Wei Wu 36 years old, Lu Tian led 100,000 elite soldiers to surround the capital city of Cang Bei, to resolve Wei Wu's crisis. However, with the divine weapons and Yu City, there were 12 iron orders that urgently summoned Lu Tian back to the capital, all because of one word: Immortal.

On the eve of New Year's Eve, snowflakes drifted about, covering the entire imperial city. The once bustling imperial city was now filled with holes, burnt, and the collapsed houses were everywhere. The desolation was synonymous with the present moment.

The night was getting darker. It was like a giant beast swallowing the whole world. The cold wind whistled, cold and bone-piercing. If it was in the past then few people would be able to see it.

"Do you think General Lu will really be brought back? "This is unreasonable!" His voice was filled with regret, and came from the mouth of an old man. Although his words were short, it gave people a heart-wrenching feeling.

"If the heavens are right, then a group of corrupt officials will not take over the government. General Lu would be in such a sorry state, and the heavens must be blind!" The person who answered was obviously an old lady. Although everyone was hidden under the night wind and snow, their tone of voice did not hide their dissatisfaction in the slightest.

In the Forbidden City of Wei, compared to the ravages of the outside world, it was rather ironic. Under the liveliness of the lanterns and the wine, the singing and singing were even more magnificent. In the main hall, only a dozen or so people were seated, all of them with greasy hair and powdered cheeks. Although they were all wearing the uniform of a dragon and phoenix, they all had a hypocritical smile on their faces as they toasted Wei Wu, who was sitting upright on the throne.

"Great King, although Lu Tian has done a great deed and attracted the attention of the High Sect, he has indirectly frightened the Emperor. His Majesty should be beheaded." A minister sitting at the head seat opened his mouth and revealed his stained teeth. His fat face twitched as he toasted, hoping to use this opportunity to get rid of Lu Tian, this thorn in his side.

Sitting upright on the dragon throne, the young Prince Wei Wu was only in his early twenties, and could be considered to be a handsome man. Although he did not say anything, he had the imposing aura of an emperor, which was out of place for these treacherous officials.

All the ministers seated at the table were stunned for a moment. Then, the smiles on their faces disappeared as they calculated in their minds. In the end, this Wei Wu King was only a puppet who had lost his father when he was young. Empress Dowager Xiao had listened to him and held him accountable until the appearance of Lu Tian at the age of eighteen. Empress Dowager Xiao's sudden withdrawal of power, the transfer of military power, the total elimination of the dukedom, and many other deeds had shocked the natives in the imperial court.

The only thing that allowed them to relax temporarily was the attack of the Cang Bei Country. Facing such a disparity in strength, although Lu Tian had plotted against him a hundred times, due to the emptiness of the treasury, Lu Tian had no choice but to take the risk and surround them to save the Wei, but this also attracted the attention of the enemy Founding Immortal Faction.

"Boom, Boom, Boom!" The 12 Drums of War were extremely shocking. Not only did the officials' expressions change, even Wei Wu Wang, who was sitting upright on the dragon throne, felt his heart tremble as his eyes slightly narrowed.

"The dragon drum is resounding. The royal clan is here. The king of the Xuanwei Martial Arts, Cao Feng, is here to see you!" His words were like a thunderclap that shook everyone's ears until they buzzed. His tone revealed an irresistible pressure. All the officials looked at each other before turning to King Cao Feng.

"Let's go out and welcome them!" Cao Feng didn't stay any longer. He turned his eyes and walked away.

Outside the Forbidden City, twelve figures in white walked through the air. Their luxurious clothes fluttered in the wind as if they were descended from heaven. The many commoners who came to watch were all dumbstruck. Even some of the ministers who came out to greet them were stunned.

"Xuan Cao Feng!" His words reverberated in all directions and resounded incessantly. Cao Feng, who was originally standing behind a group of officials, had an intense glint in his eyes as he took a step forward. An invisible pressure spread out as he cupped his hands together and said in a clear voice, "Wei Wu's fifth generation descendant pays his respect to the High Sect!"

"How dare you, an ordinary mortal, pay respects to the High Sect! Why not kneel and bow in respect?!" The person who announced this was clearly very dissatisfied with Cao Feng's actions. A mortal emperor of a first-rate country actually dared to be so arrogant.

