"Kid, let's settle down here. There's going to be a good show tonight!" The Old Ancestor said in a mysterious manner in Lu Tian's heart. Of course, this was not something normal people could hear. This was a voice transmission that only Nascent Soul cultivators could learn.

Lu Tian was stunned for a moment. After all, he still hadn't figured out the cause and effect. But due to his trust in the ancestor, Lu Tian still withdrew his rejection and said, "Then come to a first-rate guest room and some good dishes!"

When the owner of the inn saw that Lu Tian had hesitated for a moment, his face turned slightly gloomy. However, when he heard that Lu Tian had finally chosen to stay at the inn, he immediately became overjoyed and hurriedly pulled Lu Tian's hand towards the stairs.

The waiter watched as the two of them disappeared down the stairs. His body couldn't help but shiver as he began to mutter to himself!

On the other hand, Lu Tian was dragged by the owner to a room at the end of the corridor on the second floor. After exchanging a few words of greeting with the owner, he closed the door.

"Ancestor, you've found me a hard worker again!" But before he could even sit down, Lu Tian's face instantly turned black, and his words were filled with complaints.

"Hehe, this kid has already sensed it. He's not bad at all!" The old ancestor laughed heartily at Lu Tian's complaint. The reason he chose this place was because it was the Black Tavern, and most importantly, the owner of the inn.

When he was pulling on the shop owner, Lu Tian discovered that his hand was abnormally cold, and there was not the slightest bit of warmth in his palm, and there were also quite a few black spots on the arm hidden inside his sleeve. In the end, when he was speaking with the shop owner, he once again noticed the strange golden teeth in the shop owner's mouth, and also the unique stench of a corpse.

The two chatted for a while before knocking on the door. At the same time, a voice called out from outside: "Guest, the food and drinks are here!"

Although Lu Tian had already thought of a plan, he still secretly hid the dagger at his waist to use as a response.

The door opened, and the waiter's face was still pale. Even his hands were trembling slightly as he held onto the food and wine. Lu Tian only glanced at the waiter for a moment before taking the food and wine from his hands. He then motioned for the waiter to leave and waited for the waiter to leave. Once again, Lu Tian closed the door.

Time passed second by second, the setting sun completely disappeared into the horizon. Inside the guest room, Lu Tian did not immediately fall asleep, but sat cross-legged on the bed with his hands on his legs, meditating with a long and short breath.

One long three short was the first step in the cultivation of the true qi condensation method. Through the breathing method, one would be able to draw in the surrounding spirit energy, which was the first step in the cultivation of the body. Because of Lu Tian's slightly older age, even though he only attacked at the age of 15, he had already reached 18 years of age. According to the cultivation world's 13 forms of qi cultivation, 18 foundation, he was already a big step slower.

"Hu hu ~" Just as Lu Tian was engrossed in meditating, a faint sound of wind entered his ears, as if it was the breathing of a human. If it wasn't for the unusually quiet environment, coupled with the fact that Lu Tian was paying attention, it would be difficult for him to notice this change. It was just that Lu Tian did not intend to alert the enemy, and was instead forced to take the initiative out of the blue and continue to cultivate with his eyes closed.

Ten minutes silently passed by while he waited. Other than Lu Tian's breathing, the room was still quiet. This made Lu Tian suspicious. After all, he could not suddenly make a move. If the other party hid and bit him, it would definitely not be good.

"Swoosh swoosh!" However, Lu Tian was afraid that he was overthinking things. Just as he started being suspicious, a strange scene appeared in the guest room, and two whistling sounds came through the air, although Lu Tian was unable to distinguish them in the dark, he still managed to discern them from the dark. However, his voice was extremely skillful, and both of his hands suddenly slapped onto the bed, causing his body to fly into the air, while at the same time forcefully twisting his body to dodge.

"You!" The person hiding in the dark was obviously fooled by Lu Tian, but he had no choice but to release an arrow on the bow. If Lu Tian was allowed to escape, then he himself would not be able to escape.

Just as he began to attack, a thick mist filled the room, making it difficult to distinguish even the three meter long object in front of him, let alone Lu Tian's figure.

"Stinky brat, hurry up and get out of here!" His voice drifted about the guest room, but there was no reaction from the fog at all. Lu Tian's figure seemed to have disappeared from the world.

Lu Tian, who was hiding in the dark, was grinning from ear to ear. He had long since realized that he had made preparations, and now he was going to shut down the shop, or else he would be at a disadvantage. However, he couldn't relax.

Humans had three lives, six lives. Three lives meant the three life lamps located on top of a person's head and on their shoulders. Every time one was extinguished, it represented the decline of yang energy and was prone to being invaded by yin qi.

