King Of Peak/C5 Chapter 5
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King Of Peak/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

"Of course! I've asked them to take care of the plane and passport for you next Monday. Oh right, when we go, we need to bring more of our delicious dishes. What instant noodles, soy sauce, and so on … "Bring a bit more, at most you'll just have to rely on transportation. We don't lack that bit of money." Zhao Gang was like a father who loved his children as he chattered with the children who were about to leave.

But to Leng Xiao Han, it was warm. Not to mention that the original owner's parents had died in a car accident when the original owner was 18 years old, even Xia Yanze himself, although his parents doted on him and loved him a lot, but the problem was, although one of them was the patriarch of the Xia family, and the other was the mistress of the Xia family, most of the time, even though they wanted to accompany Xia Yanze, they were powerless. Even though Xia Yanze expressed his understanding, he still hoped that someone would truly care for him, not because of his identity.

Zhao Gang did it. He had met Leng Xiao Han during a mathematics competition when he was 18 years old. At that time, Zhao Gang had a great appreciation for Leng Xiao Han, and after the event, under Zhao Gang's active contact, Leng Xiao Han had become his student.

Xia Yanze, who had inherited Leng Xiao Han's memory, naturally respected this man.

Only now did Xia Yanze finally let go of his past. He was determined to live as Leng Xiao Han. If it wasn't for him, he wouldn't let down his place as a good person.

3. Buying a house. A video game?

"I got it, Teacher." Leng Xiao Han felt extremely lucky to have such a good teacher guiding him.

"Un, then I won't disturb you anymore. Have a good rest, it will be hard for you to pass the time. Also, remember to come to the school in three days and complete some procedures."


A week later, Leng Xiao Han boarded the plane to New York, carrying his dream and Zhao Gang's expectations with him …

"Hey, honey, the CEO is looking for you." After eating lunch, Leng Xiao Han wanted to return to his resting area to rest, but hearing the news, he could only sigh and head to the CEO's office.

This was his third year here. It had to be said that Leng Xiao Han had changed a lot, and all of this was thanks to William. If it weren't for him, Leng Xiao Han wouldn't have changed so much. If he could not pursue her, that would be even better!

Recalling the past, Leng Xiao Han couldn't even look back. He was so regretful that he wanted to cover his face. If he could turn things around, he definitely wouldn't!

He really was a straight guy! Straight as steel! Even if the original owner was bent, he couldn't possibly be bent! At most, he would just hang around for a bit and understand a little more. He only knew a few seductive techniques! Nothing more!

"Forget it, the contract is about to expire anyway." Although he was very sorry that he had to return home and not renew the contract, Leng Xiao Han would not go back on his decision. After all, he had been gone for too long.

"CEO, you're looking for me." Arriving at the CEO's office, Leng Xiao Han knocked on the door. After being allowed in, he said to William, who was sitting on the boss' chair, his eyes lighting up the moment he saw him.

"Can't I look for you because I'm fine?" William looked at Leng Xiao Han, who was dressed in a well-ironed suit, and swallowed his saliva. It was really seductive. "Sit down." William pointed to the chair in front of him.

"Right." Leng Xiao Han sat down, adjusted his posture, and looked at William.

"Cough cough, it's like this. I'm going to a banquet tonight, come with me." William's eyes were a little unfocused. Of course, he knew that the man in front of him was a straight man, but … He really did like him. It had nothing to do with his physical body, it only concerned him. Of course, it would be better if he had a physical body.

"No need." Leng Xiao Han rejected it.

"Then come to my house for dinner tonight." William was already mentally prepared for Leng Xiao Han's refusal, and this was not his goal.



Two days later, at an airport.

A man with long, flowing hair appeared at the exit of the airport with a not-so-small suitcase in his hand.

"Hey, why isn't this car here yet!?" "Seriously, I was in a hurry to buy an account card and a helmet!" While Leng Xiao Han was waiting for his car, the man and woman behind him were whispering to each other.

"That's right, that's right. The second test of 'Peak' is starting tomorrow!" I'm really looking forward to it! "

"That's right! A holographic game! He hadn't had the money to buy a game cabin for the first time in the exam. Now that he was rich, he could finally play! "I'm extremely happy!"

"When we get home, I'll put my luggage away and go to the Internet Cafe to buy my account card!"


The man and woman chatted for a while, but Leng Xiao Han was in no mood to listen to them. All of his attention was focused on the 'Peak' that they were talking about. Account card? Game cabin?

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