile. Big Brother Yi was still the same Big Brother Yi. Nian Shuang's heart was sweet.

"This witness, this sacrifice …" After a bunch of red tape, under Lin Hengchun's hubbub, Nian Shuang finally completed the Coming of Age Ceremony and officially entered his girlhood days.

In the entire process, Nian Bing was playing the role of the mechanic, while his eyes never left Yi Tian Xing's body.

Xie Kai followed behind Qiu Meng. Seeing that Nian Shuang's eyes were devoid of anyone else, the anger in his heart was almost unconcealable. His unbalanced heart was somewhat unacceptable. A guy who's about to die can still make Nian Bing so enchanted. "

In Xie Kai's eyes, Yi Tianxing was already a dead man. He'd heard his master say that Yi Tian Xing definitely wouldn't survive more than ten years without cultivating a spell. Xie Kai felt much better when he thought of how a dead man could argue with him over the fact that he had died a long time ago.

Other than Xie Kai, every other young disciple who saw Nian Bing's peerless appearance was moved. Many of their hearts were set ablaze by Nian Bing. Indeed, after many years of cultivation, Nian Shuang still maintained her delicate aura. After being nourished by spiritual force, her pair of eyes were unnatural and filled with emotion.

Nian Bing, who was focused on Yi Tian Xing, didn't notice this. How many years had it been? She had many things to say to Yi Tian Xing, and her only hope was that this ceremony would end soon.

Upon seeing Nian Bing's appearance, Yi Tian Xing was shocked. The guy who called her big brother, like a little b * tch in the setting sun, looked pretty good. Under the disguise of those creative female disciples, he did look a little like a little girl.

Her appearance had changed drastically, but Nian Bing still looked at Yi Tian Xing as if he was a child. He was still attached to her, staring at her closely. He was afraid that Yi Tian Xing would accidentally abandon her and run away.

Thinking of this, Yi Tianxing couldn't help but laugh bitterly. I didn't really abandon her when I was young. Even if I did, I would have found her myself and spent a lot of time coaxing her.

After eight years, the two of them were finally reunited. Furthermore, the meeting after their reunion was still as natural as ever. The two of them hid their joy within their hearts.

The program went on to the point where people close to him came forward to give him their blessings. Of course, this time's blessing was accompanied by the gift of targeted blessing.

From Lin Hengchun onwards, the three great elders, Nian Bing's parents, and the disciples of each generation all expressed their blessings to Nian Shuang. After that, the other disciples under the Sect would be free to display their skills, express their intimacy, express their love and admiration. At this kind of occasion, no one would gossip about it.

A few of the foolish disciples, without the tacit approval of the elders, gave Nian Shuang gifts as a sign of their pursuit. Nian Shuang had refused to consider these matters because she hadn't yet thought about them. The last few disciples who were restless and unprepared immediately gave up on this idea.

When Yi Tianxing was about to step up to the end of the coming of age ceremony, Xie Kai stepped forward.

"Junior Lin, in order to express my congratulations to you, I have obtained the approval of the Sword Cave Guardian and took out this pair of Sword Aura Sword. Now, I am giving you the Sword of Love and Moon as a gift, I hope you will accept the treasures with the beauty."

Upon hearing the words "Sword of Exquisite Moon", the entire arena went into a state of silence for a short period of time. Almost all the disciples in Ying Tian Sect knew that there were dozens of Upper Sky Sword in one of the five forbidden grounds of the Heaven's Expanse Mountain. For the past ten thousand years, no one had been able to take out a spirit sword from the cavern.

Xie Kai had obtained the approval of the Sword Cave Guardian, proving that he had already entered the cave. There was a known Upper Sky Sword in the cavern, and the Moon's End Water sword was a legendary Upper Sky treasure recorded in Ying Tian Sect. It was Ying Tian Sect's third generation Sect Master Ouyang Zhen and his wife's personal weapon.

The Sword of Exquisite Moon was a pair of swords divided into the Sword of Absolute Water and the Water Sword. It was also a treasured sword that was characterized by the presence of yin and yang. A single Absolute Sword and Sword of Water were already ranked eighth or ninth on the Sword Class Equipment List. Once the Sword of Extinction closed, its might would increase threefold, and it would also be able to compete with the top three treasured swords.

There was also the saying that as long as a person's cultivation base exceeded the current Sect Leader's, they would become the new Sect Leader of Ying Tian Sect.

All of the members of the sect, including the elders and sect master of Ying Tian Sect, were currently thinking in their hearts.

Clearly, Nian Bing was aware of this as well. As he looked at Xie Kai holding the water sword, his mind was blank. Lin Hengchun used the Voice Transmission Technique to say, "Shuang'er, quickly accept it."

After a moment of silence, she looked at Yi Tianxing, who was staring at her fixedly. She had a plan. The sword, I can accept it. "

Before Nian Bing could finish, Xie Kai and Lin Hengchun were overjoyed.

"She really is a little girl. Let's see how you escape the enticement of this peerless weapon." Xie Kai felt extremely proud of himself.

"With Nian Bing's training speed, this sect leader is still in his own home." Lin Hengchun's heart was at ease.

Nian Shuang's last words shocked everyone. "However, you have to give me the Absolute Sword! Otherwise, I can return the water sword to you, and when you have decided on it, you can give it to me as a gift. "

Hearing Nian Shuang's last words, Xie Kai was momentarily stumped. Great Elder Chou Meng immediately arranged for disciples to pull Xie Kai down.

When Yi Tian Xing heard that Nian Shuang was going to accept the sword, he felt a faint pain in his heart. What he said next left Yi Tianxing at a loss whether to laugh or to cry. They were already this old and Nian Bing was still the same as before. He wanted everything that was good to him. Yi Tianxing hadn't thought that Nian Bing wouldn't think this way.

"Brother Yi, where's my present? If you don't give it to me, I'll ignore it! " Seeing Yi Tianxing standing there in a daze, Nian Bing's temper exploded again.

PS: Wish the Chinese Legion to get more tokens, and hope that my tickets and collection will be more violent!

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