King Of Peak/C2 Chapter 2
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King Of Peak/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

After arriving at the bar, Leng Xiao Han was stunned. He didn't know what to do as he saw his friends interacting with each other skillfully, some of them even going to the dance floor to hot dance with his elder sister.

Fortunately, his childhood sweetheart, Gu Yang, also knew that it was Leng Xiao Han's first time here, so he led him to the bar.

"Jack, two margaritas." It was clear that Gu Yang was very familiar with the bartender here.

"Alright, this one is yours?" After saying that, Jack went to mix the wine. As he did so, he said in an ambiguous tone.

"What kind of joke is this, he's my childhood sweetheart, my best bro Leng Xiao Han, Xiao Han, this is the bartender here, you can call him Jack, he's an old rogue, don't be fooled by his appearance." Gu Yang rolled his eyes at Jack in an exaggerated manner.

"Haha, here, the Magaret you want." While they were talking, Jack had already called out Magaret, placed her in a cup and placed her in front of the two of them.

"Hah." Gu Yang reached out to grab a cup of wine and lightly sipped, making an exaggerated sound.

"Drink." After finishing up on Magaret, Gu Yang saw that Leng Xiao Han didn't even drink it and just glared at him, almost laughing out loud. He suppressed his laughter and pushed Magaret towards Leng Xiao Han as he spoke.

"Uh, okay." When Leng Xiao Han heard Gu Yang's words, his entire body stiffened. He actually didn't want to drink at all. He'd never drunk wine before! However, he had no choice but to swallow his saliva under the gazes of his childhood sweetheart and Jack. He then carefully reached out and picked up his wine cup.

He drank all the margaritas in one gulp for fear of being unsavoury.

After placing the cup down, Leng Xiao Han raised his head and saw Jack and Gu Yang looking at him with smiles but not daring to do so.

"What, what?" Leng Xiao Han, who was frightened, pushed his glasses nervously, almost dropping them. He really couldn't stand their gazes, "If you want to laugh, then laugh." he said, a little annoyed.

"Hahahaha." With Leng Xiao Han's permission, Gu Yang and Jack also couldn't bear it any longer. They both laughed exaggeratedly. Their laughter attracted the attention of many people, including a certain man.

"Enough, all of you. Laughing for so long!" Seeing that the two of them could not stop laughing, Leng Xiao Han got even angrier. He did not understand why the two of them suddenly laughed as though there was something wrong.

"Haha, it's really funny. Whose house drinks cocktails and uses a mouthful of stuffy food? Haha, aren't you afraid of choking?" After he finished speaking, Gu Yang even exaggeratedly pounded the table. He finished laughing and raised his head to look at Leng Xiao Han, but he was stunned when he did so. Hearing the laughter stop, Jack followed Gu Yang's gaze and was also stunned.

"What, what?" Seeing the two of them staring at him with dumbfounded expressions, Leng Xiao Han almost exploded.

"So beautiful." Gu Yang muttered as he looked at Leng Xiao Han's face.

"Here." Seeing that Leng Xiao Han was still confused, Jack kindly took out a mirror and passed it to him.

Leng Xiao Han took the mirror and was stunned. Although the lighting was not good, perhaps it was because of the lighting that the cold weather was even more beautiful, or perhaps it was more accurate to say that it was a demon.

Perhaps it was due to the alcohol that Leng Xiao Han's eyes became watery. His originally white cheeks became red due to the smell of the wine, like a red apple. Because of the water, her lips had become very attractive, as if inviting people to pick them. Leng Xiao Han had always been handsome, but it was hard to tell because of his glasses.

"Cough cough, Ah Yong seems to be calling me. I'll go find him first." With these words, Gu Yang slipped away, his feet full of oil.

"This." Leng Xiao Han felt a little helpless looking at Gu Yang's rapidly disappearing figure. He could only turn around and ask Jack for another glass of Magaret.

"Delicious." This time, Leng Xiao Han was tasting it carefully. He suddenly felt that Magaret was really tasty, and not only did she have a rich taste, Margaret also had a fresh fruity aroma and the unique aroma of tequila. She tasted sour, sweet and very refreshing, and he kind of liked this wine.

"Hello, order a glass of margarita for this mister." Just as Leng Xiao Han was about to order another drink, a man covered in fat suddenly appeared behind Leng Xiao Han.

Leng Xiao Han was at a loss on what to do. This was the first time he had encountered this kind of situation, but what was even worse was that his childhood sweetheart had just slipped away! What should he do?

"Mister, you must have recognized the wrong person. I don't know you." With a frown, Leng Xiao Han pushed the man to the side. He tidied up his clothes and said, "It looks like I'll have to throw them away tomorrow. Sigh, I just bought them yesterday. What a pity."

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