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"What's wrong with this Zhu Bin today? He actually left in such a straightforward manner, he didn't seem like an ordinary person at all? I still want to hurt him a little more! "But it's good to leave, I don't want to be an eyesore." Seeing that Zhu Bin had actually left, Feng Feifei was filled with suspicion as he muttered to himself.

Zhou Hao who was at the side heard what Feng Feifei said clearly, and instantly broke out in a cold sweat, and could not help but exclaim: "As expected of a woman, you can't offend her!"

"What did you say?" Feng Feifei turned and stared straight at Zhou Hao, causing his entire body to go stiff, he anxiously waved his hand and said, "Forget it, I will let you off, but don't forget what you promised me! I'll be leaving first. "

After saying that, Feng Feifei turned and left without looking back. Seeing Feng Feifei leave, Zhou Hao heaved a sigh of relief, but his eyes became serious and he thought: "Zhu Bin! Zhu Bin, I have yet to find trouble with you, you have come looking for me, looks like you will have to take action in advance. "

That night, after work, Zhou Hao sent Su Meng back. After saying his farewells, he left the villa and drove to a villa complex. When he got off the car, Zhou Hao had already changed his clothes.

After circling around the villa area, Zhou Hao stopped at a dark corner and his entire person seemed to have merged with the shadows and the darkness. If one did not look closer, it was impossible to find his existence, and after confirming that there was no one around him, he became like a cat. Zhou Hao instantly touched the two meter high wall, and when he flipped over the wall, he did not make a single sound.

Zhou Hao moved swiftly in the shadows, the cameras in the villa area were useless to him, finding the blind spots of the cameras was simple and easy. When he was still the leader of the Shadow 'cameras, he was a man who could get into the Terrorism's base easily, but the cameras here were not even enough for him to see.

Under the shadow of the deepest part of the villa in the villa, Zhou Hao coldly looked at the extravagantly decorated villa in front of him. This was his destination for the night, and after hiding in the darkness for a few hours, Zhou Hao finally made a move.

The villa was very big, but Zhou Hao felt that he was familiar with the place as he went directly to one of the rooms. The room was decorated in a very ancient way and there were all kinds of books on the mahogany shelves.

Zhou Hao held onto his flashlight and continued to search through the pile of books. Not long after, he took out a document that was sealed in a plastic bag.

In the morning of the second day, the moment Zhou Hao walked out of the living room, he discovered Su Meng staring at him coldly., who he knew in the bottom of his heart, smiled at Su Meng and was about to leave, but was stopped by Su Meng when she turned her head in a hurry, "Zhou Hao, I remember I told you about it last time! Don't come home so late tonight, don't you remember? "

Su Meng's voice was extremely cold, without a single trace of emotion. Zhou Hao could tell that she was truly angry from this, and immediately smiled apologetically: "About that, don't be angry! I really have something on my mind. "

"Hmph, I don't want to say too much. If something like that were to happen again, even if you were introduced by Uncle Tang, I would still let you go."

Su Meng did not care about Zhou Hao's smiling face, and walked to the door.

Zhou Hao laughed bitterly and chased after him. The entire morning, Su Meng had a cold expression on his face, but as Su Meng's gold medal assistant, Feng Feifei was very different. She looked at the depressed Zhou Hao, and the expression on her face became very strange.

When lunch was almost up, Feng Feifei quietly walked over to Zhou Hao's side and whispered: "Hey! Have you angered Big Sister Su Meng? Why is she looking at you with that expression today? "

Facing Feng Feifei whose face was filled with gossip, Zhou Hao did not have the mood to satisfy her desire to know. He rolled his eyes at Feng Feifei, and casually said: "You must have seen wrongly. I'll leave first. "

Tsk, you only know how to lie to me. Looking at the distant figure of Zhou Hao, Feng Feifei pouted unhappily, but then she muttered to herself: "But then again, I've really never seen Big Sister Su Meng treat anyone with such an attitude before. Even those people who offended her, wouldn't treat them like this! Could it be that something really happened between Zhou Hao and Sister Su Meng? "

Zhou Hao, who was already out of the company, naturally did not know about Feng Feifei's nagging, and he was not interested in knowing either. He wanted to find a noodle house to casually eat, but halfway through, he noticed that something was wrong.

From their actions, Zhou Hao could tell that they were not some experienced trackers, and were easily discovered by Zhou Hao. Zhou Hao did not plan to shake them off, he wanted to see what these people actually wanted to do.

After guiding the other party to an alley, Zhou Hao stopped and turned his head to look at the somewhat narrow alley, revealing a cold smile. He said coldly: "Come out, you have followed me for so long, aren't you all tired?"

As Zhou Hao's words fell, a few people walked out from the alleys, all of them looking like little hoodlums, with a few in number. When they saw that Zhou Hao did not speak, they only stared at him, as though they were waiting for something.

