"This ?" After all, to the unconscious Liu Feng, who had a wooden house to shelter him, it would at least increase his chances of survival. As a woman, if she were to sleep alone in the wilderness, she would probably become Liu Dong's target. This situation put him in a dilemma.

"Alright, those who have the right to enter, follow me!" After she retracted her gaze from Lu Tian, she called out to everyone and walked towards the peak of the mountain. She had only taken a few steps when she heard the voice of the girl again, "I am called Lan Bing. From now on, call me Sister Lan and gather at the gate tomorrow."

Saying that, he disappeared into the night without looking back. The rest followed one by one, leaving only Lu Tian and Liu Yuyan behind.

"I'm sorry!" At that moment, her emotions were in a contradiction. She had not known him for long, but he had helped her time and time again. Now, he had even given her the right to stay at his place.

"Let's go!" Liu Feng still needs to rest! " Lu Tian did not act too pretentiously. With a shrug, he turned around and left. With a few leaps, he disappeared from Liu Yuyan's sight. He did not leave her with the chance to speak.

Seeing Lu Tian disappear under the night sky, Liu Yuyan sighed to herself. Remembering the vicious and merciless Liu Dong, she could only retract her gaze and walk towards the depths of the mountain peak.

The departure of the crowd restored the tranquility of the place. However, in that instant, after Liu Yuyan's figure disappeared, a black shadow flashed out and looked at the direction Liu Yuyan had disappeared in without moving at all.

"Boy, don't tell me you like this little girl!" The familiar tone was clearly that of an old cunning ancestor.

"Ancestor is thinking too much, let's just treat it as returning the favor of her qualification token." Lu Tian smiled but did not explain any further. Love and affection did not suit him at this moment.

In order to no longer be late, Lu Tian had already gone to gather at the entrance of the sect. Even though the Five Elements Sect was built at the summit of the mountain, according to the size of the mountain, the top of the mountain occupied at least a hundred miles of land, let alone the secret rooms, chambers, etc.

After walking for a few dozen miles, Lu Tian finally arrived at the mountain gate. The gate was made of a stack of boulders, about ten zhang tall, and the gate was at least fifteen zhang wide.

Since it was still early, when he arrived at the entrance, he only saw the ice-cold girl, Lan Bing, sitting on a large rock with her eyes closed. Lu Tian did not intend to go up and greet her, so he found a random rock to meditate on.

She was dressed in snow-white clothes and had a beauty that was not inferior to Liu Yuyan's. In the mortal world, she would definitely be regarded as a fairy, but her personality was too cold and Lu Tian did not like her hot face and cold butt.

Liu Mei slightly trembled and did not open her eyes. Although Lan Bing was meditating, he had already sensed that someone was approaching. However, he did not open his eyes and continued to sit on the spot.

One, two, three ?. It was a cold day, and although there was no snow on Sky Mist Mountain, the wind that was sitting quietly in this place was bone-chilling. This was not a meditation training, but a living suffering.

"Feng, that person is your savior. His name is Lu Tian!" Liu Yuyan was among the crowd, while the unconscious Liu Feng was serving her. The two of them looked similar, and Liu Feng also had a handsome face, but compared to Lu Tian's experienced face, he was a little more immature.

"He is?" However, no matter how he looked at it, he could not see anything special about Lu Tian. He turned his head towards Liu Yuyan and said, "Sis, let's stay away from him. Maybe he is Liu Dong's man."

He would never forget how his father had been betrayed by his good friend and brutally persecuted by the branch family. She was only convinced that Lu Tian was Liu Dong's spy and did not want to do so, but Liu Feng's words were like a thorn that kept stabbing her in the heart. She secretly glanced at Lu Tian again and sighed to herself.

"Alright, everyone is starting!" Lan Bing opened his eyes, and swept the crowd with his ice-cold gaze, saying coldly, and stood up to enter the mountain gate.

Although many of the people present were extremely dissatisfied with Lan Bing's attitude, they couldn't do anything about Lan Bing's identity. The group of young masters and mistresses had no choice but to follow her in quick steps. For a moment, only the Liu siblings and Lu Tian remained.

