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For a period of time, a joyous atmosphere had been hanging over the remote mountain. Bright and delicate flowers and plants had been transplanted onto the sides of the mountain, and every hundred meters or so, a Divine Perception Master of Ying Tian Sect had used his Divine Will to create decorations.

The flowing water, bridges, and courtyards made the atmosphere auspicious, even the rocks by the mountain door were decorated. A few diligent people even used water to scrub them again and again, causing the rocks to shine.

The guest guest guest rooms were arranged as if they were newly built. Silver light flashed around the house, and a few of the more original disciples had even purposely saved the red silk cloth to make clothes, cutting it into banners with words of welcome written on them.

In the words of a disciple, giving the junior a full moon was a rare release of mood during the long process of cultivation. With the aid of her junior apprentice sister's east wind, she naturally could not let her junior junior junior sister's full moon lose its color. More importantly, such an adorable junior sister like her still had such a relationship with the Sect Leader. From now on, she would give him some pointers, and he would naturally receive many benefits in the future.

Little Moon Peak's attire was indispensable. Although Lin Huang and his wife were relatively simple people, under the request of their disciples, Little Moon Peak turned into the most beautiful mountain peak in the Heaven's Perception.

With the help of the spiritual will, a balcony appeared on the cliff directly across from Lin Huang's residence. The first level spiritual will formed a solid staircase that led up the cliff.

After the disciples had tested the intensity of the mountain breeze, it was basically as if there was no mark left on the face of a spring breeze. The scenic spots on the pavilion had to have a perfect harmony between sight and light, allowing Nian Shuang to enjoy the beautiful scenery since she was young, and cultivate Little Shuang'er's spiritual will temperament after she was famed for that.

The bamboo sea on three sides of the house had been carefully pruned, and all the yellow, sick, and untidy bamboo had been cut down. Within a circumference of five kilometers, a huge Spirit Convergence Array had been rearranged according to the layout of the sea of bamboo. The center of the spirit energy was the small house that was prepared for Shuang'er.

For this celebration, all the members of the Ying Tian Sect displayed their wonderful ideas and applied them to all the details. On one hand, they had to show the strength and grandeur of Ying Tian Sect as one of the five great sects, and on the other hand, they had to let all the guests feel the importance they placed on them.

A twenty-meter-tall, 50-meter-wide octagonal building was built on the vast plaza. It was named the "Resting Phoenix Terrace" and was considered the main venue for the celebration of the Frost Moon.

While Ying Tian Sect was busy from top to bottom with Little Shuang'er's full moon, Second Elder Dislow was in trouble. Recently, his disciple had been complaining to him every day. The little baby was always making too much noise, it was simply unbearable.

Every time he received complaints from a disciple, Dislo would immediately rush over. However, when he went over, the little guy seemed especially quiet. In the midst of his doubts, Dislo's interest in the little guy was even greater.

In order to verify what his disciples had said, Disotte personally took care of the little guy in his training area, and finally tasted the same pain as the other disciples. When he wasn't cultivating with the little guy, the little guy's silence surprised him. When he entered a state of cultivation, the little guy would crawl to his side and either pull at his beard or pull his hair.

This little guy made Dislo very angry. Every time he was on the verge of erupting with anger, he couldn't bear to see the little guy's pure eyes and innocent eyes. Thus, in one cycle after another, Dislaw was tormented and happy.

During his free time, Elder Di was carefully checking the necklace hanging around the little guy's neck. Other than the faint "easy" character on it, the necklace was no ordinary item. Vaguely, Disler had a feeling that this necklace was not simple.

Now, the more mischievous the little guy was, the less time he gave to ponder over the necklace, and the longer the little guy was entangled with him, the more he felt a kinship he had never experienced before.

For cultivators, they would give up on their kinship through close cultivation and pick it up by chance, but they couldn't let it go. This was precisely the current state that Dislo was in.

Over time, the little guy and he formed a natural spiritual connection. Right now, Dislaw didn't spend a large amount of time cultivating every day like he used to. He spent every day playing with the little guy.

