"They went over there!" The big man looked at Lu Tian who had appeared in front of him. His face immediately became gloomy and his tone became impetuous.

"Screech!" They are also several hundred years old, not to mention that I am not a father! " The man raised his hand and touched the tip of his nose as he laughed softly. He was not nervous in the slightest when faced with the covetous stares from the crowd.

Borrowing the light from the torch, Lu Tian's appearance finally entered his eyes. He was no more than seventeen or eighteen years old. Although his well-defined face was still young and tender, it was mixed with a bit of vicissitudes and iron blood.

"This is really Lord Lu!" When the surrounding guards saw Lu Tian appear, a trace of joy surfaced on their faces. Although they tried their best to conceal their fear of the Upper Sky Sect's pressure, it was unnecessary.

His originally locked onto the big man gradually shifted his gaze away and landed on Lu Tian instead. His eyes flashed with a strange light and he believed that as long as Lu Tian appeared, he would be able to retreat safely.

Lu Tian's words had obviously provoked the big man, and his expression became even more gloomy. He stared at Lu Tian without saying a word, even clenching his ten fingers to make a cracking sound.

"Bam!" But after a moment of silence, the big man's eyes suddenly focused as he took a big step forward. His hands formed a spell sign without any warning, and two emerald green three and a half inch wind blades condensed out of thin air. Following which, his fingers suddenly pointed towards Lu Tian as he coldly shouted, "Swift!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the Half Moon Wind Blade whistled through the air and appeared in front of Lu Tian in the blink of an eye like an arrow that had just left the bowstring.

Everyone was clearly shocked by the big man's explosive attack. However, Lu Tian, who was in a confrontation with him, actually laughed softly and stepped back. He turned around and jumped down from the top of the Forbidden City that was thirty meters tall.

"Big Brother, don't worry about me. We'll meet again on the road of cultivation in the future!" Lu Tian's slightly arrogant words echoed throughout the Forbidden City and disappeared before everyone's eyes.

A cloud appeared under his feet and whizzed past. However, when he saw the place where Lu Tian had disappeared, his face turned completely black. After a long while, he angrily said, "Return and report to the grand master, Lu Tian refused to be arrested. Please give the reward order!" Then, he flicked his sleeves and left!

Although he did not understand why Lu Tian had disappeared into thin air, at least he had passed through this trial. He hoped that they would meet again on the road of cultivation in the future, and he also hoped that he could really become the Emperor.

Linzi City was built close to the mountains, and was a hard city that was easy to defend and hard to attack. As a border defense city of Wei Wu, it had experienced many wars, but had always stood firm.

As an important public road leading to Linzi Country, the northeast road had lost its former state of being shoulder to shoulder. After being ravaged by the flames of war, it had become deserted, filled with weeds and crushed rocks.

However, it was abnormal today. A thin figure had already appeared at the end of the road. With the help of the weak sunlight, one could vaguely make out that this person was Lu Tian.

"Brat, when are you going to lend Bai Qi's corpse to me for further study?" An old voice rang out without reason on the public road. It was filled with greed, but there was no sign of the old man. It made people's hair stand on end.

The strange words landed in Lu Tian's ears, the fear he imagined did not appear, instead with a helpless expression on his face, he said: "Old man, are you a necromancer? You always need to die! And now, you brought me into this crazy world, where Immortals and Demons are always at the mercy of others! "

If you didn't strongly request to see what an immortal really is, then I would have brought you here from Earth right? If it wasn't for you being a burden, then I would have been ambushed and lost my physical body. Once the war of words started, it was impossible to stop it. The two of them exchanged pleasantries as they exchanged insults.

The war of words only lasted for a short while before Lu Tian gave in. Recalling his past life, Lu Tian couldn't help but curse at the life of a fart deity.

Thinking back three years ago, Lu Tian had just graduated from university. As he was studying archaeology, he found a museum and planned to spend the rest of his life there.

Just that Bai Qi's grave had popped up out of nowhere and Lu Tian was also a curious kid who had followed him out to join in the fun. It was just that he was unlucky and ran into a trap the moment he stepped into the tomb.

When he woke up, he found a perverted old man hugging a corpse in golden mail chains, laughing and crying.

Although Lu Tian's first reaction was that he was crazy, he couldn't do anything as he couldn't escape by himself, so he could only brace himself and ask.