Lu Tian had initially wanted to talk to Liu Yuyan, but when Liu Feng's words entered his ears, he could only helplessly give up on that idea. After watching the two of them enter the mountain gate, he sighed inwardly and followed them into the mountain gate.

After entering the mountain gate, there was another rocky mountain path. There were dense thickets on both sides of the road, and from time to time, some small animals would peek out their heads to peek at these uninvited guests.

The mountain path was not long and was only a hundred levels long. It only took them a few minutes to arrive at the end of the mountain path, which was a plaza made of granite. Liu Dong, who they had met yesterday, was also there, but this time, there was also an old man in white robes with a head full of white hair.

"Elder Bai!" Lan Bing looked at the white-haired old man in the middle of the plaza. The ice-cold expression on his face also slightly melted as he quickly walked to the old man and respectfully said this.

When everyone saw that Lan Bing had changed so much, they were momentarily stunned. Only Lu Tian, who was observing the situation, reacted in time and immediately bent down while cupping his fists and calling out to Elder Bai.

The old man's face was like dried tree bark, his eyes were squinting into thin lines under the wrinkles, but after hearing the two's greetings, the withered tree like face trembled, his smile pulled up his skin and immediately covered his eyes, his old voice sounded at the same time: "Not bad, not bad, Lan Wa is still as cold as ever, be careful, this newbie is also not bad, standing together is quite compatible!"

His thick skin was fine, but if Lan Bing was to fight with him, then he wouldn't be able to eat or walk. From the corner of his eyes, Lu Tian noticed that Lan Bing's expression was normal, and didn't change at all due to Elder Bai's words. He also heaved a sigh of relief.

However, if Lu Tian knew that this Elder Bai teased Blue Ice more than a hundred times a year, then Lu Tian would also die because he wasn't afraid of being burned by hot water and would just ignore it.

Other than Liu Dong, the rest of the servants were also excited by the words of Elder Bai. They almost couldn't hold back their laughter, but looking at the cold figure of his back, they knew that he must not give up.

"This Spirit Root Test will be handled by this old man. The fairness of the test has always been this old man's goal!" After saying that, Elder Bai's gaze landed on Liu Dong for a few seconds. He then shifted his gaze to Liu Yuyan and her sister. Lan Bing also understood the meaning behind his words. His brows trembled slightly as he looked at Liu Yuyan and began to think.

Liu Dong, who was standing behind Elder Bai, did not show any change in expression. However, he had long since started to curse in his heart. He had already counted the eighteen generations of Elder Bai's ancestors over and over again.

The Elders were also divided into inner and outer sect elders. The status of the inner sect elders was one level higher than the outer sect elders, and this Elder Bai was the head of the inner sect elders. He could be said to be one of the top ten thousand inner sect elders, but the most important thing was that his strength was only below the Sect Leader, and he was one of the five big shots of the Five Elements Sect.

Elder Bai looked around and saw that no one had any objections. With trembling hands, he took out a fist-sized transparent bead from his bosom. Of course, this was not stored in his bosom, but in his storage pouch.

"According to the order of passing the first stage, place your hand on the testing stone and release your spirit energy." After all, Lan Bing was the second examiner, so she was the most clear about the ranking.

Lan Bing's expression remained as cold as ice after hearing Elder Bai's orders. She turned around and served Elder Bai's right side, then placed her gaze on the people waiting to be tested. Lu Tian was also a sensible person, so he hurriedly retreated to the back of the group, waiting for the assessment.

At the top of the line was a strong young man. Compared to the rest of the five, this young man was also wearing plain clothes. However, he was slightly stronger than the Liu brother and sister.

The strong young man was not much younger than Lu Tian, at least sixteen or seventeen years old, but he was two heads taller than Lu Tian. He was a tall and sturdy man, and his hands were full of calluses.

The young man walked up to Elder Bai and stretched out his callused hand to cover the testing stone. A few seconds later, an earthen yellow glow started to rise from the top of the stone.

"Yep, Earth attribute as the main spirit root, intermediate level, qualified!" After glancing at the Spirit Stone, Elder Bai spoke indifferently. A smile also rose on the face of the originally nervous and strong youth. He then quickly made a path.

Even though the remaining five were from prestigious clans, they did not perform outstandingly. When it was Liu Yuyan's turn, the old man's expression finally changed.

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