King Of Peak/C6 Chapter 6
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King Of Peak/C6 Chapter 6
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C6 Chapter 6

Heavens! Leng Xiao Han felt that he was truly blessed! Although he had once again been brutally ravaged to the point where he found it strange to walk somewhere else, this did not cover up his excitement.

He hadn't played the game in three years! In the three years he had been working under William, he had wished he could turn 24 hours into 48 hours a day. Where did he get the Beijing time to play games? His hands had been itching for a long time!

Now that he was free, the money he had earned from William all these years wasn't much, but he could still be considered a rich man. At least... I can buy a room.

Leng Xiao Han sighed. He had almost forgotten that his house in the Tsinghua University residential complex expired two years ago. That was to say, he was currently homeless.

"Madam, where are we going now?" the driver asked as Leng Xiao Han got into a taxi.

"I am a man. What's new lately? "Take me with you." Leng Xiao Han was already relaxed when he was mistaken for a woman. It wasn't that he didn't want to cut her off, but even if he did … Let's just consider it a memento of his previous life.

He remembered the time in his previous life when Leng Xiao Han's parents loved looking at his long hair. They said that Leng Xiao Han looked really handsome and beautiful.

"Oh, okay, sir. There are two new buildings on sale recently. One is located at Penglai District, xx, while the other is located at Yunhua District, xx." The driver felt embarrassed that he had recognized the wrong person.

"Which sector is the safest?" The house is bigger? " After getting used to living in a big house, Leng Xiao Han had no intention of living in a small house.

"Of course it's the Penglai District. The greening there is good, and there are quite a few villas with their own gardens and garages, and there is a small shop there, a small supermarket. It can be said that you can buy everything without leaving the house." The driver thought for a moment and said.

"Then let's go there." Leng Xiao Han was very satisfied with this. It was his credo to not go out.

"Alright!" The chauffeur turned the steering wheel and drove the taxi to the Penglai district's sales office.

There were many people selling the buildings, but it could not be said to be a sea of people. After all, half a month had passed since the opening day, and the enthusiasm of the crowd had been somewhat reduced.

"Hello, is there anything I can help you with?" A sales lady came out and asked when she saw Leng Xiao Han enter.

"It's like this. I need to buy a villa. Can you help me bring over the villa's atlas for me to see?"


After a while, the sales lady came back with a not-so-thin booklet.

"It's like this. Our villa has a total of 20 buildings, some 200 square meters, and some 300 square meters. There are still empty rooms. The room's design is all designed by famous designers. If you're not satisfied, we can also help you contact the designer. There are a total of two kinds of 300 square meters design, one is European style and the other is archaic style. "

"Imitation Ancient Wind?"

"Yes, but even though it is archaic, there are only a few imitations. For example, the appearance of the house, the bed, the windows, and so on. Most of them are modern."

"It's an antique one, but can you customize the bed?" Leng Xiao Han asked as he preferred big beds.

"Yes. If you need a large model bed, inform the property. He will help you contact them."


"Then you're sure it's archaic, right?"

"Yes." After some selection and taking a look at the house, Leng Xiao Han finally bought a villa in the east, which was located in Xiangyang, costing around 10 million yuan.

"I wish you a pleasant stay." After completing a bunch of procedures, as well as paying a fee and connecting to the internet, Leng Xiao Han successfully checked into the villa. It was worth mentioning that the villa was archaic, so there was a signboard on the door with no writing on it.

Although the management had said that they could get someone to write the inscription, Leng Xiao Han still refused. He only told them to take off the plaque, leave a pen and ink, and let them leave.

If they had to ask someone they didn't know to write an inscription, they might as well write it themselves. His calligraphy was so good that even his picky father was full of praise. His father was a famous calligrapher.

"Whew." After sorting out the things in his luggage, Leng Xiao Han heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, this villa could be taken over directly, otherwise, he would have to stay at a hotel. He didn't like staying at a hotel at all.

"What should I call you?" After settling this issue, Leng Xiao Han started to think about the name of his villa.

"Let's call it 'Heaven Viewing Pavilion'." When a ruler descended upon the world, Leng Xiao Han really liked this moral.

Leng Xiao Han raised his brush and waved it at the signboard, writing the words' Heaven Viewing Pavilion 'in large, elegant characters that didn't lose their dominance.

After signing the contract and hanging up the sign, Leng Xiao Han felt completely unharmed.

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