Surprisingly, when he didn't cultivate, what surprised him was that playing crazily with this little guy made him feel that his cultivation progress was even more obvious than usual. This made him focus all his attention on the little guy.

Right now, the little guy was like a shadow, following behind Elder Di everyday, making him feel annoyed and touched. There were quite a few disciples under his tutelage, but none of those that stuck to him like this little guy. Perhaps this was the nature of a child, and it didn't have any sense of superiority.

Every day, the words "little guy, little guy" made Elder Di's life much more fulfilling. According to the hint on the necklace, this little guy's surname should be Yi. In Elder Di's dream, becoming a heaven defying Saint Master had always been his goal. Regardless of whether he could cultivate to this level in the future, he hoped that this little guy could smoothly reach this realm or even higher.

Yi Tian Xing, a name that was rumored to have existed in the Hidden Continent for ten thousand years, was born in this kind of situation.

"A gentle breeze caressed the sea of bamboo." "Shua shua", the entire bamboo sea was filled with vitality and vitality. A few unknown birds were singing softly along with the dancing of the bamboo. The entire bamboo sea was covered with a layer of green carpet, and it looked really beautiful. As she lightly danced in the air, the melody of the birds made Little Moon Peak stand out from the masses for the rest of the day.

Lin Huang used his finger to lightly point at the little piece of cream in his mother's arms. "Little guy, stop eating. Everyone's come to see you. How shameful."

As if she understood Lin Huang's words, Little Nian Bing waved her tender and tender hands, "Yi Yi Yi!" She randomly snorted and then went to look for her sweet source of life.

"Look at you, didn't the elders always say that a child who eats breast milk is smart? Don't tell me you don't want your daughter to be smart?" Xie Yifei, who looked kind and blissful, said something to his husband in annoyance.

"I don't know what's going on with Father this time, to actually invite so many experts from so many sects over Shuang'er's Full Moon. I feel that this matter is not that simple." Lin Huang did not continue to tease Nian Shuang. Instead, he changed the topic and said.

"Elder Brother Huang, don't think too much. Father definitely has his own plans. Shuang'er is his own granddaughter. He won't let Shuang'er be harmed." Xie Yifei was very happy that his father-in-law had made such a big decision for his daughter's Full Moon. However, his husband's words were reasonable and he had some doubts in his heart, but he still comforted his husband.

In another day, it would be the full moon of Little Nian Bing. The invited ten or so sects' guests arrived at Ying Tian Sect one by one. Due to the incident with the "blood moon", from a security standpoint, each sect sent their elites.

In the four major sects, other than the Rebirth Realm disciples who hadn't come because of their righteous or evil relations, Situ Lang from Sky Capital Peak had personally come. The Hidden Continent's rich and powerful families such as the Valley of Love, Habitat, and Yuwen Aristocrat Clan all came personally by the Patriarch. As for the few Core Bearing Stage experts who were related to the previous generation from Ying Tian Sect, three of them had also come to the Heaven's Expanse Peak. During this period of time, all the other experts had gathered at the Summit.

The new day's sunlight once again illuminated the earth. Under the rays of the sun, a golden halo appeared on the peak of the mountain. The mysterious items created by the members of the Ying Tian Sect formed a magnificent scene in the sky above the peak. All the female disciples were wearing the same clothes that Ying Tian Sect had prepared for the grand festival. They stood in two rows between the guest room and the phoenix stage, waiting for the most important moment to come. A few disciples carrying Spirit Fruits and Wine were shuttling through the crowd, constantly placing Spirit Fruits and Wine on the eighteen tables on the Resting Phoenix Terrace.

Golden ribbons hung down along the Phoenix-Resting Platform's surroundings. Eight red and yellow Glazed Golden Rings held up a phoenix with its wings spread out. The phoenix even had a pure white crystal in its mouth. On each of the eight corners of the Resting Phoenix Terrace, there was a large drum made of leather. Eighteen tables were also arranged in an arc. In the center of the table, there was a square table covered with red silk.