They were originally a bunch of cowards who were afraid of death, and once their country was destroyed, they would abandon Wei Wu and go to Cangbei Province. However, what they did not expect was that after the Shang Zong descended to pacify the war, they would all hear the scolding and lie down on the ground, counting the disrespect from Cao Feng, without a trace of that hypocritical face from before.

Cao Feng seemed to have expected this. He glanced at the crowd before stepping forward again and said in a deep voice, "As an emperor, you must cultivate the path of an emperor. Unless you die, you must bow down before you die."

Cao Feng's meticulous words made the Shang Zong envoy's face darken. He was about to open his mouth to curse Cao Feng again, but a burly man at the head of the team was the first to stop him, and when he saw this, the envoy who was about to flare up, although he looked displeased, did not refute his words. He fiercely stared at Cao Feng and did not say a word.

The man's evaluation made all the ministers' faces turn blue. They were originally cursing, but now their faces were filled with fear. This trash was a cultivator. They had never thought that life and death between mortals and cultivators was only a matter of seconds.

Of course, the ones who were surprised were not only the ministers, but the upper sect envoys who had mocked earlier also changed their expressions. As envoys, their cultivation levels were not high, and the leader of the team had just broken through to the 9th Qi Cultivating Stage, and he himself had also just broken through to the 7th Qi Cultivating Stage.

"However, this does not mean that you can allow the ordinary people to do whatever they want!" The big man's gaze became serious, he looked around at the wagging officials and shouted, then his gaze landed on Cao Feng once again, "Sect Master intends to stay in Wei Wu, but the prerequisite is that Cao Feng, you step down and give up the position, follow me back to the sect to concentrate on cultivation!"

When Cao Feng heard this, his eyes flashed a few times before he replied, "I agree, but please release my foster brother Lu Tian!"

Listening to Cao Feng's answer, the big man's face showed joy, but when the two words' Lu Tian 'came out, his face darkened, and the face of the envoy who had had some friction with Cao Feng, upon seeing this rare opportunity, immediately inserted the needle and with two fingers, recited a spell. Without waiting for the crowd to recover from their shock, two words whistled through the air, and like an arrow leaving a bow, they shot straight towards Cao Feng.

"Humph, such an insignificant skill!" The ominous glow increased in intensity and when it was three feet from Cao Feng's face, he let out a cold snort. An invisible wall blocked the attack like a ridge. When the ominous glow fell to the ground, he could see that the attacking objects were two silver needles.

He took a step forward and started to attack. The spell in his hand did not stop and as his ten fingers flew out, a flame the size of a human head condensed into a human head. The moment the attack appeared, the fireball once again pierced through the air.

Not only did the sharp attack not cause Cao Feng's expression to change, it instead went in the opposite direction and punched out without any fancy moves.

"Bam!" The fireball exploded and sparks flew everywhere. It seemed as if the fireball did not cause any real damage to Cao Feng, and disappeared along with the wind and snow.

"You!" Feeling Cao Feng's domineering aura, the emissary was at a loss for words. He even forgot to continue to cast the Fire Summoning Spell. After all, the Fire Summoning Spell was one of the most powerful Spell he possessed.

Twelve, stop! He can ask us to release Lu Tian, but the country's promotion qualification will be revoked. As for that brat who dares to harass Young Master's fiancee, leave that to Young Master! " The burly man once again extended his hand to stop the envoy, his tone was gloomy as he warned. His words revealed a strong sense of dissatisfaction.

As long as his country reached rank 2, he would be able to come into contact with cultivation and pursue immortality. However, he couldn't just ignore Lu Tian, who on one hand was longevity while on the other was a brother, this choice would be very difficult!

"Cao Feng, quickly give us your choice, and we will explain it to the sect!" The big man was obviously not as stupid as he looked. Seeing Cao Feng's hesitant expression, he immediately stepped forward and continued to display his might.

"Haha, I am Lu Tian, my head is in the sky, and my feet are on the ground. I need you to release me that!" A figure appeared on top of the tiles of the Forbidden City without any forewarning, and his insolent laughter instantly allowed everyone to find his traces. The figure was not short, only around 1.8 points, but he wore golden chain armor, and his body was more or less stained with bright red blood.

"You!" According to the military rules, Lu Tian, who had been recalled with 12 iron orders, should be escorted back by the High Sect. Although in everyone's eyes, Lu Tian could be considered a secular expert, he had actually escaped from the hands of the High Sect. If they hadn't personally witnessed this, it would have been difficult for them to believe it!

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