"Brat, if you don't come out, I'll burn this place down!" A pair of glowing green eyes opened wide like an ox, causing people's heart to palpitate. The moment the words left his mouth, the owner had already pulled out a fire piston from his waist, and with a flick of his right hand, a raging fire was ignited.

Putting aside his own safety, the waiter and the owner were both human lives. If the inn was really ignited, perhaps two people would be killed. However, a rash action would only lead to failure.

Time seemed to be tormenting the two of them. Who was more patient and grasped the initiative, but in this game of chess, the heavens were afraid of Lu Tian. As the owner of the store moved, his skinny back was only a few steps away from Lu Tian.

Lu Tian was also a decisive master. With a stride, his figure flashed in the dark and pounced forward. Although the owner of the store was prepared, he was also startled by Lu Tian's pounce from behind. Just as he was about to dodge, he was surrounded by Lu Tian's flapping wings and the two of them fell heavily onto the ground.

"You bastard, I'll kill you!" The store owner was obviously hit so hard that golden stars appeared on his forehead. The green light emitted from his eyes suddenly increased dramatically, causing the surrounding white mist to turn green.

Enveloped by the azure light, Lu Tian immediately felt his vision turn green. He could not even distinguish the owner's figure. One, two, three, four ? It rotated and rotated, countless figures revolving around it, causing Lu Tian to lose his head.

"Wake up!" The explosive shout was like thunder, causing Lu Tian's soul to tremble. However, he was thankful for the explosive shout. The green shadow in front of his eyes quickly dissipated, and Lu Tian immediately held his hands tightly.

"Just who are you!" This time, the shop owner was completely flustered. This was his trump card and he was always testing it out. After this consecutive failure, he was also confused.

"Bastard, you have blood on your tongue!" When he was on Earth, he had heard of the magical effect of the tip of his tongue blood. Although he could not bear to waste his tongue, he did not have the time to think about it in this critical moment. He bit his tongue forcefully and spat it out towards the shop owner.

"Tss tss!" Fresh blood mixed with saliva splattered behind the shop owner's back. A cloud of white smoke rose from his body. At the same time, a green figure flew out from the shop owner's body. However, the Old Ancestor was already prepared and had instructed Lu Tian in setting up the Misty Illusion Formation. As soon as the cyan ghost shadow entered the white mist, the figure rushed out from another direction, repeating tens of times, which caused Lu Tian to feel embarrassed.

"Kid, why aren't you taking him down yet? Otherwise, your soul will be destroyed and you will be destroyed!" Like the Taoist he had seen on television before, Lu Tian assumed a pose of being very handsome. He straightened his back, spread his legs, pinched his fingers together with orchids, and shouted coldly. The green ghost shadow was immediately scared by Lu Tian and its body trembled. It hurriedly escaped again, but this time, Lu Tian wouldn't do as he wished. He spat the last drop of blood from his mouth onto Lu Tian's back.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The ghostly voice was ear-piercing, causing Lu Tian's eardrums to hurt. His already illusory figure was burned by the yang energy contained in the blood on the tip of his tongue. Immediately, green smoke rose up, almost turning transparent.

After a long time, the green ghost finally stopped rolling on the ground and lay still.

"Hurry up and report your arrival! From there, where are you going!" Lu Tian, who was addicted to imitation, took a step forward and used an arrow. At the same time, his Orchid Finger turned into a sword finger and pointed at the green ghost shadow while asking. The green shadow was already scared out of his wits, rolling and crawling in front of Lu Tian. The illusionary figure trembled non-stop, and said with his hoarse voice: "Great deity begged for mercy, great deity begged for mercy, this little one is just a mere mortal, I just don't know how I was reincarnated and stayed here, I didn't kill anyone!"

"Humph!" You still want to quibble, you want to harm me, that is the truth! " Lu Tian was unrelenting as he shouted and asked!

The green ghost was scared by Lu Tian. His body trembled and he quickly begged for mercy, "Great deity, this is the first time. Please forgive me. As long as great deity lets me go, I'm willing to give you a treasure!"

"Treasures!" Hearing this, Lu Tian's interest was piqued. After all, this was a treasure that had been delivered to his doorstep, in addition, the Patriarch had said that it would save this little kid's life first, and it also saved Lu Tian Wu a lot of time. After pretending to ponder over it, Chou said: "Hand the treasure over!"

The little guy revealed a joyful expression. At the same time, a speck of green light rose from his head, turning into a speck of green light. Following the change in the green light, Lu Tian was also able to see that the thing inside was actually a bone fragment. He immediately became puzzled and wanted to ask, but the green light had already dissipated and the bone fragment had fallen below his feet.

Without the wrapping of the green light, Lu Tian discovered that the bone shards were carved with countless tadpole-sized characters. Although the characters were tiny and profound, as an archaeological graduate, Lu Tian was surprised to find that there were four words inside ? Purple air from the East.

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