The Avalon of Five Elements was located at the border between Wei Wu and the Cang Bei Country. It was less than a hundred miles from the Great Deer Slope, but the two nations definitely would not dare to set foot within ten miles of the mountain. This place was shrouded in fog all year round, and if an ordinary person stepped foot into it, they would definitely lose their way and starve to death. Furthermore, the two countries did not dare to provoke a third-grade sect. The fury of a third-grade sect was sufficient to annihilate them.

In the knowledge of Lu Tian, there were only nine rank 9 sects. The Five Elements Sect was located in the northwest corner of the Immortal Meteorite Continent, and could be considered to be a place where cultivation resources were scarce. Most of the powerful sects basically didn't have roots here, providing the smaller sects with a chance to survive, and the Five Elements Sect was also slightly famous among the smaller sects.

After arriving here, Lu Tian used three years' time to advance from a mortal body to the Houtian realm, break through to the Xiantian realm, and step into the Xiantian realm. Although in the eyes of ordinary people, Lu Tian had already passed through the best period of cultivation, but if they found out that Lu Tian had only used three years to reach Qi Disciple level 3, they definitely wouldn't believe it. After straightening out the thoughts in his head, Lu Tian finally decided to head over to the Five Elements Sect.

The 100 mile journey Lu Tian had only used a short half day to arrive at the foot of the Sky Mist Mountain with a slight flash of light. However, to his surprise, more than a dozen men and women sat loosely in an open area ten meters wide outside the forest. Many kinds of gazes were directed towards Lu Tian's appearance.

Feeling the gaze, Lu Tian did not have any thoughts of greeting them. He only used his gaze to briefly search for a place to sit down and rest his eyes. It seemed like Lu Tian just happened to come at a time when the sect was recruiting disciples.

Due to the cold winter, a bone-piercing cold wind would occasionally blow. For someone like Lu Tian who had experienced the hardships of the army, he would be considered alright, but there were a few men and women in silk clothing and smooth skin who had already been cursing loudly. There were even some who were curling up their bodies to keep warm.

The bone-piercing cold wind made it difficult for Lu Tian to fully focus. From time to time, he would open his eyes to take a look, and among them, a man and woman attracted most of his attention.

The man and woman were roughly around fifteen years old. They were handsome, but had childish looks on their faces. They were not softly conversing with the young girl beside them. A pair of willow-shaped eyebrows and a pair of star-like black eyes immediately attracted the gazes of many people present. However, what drew Lu Tian's attention the most was that, not to mention the two of them, their clothes were first of all delicate and pretty, but their skin was soft and smooth while they wore white clothes. This was clearly not from a poor family, and from time to time, the young girl nervously looked into the distance.

"Time's up!" A deep voice suddenly resounded through the air. The fog separated them as if they had their own consciousness, forming a three-meter wide path. A skinny, middle-aged man wearing a green robe walked out from the fog, standing in front of everyone.

Before anyone could ask, the middle-aged man spoke again, "I am the Five Elements Sect's Elder, Mu Xie. I am in charge of this year's sect disciple exam. I've made everyone wait for a long time, now bring your tokens over and report to everyone."

There were already quite a number of people who had suffered from the cold for a long time and wanted to leave. When they heard Mu Xie call out to them, they immediately got up and went to line up. The strange couple hesitated for a moment, but still followed him.

Soon, Mu Sha confirmed the identities of the dozens of people in front of him, leaving only Lu Tian and the strange man and woman.

"Token!" Mu Zhe's low voice rang out, and the strange men and women each took out a wooden token from their bosom and handed it to him, waiting for his reply.

Mu Zhe first took the token. After looking at it for a while, he was surprised. He then asked, "What are the two of you from the Liu Family?"

The girl's expression changed when she heard this. She quickly pulled the boy back a few steps and formed a finger technique with her delicate hand. Her eyes were vigilant as she looked at Mu Zhai in front of her.

However, when he saw the girl in front of him again, he could only shake his head helplessly. He sighed and said, "Forget it, forget it, the patriarch of the Liu Family was kind to me in the past, so he is treating it as a mistake this time. You guys can go in. "But the best is the best."

When the girl heard this, her face flashed with a hint of joy. She hurriedly retracted her attack posture, half bowing to the youth, and took the command medallion with her into the thick fog.