Zhou Hao naturally saw that the other party was waiting for him, but he didn't say anything else. He casually took out a cigarette and leaned against the wall and smoked, since the other party was willing to wait for him, then in his opinion, this kind of trouble should be solved on one go, it would save him the trouble in the future.

After the time it takes to smoke a single cigarette, all the delinquents and other people had arrived, all of them holding steel pipes in their hands, their faces filled with killing intent as they surrounded Zhou Hao, but they were not using it as Zhou Hao had imagined. Instead, they were standing ten metres away from Zhou Hao, looking like they were about to rush up at any moment.

Immediately after, the crowd parted to form a path, two figures walked over, a man with glasses that looked sinister, his eyes occasionally revealed an excited look, he was Zhu Bin who had been toyed with by Zhou Hao a few times.

Standing beside Zhu Bin was a two meter tall man, the muscles on his body looked to be extremely powerful, and what was most shocking was the cross shaped scar on his face, making him look like a killing god.

Zhu Bin placed his hands in his pockets, taking a pose that he thought was very cool. With a face of ridicule, he spat towards Zhou Hao and laughed, "Zhou Hao, Zhou Hao, let's see where you can run off to this time, aren't you usually very arrogant? This time you're being arrogant! I told you to keep making life difficult for me. "

Without waiting for Zhou Hao to speak, Zhu Bin once again opened his mouth and said: "Zhou Hao, I know that your skills are not bad, so I specially went to look for the members of the Heavenly Wolf Gang.

Zhou Hao suddenly felt that the arrogant Zhu Bin in front of him was very interesting. He pretended to look scared and said to Zhu Bin in a low voice: "Young Master Zhu, you think too highly of me. You see, I have actually not offended you in any way, just let me go, okay? "

"Hahaha, Zhou Hao, you know how to be afraid? I already said that I would take care of you, so don't even think about escaping today. I've prepared a big meal for you, and even if you can't eat it, you still have to take care of it. " Zhu Bin walked in front of Zhou Hao and circled around him.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you, but you should just lie in bed for the rest of your life! Oh, right, there's also that stinky Feng Feifei girl, I'll catch her later, and humiliate her properly. " Zhu Bin said to Zhou Hao with a ferocious expression. He could not hide the pride and excitement on his face, and he was about to beat this annoying fellow up. He wanted to let Zhou Hao know that no one could offend him.

After hearing Zhu Bin's words, Zhou Hao's face turned cold. It's one thing to look for trouble with him, but this fellow still wanted to look for trouble with Feng Feifei, so Zhou Hao casually threw away the cigarette that was almost burnt out, and said coldly: "Zhu Bin, I wanted to play with you more, but you've successfully provoked me."

Zhou Hao was startled by the contrast, and started laughing loudly: "Zhou Hao, who are you trying to scare? If you have the guts, hit me! "

Before Zhu Bin could finish his words, Zhou Hao had already sent a kick towards him. He no longer had any interest to continue playing with this idiot. Zhu Bin was kicked three or four meters away, lying on the ground while screaming in pain.

"Brat, you have guts to dare to attack me. Although I do not like this guy, he still gave me money. You are slapping my wolf face." The voice of the muscular man beside Zhu Bin was very hoarse, but the disdain on his face could be seen from a single person.

"Wild wolf, why are you still wasting your breath? Break his legs for me, and he dares hit me!" Zhu Bin held his stomach with a flushed face, he could not wait to see Zhou Hao kneeling on the ground, snot flowing down his nose and begging him for mercy.

The smile on his face, which had a scar on it, seemed extremely ferocious, "Beating is a small matter, but Zhu Bin, you must not forget the one hundred thousand that you promised me. You know, if I do not see the consequences of the money."

After saying that, the wolf did not look at Zhu Bin anymore, but stared straight at Zhou Hao. He continued to speak with his hoarse voice: "Brat, I advise you not to struggle at all, otherwise you will definitely die a miserable death.

As soon as the wild wolf had finished speaking, the hoodlums by his side rushed forward, while Zhou Hao was looking at this group of people with a lazy expression, as if he was looking at a group of ants, and wasn't the slightest bit worried. " You guys really spout so much nonsense, I almost fell asleep listening to all of it. "

Seeing the delinquent who was getting closer and closer, the laziness on Zhou Hao's face instantly disappeared without a trace. Replacing it was a thick killing intent that Zhou Hao had trained on the battlefield for many years.

The biting cold aura startled all of the delinquents. All of their steps trembled as they stopped in their tracks. But in the blink of an eye, everyone had already charged forward and blocked Zhou Hao completely.

To Zhou Hao, this was his favorite free-for-all. He was like a fish in water in the crowd, nimble as he weaved through the crowd and continuously attacked the enemies around him.

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