King Of Peak/C4 Chapter 4
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King Of Peak/C4 Chapter 4
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C4 Chapter 4

He also didn't notice that he accidentally bumped into a man. The man had a very fragrant scent of mint …

"Hey, what happened to you?" When Ji Yelin saw that the room had suddenly opened, a man in untidy clothes who was still breathing heavily came out, he immediately understood.

Leng Xiao Han only felt an ice cube suddenly appear beside him, giving him, who was burning with desire, a chance to catch his breath. He did not want to miss this chance, nor did he notice that there was a man beside Ji Yelin.

Although he really wanted to continue watching, his excellent profession quickly reminded him that it was better for him to quickly escape, so he ran away. But before he ran away, he took a look at the man who had the courage to kiss his boss, and remembered his appearance, to the point where when he first met Leng Xiao Han, his expression was very strange.

However, the two's kiss did not end because of the secretary's departure. Even more so, after the secretary left, Ji Yelin no longer had any scruples. He carried Leng Xiao Han to his room not too far away.

Just like this, Leng Xiao Han died the first, second, and third time they met. As for why he was possessed by Xia Yan Ze? That was because after a night of 'battle', his body and spirit were both extremely weak. In addition to the fact that their soul fusion was exceptionally good, Xia Yan Ze had unconsciously seized his body.

After recalling everything, Xia Yanze was even less inclined to say anything. Coincidentally, at this moment, the Tsinghua University garden also arrived.

After paying the driver and getting off the car, Xia Yanze followed his memory and came to his home — Tsinghua Garden's A-1 Building 503.

"Sigh." Xia Yanze's first step upon returning home was to take a bath. After taking a bath, he looked at his changed clothes and felt worried.

What should I do with this dress? Throw it away? Or?

Just as Xia Yan Ze was at a loss, a phone call came, breaking all of Xia Yan Ze's plans.

"Hey, Xiao Han? "I am Zhao Gang." The voice on the other end of the phone sounded a little old, but it was brimming with energy.

"Yes, Teacher, I'm here." Leng Xiao Han replied subconsciously. From now on, Xia Yanze would be cold.

"Well, didn't you graduate? And then I tried to apply for you, but I didn't expect you to succeed." Zhao Gang intentionally bought a trap to keep Leng Xiao Han in suspense.

Zhao Gang was Leng Xiao Han's teacher, and his influence on Leng Xiao Han was very great. It could be said that if not for him, Leng Xiao Han would have gone astray due to his cynicism, as Leng Xiao Han was not only an orphan, but also someone who was not good at socializing, and hence Leng Xiao Han respected him a lot. However, this person was an old naughty kid, and he liked to watch Leng Xiao Han jump up and down.

"You got it? What did you get? " Leng Xiao Han asked.

"An internship at William Corporation in New York!" Zhao Gang finally stopped keeping Leng Xiao Han in suspense and revealed a shocking piece of news.

This company was like a thunderclap in the ears! Top 10 in the entire country's top 100 enterprises!

The people who worked there were no doubt not the elites of any industry. It could be said that entering William & Co. meant that you were already halfway into the global Forbes rankings, which was not an exaggeration, because quite a few people in this company, not counting their bosses, had been on the list for several years in a row.

What was even more shocking was that this company was entirely the work of a young man, a twenty-seven-year-old man, George William, the company's founder and boss.

It is said that he is a Chinese-American hybrid, half of his blood is American, half Chinese.

It was said that William was very handsome, and had even ranked first in a certain magazine's "Men's List of Men Women Most Wanted to Marry!"

It was said that … In short, William, in everyone's eyes, William is the representative of a miracle.

In just six short years, William had brought a company from nothing to the world. He had also brought a company from the world of entertainment to the world of today. Unsatisfied, he had even spread his reach elsewhere …

All in all, Leng Xiao Han was extremely grateful to Zhao Gang for getting him a job in such a legendary company. He could imagine that even though Zhao Gang didn't say anything, he must have done a lot of things in private.

This teacher of his really treats him quite well.

"Are you for real!"

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