A golden ceremonial flower flew towards the sky and exploded. Immediately, the sound of the drum shook the heavens. The representatives of the Twelve Families came out of the guest room in succession. The three Great Elders of Heaven's Yingtian Sect were already waiting at the Phoenix Breath Altar. All of the guests gathered at the Phoenix Breath Altar as they shouted out their congratulations.

The sound of the drum once again rang out. Amidst the cheers, the Sect Leader of Heaven Gate and the Lin Huang couple, who were holding Little Thinker Frost, walked over.

In Xie Yifei's arms, Little Thoughtful was also dressed up. Dressed in a red top quality silk dress dotted with various patterns embroidered by the clever female disciples of Ying Tian Gate, she had a small phoenix crown on her head. Her round face was pinkish, and her slightly chipped little mouth was pouting something.

Amidst the cheers of the crowd, it was the first time that Little Nian Shuang had solemnly met the experts of the Hidden Continent.

Unlike modern society, the Hidden Continent didn't have the term "catch the week", but this custom had been brought forward to the full moon. It is said that the younger a child is, the more unconscious his actions will represent his future prospects. Therefore, today, there is also a major task for Little Thinker to choose from among the numerous items in the future.

According to the customs of Ying Tian Sect, only after paying respects to the ancestors of Heaven and Earth could the ceremony be carried out.

Soon, it was the time for the guests to show their sincerity and surprise.

The first to appear was Little Thinker Shuang's grandfather, Lin Hengchun. He took out a crystal clear jade pendant from his storage bracelet and placed it in Little Thinker Shuang's hand, causing those who were knowledgeable to open their mouths wide in shock. This was the legendary Purple Jade Bracelet, not only did it have the protection of a seventh level Divine Sense Saint Master, it could even absorb the surrounding Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Then, Lin Hengchun took a jade yet not jade hairpin and placed it on the table. Seeing that Little Nian Bing's grandfather had already taken out the items he had prepared for Little Nian Bing, the twelve guests all went forward and placed the gifts they had brought.

Situ Lang from Sky Capital Peak had prepared a thousand-year spirit fruit and placed a white inkstone on top of it. It was obvious that it was no ordinary fruit. A pair of golden scissors was placed on the Hundred Transformations Gate, and the Black Ice Palace took out a zither. Very quickly, the dozens of items representing the image of a civil and military art were arranged on the long table.

Lightly placing Little Thinker Frost on the table, everyone's gaze followed the movement of her small hand, and their hearts began to beat rapidly. Some people hoped that Little Nian Shuang would one day have a place in the powerful people of the Hidden Continent, while some only hoped that she would be able to take their own items, which would be good for them to show off in front of others, while some hoped that Little Nian Shuang would be able to develop in the direction of Wen. After all, in the cultivation world, divine will cultivation represented strength.

The four great sects seemed to be in harmony with each other, but the strength of the sects and the potential for their future development were realities that every current Sect Leader needed to be concerned about.

The dozens of people present all had different attitudes.

Pick up this one, put that one down; Pick up that one, put that one down. Judging from the current situation, it was not as though Little Thinker didn't want to pick up and let go. This made the audience's heart beat up and down.

Under the gaze of the crowd, Little Nian Bing picked up a black pearl from the table. This was something that was given to him by a friend of the Sect Leader, the seventh level Divine Intent Master Luo Na. Seeing Little Nian Bing pick up the black pearl, Luo Na couldn't help but smile. When he recalled that this item had been passed down to his teacher for three generations without him knowing how to use it, he could not help but feel bitter in his heart.

Suddenly, holding the black pearl, Little Nian Shuang put it into her mouth. By the time everyone reacted, she had already swallowed the pearl.

Everyone was shocked and the scene was a mess!

A ball jumped down, blinking its rimmed eyes as it shouted, "Anyone who has been here will be given a ticket!"

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