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In the blink of an eye, Yi Tianxing was eleven years old. His young and tender face already had a trace of a strong and unyielding look to it. However, under the care of Dislaw, Yi Tian Xing's body seemed a little weak.

"Big brother Yi, wait for me." A crisp and childish voice rang out from behind Xiao Yue Mountain. The person who came was the Little Thinker Frost that caused Ying Tian Sect to be filled with laughter.

"Lower your voice, Uncle Lin will spank you again if you hear it." Yi Tianxing made a silencing gesture.

"Hmph, I will tell Grandpa Di that if you bully me, you will be spanked when you go back." Nian Bing did not show any weakness.

"If you keep shouting, I won't bring you to play." With that, Yi Tianxing turned and ran, but he didn't run far. Instead, he hid in a crevice formed from bamboo.

Upon hearing Yi Tian Xing say that and running away, Nian Shuang immediately ran over, "Hmph, Brother Yi is using the same trick again. Look, I'll find you right away." With that, Nian Bing immediately looked around.

It was unknown if Yi Tianxing was truly angry, or if he was intentionally teasing Nian Bing, but he remained silent in the crack in the bamboo. After searching for a long time, Nian Bing still hadn't found where Yi Tian Xing was.

After all, she was a girl. Looking at the quiet sea of bamboo, Nian Bing couldn't help but be afraid amidst the silence that was mixed with a few roars of beasts.

"Big brother Yi is bad, stop thinking about frost." Sitting on the ground, Nian Shuang was crying.

Seeing that Tian Tian had started to cry, Yi Tian Xing had no choice but to walk out from his hiding place. He stepped forward and held onto Nian Shuang's small hand. "Coward, now you know fear. Let's see if you will listen to my words in the future."

Taking Yi Tian Xing's hand, Nian Shuang bit down. As she bit, she cried, "Who told you to bully me?"

Yi Tianxing was a boy after all, and he was one year older than Nian Shuang. Nian Shuang's bite made him grimace without making a sound. In his heart, his little sister was a good playmate. Most importantly, she would help him when he went out to do something bad.

"Little sister, don't cry anymore. Big brother will take you to the garden to pick some fruits to eat, okay?"

This sentence was more useful than anything else. Nian Shuang used her hand to wipe away her tears and said loudly, "This time, I want to eat a big fruit. You are not allowed to fight with me for it."

"My good little sister, quickly get up and leave. You're still crying. When you grow up, let's see who will marry you." Yi Tianxing knew a bit about it. Nian Shuang was different from him.

"I don't want to get married, I'll just follow you. I want you to find some fruits for me to eat everyday." In Nian Bing's heart, what could be more important than a delicious spirit fruit?

The Yuan Xiang Peak's garden was considered a holy land in the remote mountain. Within the area of a few acres, there were hundreds of different immortal grasses, spirit fruits, and other types of cultivation.

The Third Elder, Fan Huiying, had always regarded the garden as her own child. There was once a disciple who had secretly picked a few spirit fruits without permission. In the end, Elder Fan had confined this disciple for three years.

Thereafter, the garden was listed as a forbidden place by the disciples of Ying Tian Sect. Even if someone wanted to pass through the garden, they would loudly sing to express their innocence.

In order to ensure the quality of the Spiritual Fruit Immortal Grass, Fan Huiying had spent a large amount of effort to set up a Spiritual Concentration Formation around the garden. From afar, the garden looked like it was enveloped in mist. Strands of spirit energy were drifting around the Immortal Grass Fruit Tree, nourishing every spirit fruit and herb.

In order to prevent the spiritual herb from being damaged, Fan Huiying spent three months to set up a telepathic perception detection spell formation on the path into the garden. If someone accidentally encountered the telepathic thoughts probing array, Fan Huiying would immediately receive the message from the detection array.

Of course, if there weren't any special circumstances, Elder Fan wouldn't go to the orchard, lest he ruin the spiritual qi uniformity.

When Yi Tianxing was eight years old, he had known about this spiritual orchard. The first time he went to pick a fruit, Fan Huiying had found out. For Elder Di's sake, Elder Fan didn't scold him and even gave him a fruit.

