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In the Five Elements Sect's northwestern lodging area, the main purpose was to temporarily accommodate the new disciples and solve the daily problems of the new disciples. Lu Tian was one of these new disciples.

Lu Tian didn't want to go out on a winter's night. He had already resolved his stomach problem, so he laid on the bed and slept soundly. If it wasn't for Liu Dong's design, perhaps Lu Tian would have slept until daybreak that night.

The moonlight was exceptionally bright as it entered the room through the gauze screen. At the same time, the shadow of an uninvited guest was reflected in the screen.

Wisps of white smoke entered Lu Tian's room through the window screen, disappearing without a trace in an instant. However, Lu Tian did not know about any of this, and the black shadow also disappeared under the moonlight.

Hot, hot, hot. In his dreams, Lu Tian felt as if he had fallen into a furnace. The skin all over his body seemed to be in flames, but no matter how hard Lu Tian tried to control his body, there was no response.

If this was any other time, Lu Tian would be able to reduce the circulation speed of the Spiritual Energy by releasing it. But right now, he couldn't control his body and could only watch as the Spiritual Energy circulated faster and faster. At this rate, there would only be one result, and that would be his body exploding.

Feeling the swelling feeling coming from his meridians, Lu Tian's heart instantly turned gray. If his ancestor was here, he might have a way, but in order to solve the mystery behind the broken bones, his ancestor had recorded the ancient cauldron script and fallen into a deep sleep. He had studied it for a long time, and there was a precedent for this.

His meridians were like malevolent centipedes crawling all over Lu Tian's skin. Along with the rapid flow of spirit energy, his skin became even more uneven, giving off a feeling as if it could break out at any time.

Facing all these changes, Lu Tian was helpless. In another three to four minutes, his body would probably explode and he would die.

However, the sky was not limited to Lu Tian. Just as Lu Tian was burning with anxiety, the broken bones hidden in Lu Tian's embrace released a powerful suction force, as if they were leeches that were attached to the skin of Lu Tian's chest.

The endless attractive force passed through Lu Tian's skin, instantly opening up a gap for his spiritual energy and blood to expand. In the blink of an eye, most of the spiritual energy that was originally circulating at high speeds was absorbed, even the rolling blood and qi. In just a few seconds, a dizzy feeling appeared in Lu Tian's mind.

After all, this was something that had yet to be settled. If Lu Tian continued to absorb the shattered bones, it was only a matter of time before he would turn into a human again. However, Lu Tian's worries were unnecessary. The attraction caused by the broken bones gradually calmed down, then disappeared without a trace.

"Whew ~ ~" Lu Tian tried to control his body. Although the numbness disappeared, his body still had no reaction. This was too much for Lu Tian. If he was paralyzed, it would be better for him to just let Lu Tian die.

However, the torture from the heavens was not over yet. The shattered bones that were originally lying on Lu Tian's chest were ignited into a raging fire. However, these flames did not give Lu Tian a scorching heat. Instead, they gave him a warm feeling.

The shattered bones abruptly turned and actually drilled into Lu Tian's skin under his stupefied gaze. Before Lu Tian could react, the broken bones followed the circulation of the blood for half a minute and circled around his body. Such a strange broken bones caused Lu Tian's face to instantly turn bitter. Indeed, this was a setback.

But now he could only stare at the opportunity, looking at the rapidly spinning fragments, silently praying to the heavens to protect him. Otherwise, if he accidentally went down the wrong path, Lu Tian's little life would be ruined.

It was just that Lu Tian's worry had been proven right! The broken bones, which had circulated thirty-six cycles in just ten minutes, was rapidly pushing towards his brain at a speed even faster than before.

"Boom." Lu Tian only felt an explosion in his mind as his mind instantly went blank, and the vitality in his eyes quickly dissipated.

"Seven Spirit Apertures, Dubhe Sect ? Open!" The ancient words were like rolling thunder, piercing through space and time and forcefully stabbing into Lu Tian's mind. The life force that was rapidly fading immediately returned, and an illusory figure appeared in his mind.

Before he could take a closer look, the sun had just risen and the purple aura was coming from the east, so Lu Tian was unable to see everything clearly, but his words were like a whisper in his ear, "The birth of purple qi and the creation of the Innate Dao Body, using purple qi as the root and purple qi as the body for refinement, remember this well."

After he finished speaking, the scene before him returned to a bright and clear state. However, the scene before him was still that of a guest room. On the peak of the mountains, the wind was bone-chilling. The darkness before his eyes was impossible to determine where he was at.

An instant later, while Lu Tian was distracted, a golden light pierced through the night sky, deeply imprinting itself on his soul through his pupils.

The purple qi was just born, but it was still in the form of a divine body ? The words that rang in his ears a moment ago revolved around Lu Tian's mind, closing his eyes and concentrating. Lu Tian felt as if he was in a warm sea, his originally tense body completely relaxed.

The appearance of Lu Tian here had already alarmed a group of inner elders, but there were only five people who could reach the inner mountain. Among them, three of them were currently in the fourth stage, the remaining two were Elder Bai, the other was the Sect Leader of the Five Elements Sect, Heaven's Eyes.

Heaven's Eye was famous for 100 years ago. His cultivation level had reached the late stage of the Aurous Core stage. Due to the problem of his cultivation technique, he was almost invincible within the same cultivation level.

Although their ages were unknown, their sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes occasionally flashed with light. Ordinary people would find it hard to look at them, with their black hair fluttering in the wind, their appearance did not seem old at all, just like a mortal in his thirties or forties.

"Sect Master, this kid is the person I wanted to talk to you about earlier. I just didn't expect him to be sitting cross-legged on the peak of the inner mountains right now." Elder Bai's words were full of uncertainty. His eyes were locked onto Lu Tian, trying to see through his actions.

Elder Bai's words caused Heaven's Eyes to frown. This little brat's cultivation was only at the 3rd Qi Disciple stage. Although Elder Bai told him that his spirit root was strange, it was impossible for him to reach the peak of the inner mountains with just his 3rd Qi Disciple level strength.

"Boom!" The two of them were shocked by the sudden explosion of thunder. A whirlpool with a diameter of two to three meters appeared in Lu Tian's location, and the person in the middle was Lu Tian himself. The moment the whirlpool emitted an endless amount of Spiritual Qi, it pulled itself into Lu Tian's body, causing the two of them to be dumbstruck.

But they should also rejoice over this decision!

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