King Of Peak/C3 Chapter 3
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King Of Peak/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

"Then we can get to know each other now, haha." The man ignored Leng Xiao Han's resistance towards his words and actions. He thought that he was laughing heartily, but he didn't know that Leng Xiao Han was about to vomit when he heard his laughter.

"F * ck off." The man's actions had already touched on Leng Xiao Han's bottom line, so he pushed the man onto the ground and stared at him without saying anything.

When the students heard the commotion, they all gathered around to support Leng Xiao Han. When the man realized that he could not handle so many people alone, he could only leave dejectedly, but he was not convinced and decided to have his classmates follow Leng Xiao Han. Leng Xiao Han did not know this, but if he knew, he would not reject his classmates' good intentions and go home alone.

Yes, Leng Xiao Han went home alone. After such an incident, the students no longer had any fun staying at the bar and all suggested leaving. Thus, the group of people arrived at the entrance of the bar.

Inception to go abroad

The students originally wanted to accompany Leng Xiao Han home, but were helpless to do so. Leng Xiao Han rejected them, so they had no choice but to send him home.

Although Leng Xiao Han and Gu Yang had grown up playing around, they didn't live together because of Gu Yang's parents' work. In fact, they were quite far from each other. After walking for half an hour, they finally arrived at the fork in the road.

"Alright, I can do it by myself. Don't look at me like this, I have to run every day." Seeing that Gu Yang refused to leave, Leng Xiao Han smiled and said with a worried expression, "If I really can't beat him, I'll run."

"Fine." Gu Yang thought for a moment. That's right, Leng Xiao Han was their school's champion in the 100-meter sprint. His potential was extremely high. After all, their school had a sports specialty. "See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow." Leng Xiao Han waved at Gu Yang with a smile, but he didn't expect that the moment he turned his head, before he had walked far, he would be forced into an alley with his nose covered by a hand. With just a smack, he would be knocked unconscious and wouldn't even have the chance to escape.

When Leng Xiao Han woke up, he was already in a room. Although the room was dark, the lights were on. He could only vaguely see a fat man sitting on the sofa beside the bed watching a movie.

"You're awake?" Perhaps because Leng Xiao Han's movements were too big, the man turned his head around when he heard his movements. Seeing that Leng Xiao Han was already awake, he stood up and walked over to Leng Xiao Han's side.

"Who are you?" After the man walked in, Leng Xiao Han realized that this was the disgusting man who had chatted with him at the bar earlier.

"Who I am is not important. What's important is that I will soon be your first man, haha." The disgusting man burst out laughing. This trip to the bar was quite fruitful. Not only did he sign the contract, he even obtained such a rare beauty.

The disgusting man used his thick hands to stroke Leng Xiao Han's face. His glasses had long been thrown to the ground by the disgusting man, but it did not affect his eyesight, because those glasses were used by Leng Xiao Han to protect his face against blue light.

"You, uh." Leng Xiao Han wanted to struggle, but realized that his hands were tied to the headboard with a tie, while his clothes were in disarray. Several buttons on his shirt were ripped off.

While Leng Xiao Han was struggling, the disgusting man took out a small bottle from somewhere. Inside the bottle was a few milliliters of transparent liquid, and when Leng Xiao Han wasn't paying attention, the disgusting man opened his mouth and poured the transparent liquid into it.

"What did you give me to drink?" By accident, Leng Xiao Han drank up all the liquid. He felt that something was wrong.

"Haha, that's the latest 'good news'. It can even make a celibate nun..." Hahahaha, moreover, if you don't mix this medicine with others, you won't be able to cure it, hahaha. " The disgusting man didn't finish his words, but Leng Xiao Han knew what he meant.

The disgusting man stooped down and ripped open the buttons of Leng Xiao Han's shirt with his bloated hands, exposing his fair upper body.

The disgusting man stepped onto Leng Xiao Han and bent down to lick his neck.

Leng Xiao Han was so disgusted that he wanted to vomit. Taking advantage of the disgusting man's inattention, he suddenly made a move and bent his legs, kicking the disgusting man's vital parts. The disgusting man immediately fainted.

Holding back his disgust, Leng Xiao Han struggled for a long time before finally releasing his hands.

Pushing him aside, Leng Xiao Han clearly felt his body heating up. There was a reaction under his body. What was even more terrifying was that there was a reaction behind him? Or was it the kind of very embarrassing reaction?

Leng Xiao Han held in his craving and struggled to the door of his room. He opened it and was about to leave.

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