Yi Tianxing was always concerned about the sweet and sweet taste of the fruit, but the Spiritual Sense Detection Array outside the garden was nowhere to be found. He had no choice but to think about how to eat all the fruits.

Was there anyone in Ying Tian Sect who would help him? Among the limited number of people he could choose from, Yi Tian Xing had found Nian Shuang who could only choose his words. After much talking, Nian Bing was sure that the fruits were better than the ones she had eaten since she was young. He happily agreed to Yi Tian Xing's request, and the two little devils set their sights on the garden together.

She couldn't help but admire the way children were sometimes more meticulous than adults. In order to pick the fruit, Nian Shuang had asked her father to set up a simple Spiritual Perception Detection Array in the bamboo sea behind the house. Lin Huang, who treated the prayer beads as precious pearls in his palm, naturally wouldn't think of this as Nian Shuang wanting the fruits of the garden, so he quickly satisfied Nian Shuang's request.

With this probing formation, Yi Tian Xing and Nian Bing would always use different methods to enter the formation within the sea of bamboo. After more than ten days of experiments, they had failed repeatedly. As long as they entered the formation, Lin Huang would immediately discover them.

For the next few days, Yi Tian Xing and Nian Bing had both lost the mood to play. Lin Huang was so flustered that he thought his daughter was feeling unwell. After learning that it was because of the little game, Lin Huang Xiang Shuang explained the detection methods with his spiritual will, as well as several methods to avoid the detection array with his spiritual will.

The so-called Spiritual Sense Detection Array was directly related to the fluctuations in the air. The Spiritual Sense Detection Array would trigger if the frequency of this vibration was within the range of the Spiritual Sense Detection Array. On the other hand, if the vibration of the air was isolated, this telepathic perception, which relied on the air as a medium, would not be able to work.

After much contemplation between the two little fellows, they finally found a solution. Thus, they decided not to attack from the surface and decided to walk underground instead.

Over the next two years, the only other thing Yi Tianxing and Nian Bing did was dig a tunnel, and it was a tunnel nearly a hundred feet long. After almost two years of digging, a tunnel leading to the center of the garden was dug up successfully by two people.

Holding his sister's hand, Yi Tian Xing listened carefully to the movements on the ground. Although Elder Fan wouldn't come to the garden to pick fruits at any time, being careful was Yi Tian Xing's rule. At the very least, he could guarantee that two years of hard work wouldn't be easily destroyed.

After confirming that there was no one around, the two of them quickly entered the garden.

Dozens of Immortal fruit trees were growing in different parts of the garden. They were red, yellow, and purple in color, and the colorful and clear fruits exuded an attractive fragrance as if the fruits contained a substantial amount of spirit energy.

There were a lot of fruit trees, but there were only five or six fruits on each tree. Some of them even had one or two fruits. Among these fruit trees, there were three fruit trees with especially large blood-red fruits. From the looks of it, they were not ordinary fruits.

A child around the age of ten did not have much common sense of life, nor did they know the grade of these spirit fruits. All they did was depend on their liking to decide the order in which to pick them.

In the entire garden, the value of three blood-red fruits was the sum of all the other fruits. If the cultivators outside the mountain were to find out, it would definitely lead to a battle of life and death. If he ate one of them, he would be able to raise a rank 1 cultivator three levels, to a minimum of cocoon. Even if he ate a rank 5 cultivator, it would increase his cultivation by a small stage. If it was paired with other immortal herbs and a high-level pill refiner was made into an immortal pill, the effects would double.

According to Elder Fan's original plan, when he cultivated to the late Class 6 stage and used the three immortal pills refined from the three immortal fruits, he would be able to replace the essential items from Class 6 to 7.

Of course, if Yi Tian Xing and Nian Bing had picked these fruits at the beginning, they would have died. Heaven's will allowed Yi Tian Xing and Nian Bing to have little interest in the three blood-red fruits. They weren't greedy and would only pick two fruits at a time.

