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As usual, Hong Flash gave up cultivating for a few days. When a few people gave up, he continued to search around Ye Luofeng. In the ten years he had spent with Yi Tianxing, he had long since treated Yi Tianxing like his younger brother.

Yi Tianxing's disappearance had left him feeling quite bad. After working with the others to search for a few days, his mood had calmed down. He had a feeling that nothing would happen to Yi Tianxing. It was probably an accident somewhere.

Regardless of how others had looked for him in the past few days, it didn't affect his determination to continue searching for Yi Tianxing. The scope of the search grew larger with each passing day, and most of the other public places had already been inspected. Hong Flash Hui's first target was the forbidden area of the Heaven's Expanse Mountain, and his first target was the Sunset Valley which was closest to Ye Luo Feng.

Looking at the canyon in front of him, Hong Flash felt a sense of ominous foreboding. Yi Tian Xing couldn't have entered this place, right? Hong Yao was startled by his sudden idea. The human's sixth sense was sometimes very accurate. This kind of indescribable feeling made Hong Weihui want to take a few laps around the Sunset Valley in the next few days.

As usual, Hong Shuang Hui continued to search the area he had set a few times before arriving at the Dawnshroud Valley. Rubbing his eyes, Hong Shuang Hui was sure that he was not mistaken. Not far away from the Dawnshroud Valley, there was a figure lying on the ground. When he looked closely, he almost jumped in excitement, "It's Yi Tian Xing, it's Yi Tian Xing indeed."

While holding off the allure of Sunset Valley, Hong Flash slowly approached Yi Tian Xing. He put Yi Tian Xing on his back, pushed his feet on the ground, and ran towards Ye Luo Feng's residence.

Before the person arrived, his voice had already reached. With a trembling voice, Hong Shuang Hui shouted towards the mountain gate, "We've found the Heavenly Path! We've found the Heavenly Path!"

Hulala. Everyone had surrounded him. Dislaw wiped away his tears and rushed out of the room. "Where's the Heavenly Path?"

This foster grandson of his brought him too much joy. He checked Yi Tianxing's body and found that he was only unconscious and not in a life-threatening situation. Only then did he feel slightly at ease.

Dislaw had Hong Shuang Hui carry Yi Tian Xing back to his room. He wanted to thoroughly investigate Yi Tian Xing, and after instructing no one to disturb him, he casually set up a defensive array outside the door.

Just like the news about Yi Tian Xing's disappearance, the news about Yi Tian Xing being found spread like wildfire through the entire Ying Tian Sect.

The elders had been quite proactive in arranging for their disciples to visit Ye Luofeng. Nian Bing heard the news of Yi Tian Xing's return and jumped out of bed. His clothes didn't even say anything before he ran out. Xie Yifei had no choice but to pick up her coat and follow along.

The Hidden Continent cultivates the Wind. Although they have already lost a large amount of their divine arts, there are still many relatively famous techniques in the Hidden Continent, passed down from the ancient sects to the aristocratic families.

The three Sacred Regions were like gods in the hearts of the people in the Hidden Continent. They only felt reverence for it. In addition to this, the Hidden Continent was famous for the current five great sects, as well as over ten other sects that cultivated various arts.

The glory of the five great sects had attracted the attention of all the great sects in the Hidden Continent. For this reason, they had once gained a reputation as the powerhouses of the Hidden Continent, leading to a situation where sects that were not of the five great sects joined hands to attack the five great sects.

Under the mediation and negotiation of all parties, each of the five gates would undergo a cycle of reincarnation every five thousand years. After a contest of strength, the seating arrangements of the five gates could be rearranged. Out of all the participating sects, the top five sects would be the next five thousand years. The sects that had been squeezed out of the five gates would lose their glory, and the sects that had just been promoted to the five gates would take over all the powers of the ordinary sects.

Although this kind of resolution was difficult for the five gates to accept, the law of ants biting down on elephants was still applicable in the Hidden Continent. Helpless, the five great sects had no choice but to agree to this plan.

Of course, the accumulation of tens of thousands of years wasn't something that could be eliminated in a single day. The five great sects had already been ranked four times, and they were still the same five great sects.

The opportunity to enter the Five Great Sects had stimulated the development of the other sects in the Hidden Continent. Some sects had already begun to surpass the five great sects.

In the first three stages of the ranking, the five traditional gates easily obtained victory, but as time passed, the effort that the five great gates put into obtaining victory also increased. It was so much so that Ying Tian Sect was almost pulled down from its fourth ranking in the top five doors. This somewhat unacceptable situation also caused the five great sects to pay more attention in accepting and teaching disciples. After all, no one had absolute strength to maintain an advantage in the next five thousand years.

With the creation of this new ranking system, the cultivation enthusiasm of the Ghastly Continent, which was initially on the brink of decline, soared to unprecedented heights. There were even more talents from various sects, and the Ghastly Continent seemed to have returned to its golden age of Divine Will cultivation.

There were still three years left, and it was time to reschedule the five great sects. As time passed, the battles between the various sects became more and more intense.

After experiencing the blood moon incident, the competition among the various sects had decreased with the recall of the five great general's disciples. However, there was still quite a bit of attention and discussion about the new ranking competition.

In the fourth ranking tournament, the unexpected performance of the Purple Sun Martial Palace and its shocking strength caused the entire continent to be moved. In the last five thousand years, the development of the Purple Sun Martial School had been even more vigorous, with five pupal transformation experts appearing in the sect. There were already nearly three hundred disciples that had entered the condensation period, and on the surface, the strength of the Purple Sun Martial School had obviously surpassed the Ying Tian Sect.

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