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Under the cover of the darkness, a cold wind blew without reason. To be more accurate, it was a cold wind. The bone-piercing feeling caused Lu Tian to involuntarily shudder. Looking around, he discovered that pitch black darkness had already shrouded this area of wilderness.

"Hehehe ?" At this moment, in the Fearful Land, Lu Tian did not believe that there was anyone else present. Even if a fairy-like girl appeared, it was only possible that she was a ghost that had transformed into a demon.

"Cluck, cluck, cluck ?" The laughter became more intense, as if there were dozens, as if there were hundreds of enchanting laughter coming from a woman. The laughter was sometimes higher and sometimes lower, more like an electric drill, drilling into Lu Tian's head, causing waves of intense pain.

He held the soul shaking bell in his hand, and with each swing, the strange laughter became weaker. It only lasted for a short ten seconds, and the originally bone-piercing pain and endless strange laughter disappeared along with it.

"Kid, you're really not bad!" "It seems like Liu Dong is still underestimating you!" A sharp and gloomy voice drifted over from behind Lu Tian. He immediately looked over to the source of the voice and discovered that a strange willow tree had appeared out of nowhere.

The willow tree was at least ten meters tall with a treetop that was at least ten meters wide. Countless willow branches hung in the air, but what surprised Lu Tian Xin was that the willow branch was filled with countless human skulls. Every time a cold wind blew past, the skulls would collide with each other and emit strange giggling sounds.

"Stop looking, I'm a willow with a human face." The sharp words sounded again, and a human face appeared on the tree trunk. However, he did not expect it to be related to Liu Dong. It seemed that every step that Liu Yuyan had taken had been arranged by the other side and his own involvement in it. Otherwise, Liu Yuyan and her brother would have long been buried in the hands of Liu Dong.

However, this was not the time for Lu Tian's emotions. Facing a Man-Faced Willow, his odds of winning could not be estimated at all. The more human blood one sacrificed, the more powerful one's ability was. The Man-Faced Willow in front of his eyes was not only its physique, but also its branches and leaves.

When the smile landed on Lu Tian's eyes, he immediately had a bad premonition. Before he could even react, two stems the size of a grown man's wrist broke out from the ground, and the moment they appeared, they swept up Liu Yuyan and her brother who was on the ground and lifted them into the air.

"Shua!" A piercing sound rang out as it swept towards Lu Tian's head. Although Lu Tian had the intention to save the Liu siblings, the Human-Faced Willow was not a good person. The moment Lu Tian took his first step, an attack came whistling towards him.

His steps were forcefully halted by Lu Tian. At the same time, he exerted a bit of strength to retreat, barely dodging the roots of the attack. However, one move was not the end. The next move connected as the sky full of willow branches shot over like arrows that covered the sky. The area they attacked was airtight and blocked off all paths of advance for Lu Tian.

Although Lu Tian's cultivation had reached the eighth level of Qi Cultivating Stage, the magic techniques that he could use were few in number. He could not do anything against Liu Ming who was facing people at the moment, and the only thing he could do now was to dodge and harass them, in order to buy time for him to come up with a countermeasure.

The Man-Faced Willow seemed to be able to see through Lu Tian's intentions, but it was not in a hurry. It was not sticking out a willow branch to block Lu Tian's path.

Although Lu Tian tried his best to avoid it, the attacking range of the Man-Faced Willow was indeed too large. It was impossible for him to completely dodge the attack given Lu Tian's current cultivation level, so he could only barely protect his vital parts. At the same time, he used the dagger in his hand to unceasingly harass the Man-Faced Willow.

"Brat, I don't want to play with you. I'll take these two with me. As for you, leave it to the Ghost General!" After a few minutes of confrontation, the man faced willow tree's patience was completely worn away. Looking at the full moon in the sky, the cold smile on the bark of the willow tree changed slightly.

Watching the retreating attacks of the Face-of-Man Liu, Lu Tian could not think of a countermeasure immediately. However, the night was long, and if the Liu siblings were brought to the center of the Fearful Land, Lu Tian would not have the chance to save the two of them. The only option left was to continue delaying and think of a way to awaken the Patriarch.

"Kacha." Lu Tian stepped on Feng Lan's strong bow, and at this moment, he remembered the sharp weapon in Feng Lan's hand. "Kacha." Lu Tian stepped on Lan's strong bow, and at this moment, he remembered the sharp weapon in Feng Lan's hand.

"Bang." The sound of the bowstring resounded in all directions, and the arrow flew out of his hand. However, the speed of the arrow was so fast that it flashed with an undetectable purple light.

Human-faced Willow's abilities were not bad, but in the end he did not take human form. His movement speed was slower than an ordinary person's, and just by relying on his movement speed, he was able to dodge the arrows. Facing the incoming arrows, he had no choice but to block them.

As soon as the willow branch and the arrow came into contact, countless tentacles wrapped around the willow branch like countless arrows. However, in the next second, the human-facing willow branch let out a heart-wrenching scream.

Fire had the advantage of restraining plants and monsters. However, there was one thing that had more natural fear towards monsters than fire, and that was thunder.

Monsters, demon beasts, ghosts, and other monsters all went against the heaven's will. In the Heavenly Dao, there was a law of the underworld, and every time a monster like the Human-Faced Willow increased its cultivation, the sky would produce a phenomenon. If it was not careful, it would die.

The man faced willow tree hurriedly cut off the willow branch that was igniting flames, and looking at Lu Tian, a hint of fear appeared in his eyes. At the same time, a trace of anger rose, and countless willow branches rolled towards Lu Tian once again.

The second attack that came whistling through the air and struck Lu Tianyi, and at the same time, he felt the abnormality of the strong bow. As long as the arrow leaves his hand, the spiritual energy in his body will be used up without reason, no wonder Feng Lan was able to shatter Liu Yuyan's wooden shield with just two arrows. It seems that this strong bow is really not simple, he would extract the spiritual energy from his body and place it on the arrow.

Lu Tian pulled his strong bow full once more, and with a bang, the arrows shot out. Three arrows flew out consecutively, and as the Great General of the Wei Wu, not only did Lu Tian possess outstanding riding skills, tactics, and archery skills, he even seized the three armies.

The arrow landed in his hand. The arrow was like a string of beads. Within ten seconds, he had shot out eight arrows. Human Face Liu had already tried out the power of the arrows. Although he wanted to dodge, due to his massive body, Lu Tian could only move around and shoot. It was a large area of attack, and it was probably wishful thinking to not injure his skin and bones.

Thinking about this, the Man-Faced Willow had no other choice but to borrow the willow branches to protect its vital parts. It could only block these arrows, causing the Man-Faced Willow to let out miserable cries. At the same time, several fireballs rose from the lush treetops.

"Brat, even if I have to use up all my power, I still want to kill you." Facing a brat, he was in such a sorry state that he could not accept such an outcome. The originally green willow branch had turned into a bright red color, and in a few seconds, the top of the tree had turned red like a huge blood umbrella.

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