Every time they finished picking the fruits, the two of them would immediately leave and hide the holes at the exit to enjoy the sea of bamboo.

In the blink of an eye, another three months passed. The number of fruits in the garden gradually decreased until there were only three fruits left. For a child who had grown up in a sea of bamboo, the height of a tree was not scary at all. In the end, only one out of the three fruits remained.

Taking out the two red fruits, Yi Tian Xing and Nian Bing returned to the bamboo sea to share. However, this blood-red fruit was no ordinary fruit. Although the two of them had eaten different spirit fruits in the past three months, in terms of quality, it was far from one ten thousandth of the blood-red fruit.

Very quickly, the two of them swallowed up the blood-red fruit. After a while, Little Than Shuang started to cry: "Brother Yi, my stomach hurts." Before he could finish his words, he was already sprawled on the ground, unable to move.

Upon seeing Nian Bing, Yi Tian Xing realized that something was wrong. He carried his sister on his back and ran back. Just as he reached the detection array set up by Lin Huang, Yi Tian Xing fell over.

"Not good. Nian Bing and Tian Xing have met with an accident." Lin Huang could not wait to teach his disciples as he rushed back to the array.

Yi Tian Xing and Nian Bing both fell into the detection array. Their faces were golden and they looked like they were on the verge of fainting. Lin Huang had never seen this kind of situation before, so he did not hesitate to crush the communication crystal in his hand. In an instant, Lin Hengchun and Dislo both arrived at the same time.

A layer of red leaked out from the two bodies, and a fiery aura spread from the inside to the outside. With the change in color, Yi Tian Xing and Nian Bing's breathing became weaker and weaker.

Picking up Yi Tian Xing and Nian Bing, Elder Di and Sect Leader Lin examined their entire bodies. Not long later, the two scouts retracted their hands at the same time, their faces filled with shock.

"It seems that they must have eaten something with an especially strong spiritual energy. I've never seen spiritual energy feel so rich before." Lin Hengchun said.

"The two of them have never learned our sect's Illusory Soul Divine Arts, so they can't dissolve the spiritual energy, I'm afraid …" Dislaw showed a heaviness he had never shown before.

"Father, Elder Di, do you think Shuang'er and Tian Xing won't make it?" When Lin Huang saw the expressions on the two old men's faces, he became extremely sorrowful.

"My son, don't be in such a hurry. Protect us immediately and use your spiritual will to help them open their meridians. The outcome will depend on their luck." Lin Hengchun immediately made his decision.

The two of them sat cross-legged on the ground, revealing an unprecedented caution. Slowly, they only saw a wisp of a light purple fog belt float towards Nian Bing and Tian Xing's head, respectively. Unless it was absolutely necessary, his spirit reading and Tian Xing's head could not be used lightly; as long as he was not careful, it would cause his spirit consciousness to dissipate.

Slowly, beads of sweat began to appear on Lin Hengchun's and Dislo's heads, and the thin lines of wrinkles slowly became thicker. The red fog surrounding Nian Bing and Tian Xing's bodies slowly dissipated and their breathing returned to normal.

After another incense stick of time, Lin Hengchun and Dislo slowly withdrew their spiritual sense belts. In a short half an hour, both Lin Hengchun and Dislo seemed much older.

"So close, I almost lost control. Right now, we can only seal off their spiritual energy so that nothing will happen for the time being. "However, this isn't a long-term solution. To completely remove this spiritual energy, a Class 7 and above Divine Sense Saint Master would have to make a move first." Lin Hengchun thought about it and decided to tell Lin Huang the truth.

"However, there are only a handful of level 7 divine readers in the continent of Concealed Light. Even if we find them, who would take such a huge risk to help two children who we don't even know?" Upon hearing that a Class 7 Saint Master needed to make a move to eradicate the poison, Lin Huang felt a little disheartened.

"Other than that, there's another way. It's just that, sigh …." Before he could finish his words, he heard a sorrowful and indignant voice come from Yuanxiang Peak, "Dislo, you bastard, hand over your little fellow …"

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