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Walking into the dilapidated bone wall, Yi Tian Xing was horrified to find that the heads that he had seen earlier had all disappeared. In front of the tomb, there was a bunch of bare poles. The bloodstains on them showed that what he had seen the day before was not a dream.

Suppressing the intense discomfort in his heart, Yi Tianxing picked a small path that seemed to be between a grave and a grave. He walked through the graves and headed inside.

The further in they went, the more eerie the atmosphere became. Yi Tianxing stopped and focused his attention on what seemed to be a gigantic black shadow, which was probably a gigantic tombstone. However, it seemed to be wrapped in a layer of something, making it look extremely hazy.

Everything that was happening in front of Yi Tian Xing was beyond his imagination. As he looked at the huge tomb, he couldn't help but feel uneasy. Just who was buried here? How could such a huge tomb be placed here? When he thought about how he had only seen a tenth of the size of the tomb of the senior from Ying Tian Sect, Yi Tian Xing felt that the tomb before him was very strange.

Standing in front of the tomb and looking back, it seemed that all the Yin Qi had been sent into the tomb according to a special pattern. Yi Tianxing carefully thought about it and an odd thought popped up in his mind, 'These small tombs together with these large tombs formed this village? If the small tombs in front were the burial grounds for the villagers, then this large tombs should be the owners of this village.

On the surface, this explanation seemed reasonable, but how could Yi Tianxing explain the surrounding walls of bones, the heads of graves, and the heads that disappeared overnight?

Could this be the lair of that giant beast last night? Thinking of this possibility, Yi Tian Xing's heart skipped a beat. "Could it be that since it wasn't eaten by the giant beast last night, you're going to deliver yourself to its doorstep today?"

"I can't care so much anymore. I'll think about it while I walk." Now that he was inside, Yi Tianxing was determined to explore the tomb.

After checking his belongings, Yi Tian Xing didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Only half of the broken staff was left, and more than half of the stones in his pockets had been thrown away by Yi Tian Xing as he ran. Holding the stick and the two remaining stones, Yi Tianxing slowly approached the shadow.

At all times, he had to be on guard against any unforeseen circumstances. He carefully made his way to the tombstone, and with just a few steps, Yi Tian Xing's heart almost jumped out of his throat.

Standing under the tombstone, Yi Tianxing realized how small he was. He felt like an ant standing in front of a human.

Yi Tian Xing tried so hard to understand the words in front of him, but after a long time, he still could not recognize a single one. It was obvious that the words on top of the tombstone were not the common language of the Hidden Continent.

The surface of these words was covered with a layer of dark brown stuff. Yi Tianxing used the stick in his hand to pry at the brown stuff, and after much effort, he managed to pry off a piece of it. After carefully smelling it, there was a faint smell of blood. Could it be that the black substance on the tombstone was stained with blood? How much blood would it take to dye it like that? Yi Tian Xing was shocked by his own thoughts.

Walking around the tombstone, Yi Tianxing didn't find anything special about it. He used his wooden stick to knock around, and even used his foot to stomp on anything he thought was suspicious, but still didn't find anything special. Was this just a tomb?

He had been busy for a long time, but he still hadn't found anything out of the ordinary. Even Yi Tianxing couldn't help but feel discouraged as he sat down in front of the tombstone. It didn't matter if he just sat there. The atmosphere suddenly changed. The tombstone that was hundreds of thousands of feet tall moved to the side inch by inch, emitting creaking and creaking sounds.

Yi Tianxing jumped up like a conditioned reflex. He stared dumbstruck at the tombstone moving to the side. A hole that could fit two people standing side by side appeared in front of him.

'Looks like this is a passage to the tomb. There's no other way. Why don't we go in and take a look? 'Yi Tian Xing thought about all sorts of possible scenarios, so he decided to go in.

Kneeling at the entrance of the cave, he took a look and found that the air inside was still normal, at least there was no foul breath coming from the corpses outside. The cave entrance was not as dark as Yi Tianxing had imagined it would be. One by one, unknown glowing objects lined up in rows, emitting gentle rays of light that lit up the path in front of them. Within sight was a flight of stairs that led downwards. As he probed with his feet, Yi Tianxing was almost certain that the steps were real. He touched the walls on both sides and found that they were not dry like the ones on the outside. There was a tinge of wetness. At least, from the situation in front of him, there was nothing wrong with it.

There seemed to be no end to this passage. Yi Tianxing followed the stairs all the way inside. After walking for a long time, he still didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

After the fifth break, Yi Tianxing felt a bit helpless. It was impossible to go back, so he could only go down. Just when Yi Tianxing's patience was about to run out, Yi Tianxing finally found the end of the stairs.

What made him extremely depressed was that at the end of the tunnel appeared three identical stone doors.

"What should we do now? If only Nian Bing was here, she might be able to figure out the difference and distinguish which one was real." Looking at the stone door in front of him, Yi Tianxing suddenly thought of Nian Shuang.

"Out of the three doors, there should only be one that leads to the inner room. We don't even know where the other two lead to. "According to common sense, the center should be the passage. However, according to the customs of the Hidden Continent, the right side should be the leader. If so, then entering the right side should be the correct choice." Thinking of this, Yi Tianxing extended his hand towards the stone door on the right.

Just as Yi Tianxing was about to touch the stone door, a beam of light flashed through his mind. The words on the tombstone were clearly not the words used in the continent of Concealment, so how could this tomb be the same as the continent of Concealment? If this space was completely different from the continent of Concealment, then the right side was not the same. Thinking of this, Yi Tianxing broke out in a cold sweat.

After calming himself down, Yi Tianxing immediately changed his mind. He walked towards the left side of the stone door. Whether he lived or died depended on his hand.

Gritting his teeth, Yi Tianxing pushed open the stone door.

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