Only after chatting for a while did they realize that the old man actually had some background. The old man had a lot to talk about and Lu Tian was finally brought to this foreign world. The price was finding the old man's corpse.

"Kid, where are you planning to go now?" The Ancestor, who had been quarreling until his ears were red, calmed down in the face of Lu Tian's silence. After all, it could be considered his responsibility for Lu Tian to have fallen to such a state.

When Lu Tian heard this, he clenched his fists and loosened them. It was as if he had made a difficult decision. In the end, he slowly opened his mouth and said, "Cultivate!"

"You!" The ancestor was obviously surprised for a moment before replying in surprise, "You've finally agreed!"

The old man's tone was abnormally excited. After all, he had gone through so much trouble to bring Lu Tian to the cultivation world. It was just that he had accidentally discovered that Lu Tian was actually from the Ancient Desolation.

In order to go back in time, in the recent past, the wise men had roughly divided the era recorded in the text into four major periods: the Primal Chaos, the Ancient Desolation, the Ancient Immemorial, and the Ancient Immemorial. Lu Tian, on the other hand, was currently in the modern Cultivation Era, but it had already been tens of thousands of years since the Ancient Era.

When the heavens and the earth opened, great powers used supreme divine powers to fight with each other, building their bodies with mud, and bestowing powers with great Dao fragments. Aside from the fact that the Ancient Desolate People possessed a powerful physique, there were also great Dao fragments in their blood. They cultivated to the limit, causing them to be like demonic beasts that could swallow the clouds and breathe out clouds and pick the stars and moon!

Although Lu Tian was not completely a descendant of the Ancient Desolation, after looking through the corpses' spirit eyes, Lu Tian's blood had at least a trace of the inheritance. As long as he activated it, his achievements would probably be at a thousand miles per day.

It was just that he did not expect that three years of time would make him live like a year. No matter how hard he tried to save Wei Wu, all his efforts were in vain under the extreme pressure of martial arts, and in the end, he changed his mind and decided to cultivate.

After all, in order to protect the people you want to protect, you must first have the ability to protect yourself.

Lu Tian rubbed his nose, a bitter smile on his face. It seemed like he really did get on board the ship, but seeing that the ancestor had repeatedly helped him, this matter could be settled later. He thought for a while and then said, "Let's find a place to stay first! After all, the upper sect's search range is not small. "

Hearing this, the ancestor agreed with Lu Tian. Right now he only had his primordial spirit, so he didn't want to waste any soul power.

As the conversation stopped, Lu Tian also sped up. At the same time, he patted his waist with his right hand. He magically took out a few fake beards and random items to use as a disguise.

Linzi City was the same as the official road. Other than the two soldiers on guard duty, there was not a single person at all. The two of them casually questioned Lu Tian about his appearance, then accepted the money and let him pass.

It seemed like Shang Zong's investigation was indeed as Lu Tian had guessed. He believed that Shang Zong would not choose to travel in the deep north of the country, but towards Lu Tian, who was being affected by Earth's military tactics, this was the true scheme.

After casually strolling around for a few times, Lu Tian no longer planned to stay out in the open. He randomly chose a relatively remote inn and went inside.

Just as he crossed the threshold, a waiter came up to him. However, his expression made Lu Tian suspicious.

"Guest ?" Guest... Officer, today ? We don't do business! " The waiter was about sixteen to eighteen years old and his face was pale. When he spoke, his eyes were evasive, and he did not stop on Lu Tian's body for even a moment!

"Damn brat, you actually made me lose my job, are you looking to die?" However, before Lu Tian could open his mouth, a sharp and hoarse cry sounded out from the backyard. Right after he said that, a middle-aged man wearing silk clothing walked out from the back door. He first gave a fierce glare to the waiter, then walked towards Lu Tian with a fawning face.

"Customer, don't listen to this brat's words. Our store is open for business, so of course we do business. May I ask if you are staying or eating!" The middle-aged man asked as he rubbed his hands a few times. At the same time he exposed the golden teeth in his mouth.

Lu Tian saw that the two of them had different expressions and immediately felt that something was up. He first looked at the waiter and discovered that besides his expression, there was nothing suspicious about his face. The owner of the inn had a long horse face, but other than his eye sockets turning slightly dark, there was nothing abnormal.

However, out of vigilance, Lu Tian still planned to choose another inn to stay at. However, before he could even say anything, the ancestor's voice sounded out in his mind.

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