Seeing this dramatic scene, Lu Tian was satisfied with Lu Tian's performance. At the same time, he also confirmed the Liu siblings' identities, but under Mu Zhe's gaze, Lu Tian did not dare to reveal it.

Mu Zhe frowned even more when he saw the token. He was silent for a while before he asked, "Who are you? You have the Liu Family's sect token."

Hearing the inquiry, Lu Tian knew something was going on. The scene where the Liu siblings and Mu Xie acted out just now had led him to guess that this was not only a representation of the sect's qualifications, but also a symbol of its identity. He had already come up with a plan.

"You are from the direct line of descent?" "Why didn't you enter with the Liu brothers and sisters just now?" According to the Patriarch's will, we must secretly protect the siblings. Unless it is absolutely necessary, we must not reveal our identities. Lu Tian had already come up with a plan and quickly threw out a righteous cause. With the excuse of secretly protecting him, he didn't reveal his identity.

The doubt on Mu Xie's face disappeared, but at the same time, it was replaced by silence.

"Elder Mu!" Lu Tian clasped his hands together and kneeled on one knee. He said in a deep voice, "I will definitely repay this kindness with a fountain of water. The Patriarch has done me a favor. Even if I die, I have no regrets, please grant me that wish."

"Good, good, good. What a great phrase of 'a drop of water that will repay you'!" The silence on his face was replaced by excitement: "Brat, even though you have passed through the best period of cultivation, based on what you said just now, this elder will risk the pain of facing the wall to allow you to enter the sect!"

Lu Tian was immediately overjoyed, but his expression was still abnormally serious. He cupped his fists in thanks, and then lifted his head and strode into the fog.

The first thing he saw was the scene which caused Lu Tian to suck in a breath of cold air. Everything in front of him had completely changed, the place where the Misty Mountain was located could be said to be like a sharp sword, piercing through the clouds and mist. The danger was his synonym.

"The first stage, hiking to the peak!" While Lu Tian was shocked, a sweet voice was heard. A serious and ice-cold young girl appeared in front of him. Her age wasn't that different from Lu Tian's, but she was still an elder at such a young age. This made Lu Tian secretly sigh in surprise.

Feeling Lu Tian's gaze, the young lady only glanced at it for a moment before forming a seal with one hand. A stream of light flashed out from the peak of the mountain, and like a meteor falling down, it appeared in front of the young lady within a few seconds.

The young girl stepped onto the round disc with her jade-like feet, and the round disc transformed into a stream of light as it flew towards the mountain peak, disappearing without a trace.

Watching the young girl disappear, Lu Tian rubbed the tip of his nose, revealing a helpless smile. He muttered to himself, "He's still not handsome enough!" And then, he began to walk up the mountain.

Although the Sky Mist Mountain was steep, it didn't require Lu Tian's group to use their bare hands to climb it. There was only a stone gangway up the mountain, but it could only allow two people to stand.

As Lu Tian was walking at the back, he did not have to worry too much about the quality of the gangway, it was just that he was not in a hurry to reach the top. Sky Mist Mountain was at least six or seven hundred meters tall, and the higher it was, the higher the air pressure, the thinner the oxygen was. Along the way, Lu Tian was like a tourist. He would occasionally stop and point at the mountains in the distance.

Perhaps the group of people leading the way were in a hurry to climb the stairs. Lu Tian didn't even encounter a single person as he climbed up the hundreds of stairs. Only when he reached the thousandth step did he see a young man lying motionless on the ground.

Seeing this, Lu Tian's brows couldn't help but knit together. He quickly walked behind the youth and discovered that the youth's body was covered in wounds of varying sizes. The strangest thing was the remains of insects' corpses. These insects were not big, only the size of a pinky finger. Their entire bodies were as black as carbon and their mouths had a pair of large jaws.

"Little brat, don't touch it. This person is not saved. Also, those bugs have anesthetic nerves, but you can't touch them!" The ancestor, who had been silent for a long time, reminded him in time. Hearing that, Lu Tian instantly gave up on the idea of investigating. He watched for a bit longer before stepping over the corpse and leaving.

"Feng, are you alright? "Feng, don't sleep!" Lu Tian had yet to lower his feet when a hasty female cry for help came from the distance.

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