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Hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation could be a smile that came from the companion; tens of thousands of years of reincarnation could only be a temporary infatuation. The beauty of being able to cultivate to the truth might have already experienced hundreds of times of passing by.

In Nian Bing's heart, Big Brother Yi was still the one who could do anything when he was young. It was as if he was the only one who could make her feel happy. After eight years of separation and several days of separation, Nian Bing's older brother still made her feel at ease.

Seeing that Dislaw was investigating and his expression had changed greatly, Nian Shuang hurried forward and asked, "Grandpa Di, is Big Brother Yi alright now? Is there something wrong?"

His spiritual will was preparing to probe deeper for Yi Tian Xing, but the spiritual force he had inputted was actually gone without a trace, like a stone sinking into the ocean.

Ignoring Nian Bing's question, Disuo asked with a serious expression, "Tian Xing, what happened these days? Do you have any magic treasures in your body?"

There was only him and Nian Bing in the room. There were no outsiders.

Looking at the concerned gazes of Di Se and Nian Bing, Yi Tian Xing felt that he had been too reckless that day. If anything really happened to him, judging from their expressions, they would definitely suffer a huge blow, perhaps even … Yi Tianxing didn't even dare to think about it anymore.

In the past, Yi Tian Xing had simply been wary of the feelings of others. Now that he had experienced life and death, he felt the care and concern of his loved ones. His heart was much fuller now as he slowly incorporated the feelings of others into his own thoughts.

"Should I tell them the truth? If I don't, they will definitely be worried. Tell them the truth, I've already promised Gu Na and the situation inside cannot be known by them." After thinking for a bit, Yi Tianxing had no choice but to omit the important parts and give a vague account of what had happened.

When Yi Tian Xing heard the cry for help, he originally thought that a disciple had made a mistake in his cultivation and had accidentally ran to the edge of the Sunset Valley to rescue him. Afterwards, he fainted and no longer knew what had happened.

After hearing such a simple explanation from Yi Tian Xing, it was obvious that Disi Luo didn't believe him, but he didn't express it. In his heart, he believed that there was a reason why Yi Tian Xing didn't want to say it.

Glancing at Yi Tianxing, Dusk Valley is one of the few forbidden areas in Mountain-Edge Valley that I don't dare to set foot in, so I don't need to go there in the future. If you don't have any foundation in cultivation, it would be difficult for you to come back. If you really want to explore a little bit in the future, I will impart the Illusory Spirit Divine Art to you in two years. "When your cultivation is higher than mine, you can try to go down and take a look, but don't force yourself."

Nian Bing did not doubt Yi Tian Xing's words at all. When he heard that Desire wanted to impart the Divine Arts to Yi Tian Xing, Nian Bing was moved from the bottom of his heart. "In her heart, Yi Tian Xing is omnipotent." "Brother Yi, you have to take good care of your wounds. When you finish learning the God's Art, you have to take me to play. Also, you haven't brought me to the top of that mountain yet."

The words of Dusk and Nian Bing made Yi Tian Xing feel warm in his heart, and it was also becoming more and more motivating for cultivation.

Yi Tianxing smiled weakly and said, "I'll take good care of myself. Don't worry."

After the arrival of the messenger from Sky Capital Peak, Ying Tian Sect became visibly nervous. They still vividly remembered the previous ranking battle. In the final round of the competition, Ying Tian Sect's disciples had obtained the opportunity to ignite their spiritual will. The igniting their spiritual will, on the other hand, meant that their cultivation had reached an end. After this disciple returned to Ying Tian Sect, all the disciples treated him with great respect. However, the consequences of not being able to cultivate made this disciple choose to leave this world.

The battle five thousand years ago had been a heavy pain for the gates of heaven, a pain that had been ripped apart with the arrival of this messenger.

All the disciples who knew of this five thousand years ago felt a sense of sorrow and respect for the lost disciple. Although the disciples who had been accepted into the sect in the past five thousand years hadn't experienced that kind of pain, they were still immersed in that kind of atmosphere under the influence of their fellow sect brothers, masters, and uncles.

In fact, there is a kind of inertia from the bottom of the heart, and this kind of inertia has restricted the development of most people. A small number of people, stimulated by self-control and external factors, may wipe out this inertia. After the inertia is completely eliminated, a person will also have a tremendous change. This change is different from the new state after the fire, but a completely different state.

There were still three years until the final ranking competition. Three years was not a very long time for cultivators, but three years was enough to trigger a qualitative change, enough to complete a certain amount of accumulation. The disciples of the Ying Tian Sect had spontaneously thrown themselves into cultivation, becoming even more violent than the last time.

Under Lin Hengchun's arrangements, the three great elders of Heaven's Yingtian Sect had a long secret conversation with the elder from Sky Capital Peak. With a satisfied smile on his face, the messenger left Ying Tian Sect, and Ying Tian Sect began to make their corresponding plans.

According to the competition rules, only disciples who had cultivated for less than five hundred years were allowed to participate. A five hundred year time limit would be determined by the collective examination of the telepathic reader, eliminating the possibility of cheating.

Testing the years of cultivation was an easy task for a spiritual reader. As long as one entered the state of spiritual will cultivation, a special imprint would be formed in the spiritual will sea, just like the year of the tree. This also meant that it was impossible to fake one's age.

If he wanted to secure the qualifications of the five great sects, he would need a shortcut.

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